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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 501 E a s t E r n H i g H l a n d s & U p p E r O H i O r i v E r va l l E y without details at Baker's Sods, Randolph, WV 6 Jun (Ian Batterman). A late White-crowned Sparrow was still in Greene, OH 1 Jun (Sam Corbo), as was a Lincoln's Sparrow at Springfeld Bog, Sum- mit, OH 1 Jun (Taben Roye). Blue Grosbeak in Ohio has a disjunct population in the nw. within the Oak Openings near Toledo. Elsewhere in the nw., the species is largely unknown, but this season saw a successful breeding attempt in Hancock when a fam- ily of 4 was discovered 27 Jul+ (ph. Robert Sams, m.ob.). Farther w. along the Indiana line, a single bird was found at the Paulding Sewage lagoons, Paulding 8-24 Jul (Scott My- ers, Doug & Micki Dunakin). In Pennsylva- nia, 7 singing male Dickcissels (and at least 1-2 females) were present near Windsor Cas- tle, Berks 30 May−20 Jul, moving around the area as hay was cut (Peter Wolfe, Jane Wolfe, Rudy Keller). This is farther e. than the typi - cal concentrations of recent years, centered around w. Cumberland, where the species was present in two areas 4 Jun–7 Jul (Vern Gauthier, Jim Dunn). Additional records came from Jefferson 6-15 Jun (Margaret Hig- bee, Roger Higbee), Lancaster 4-5 Jul (Drew Weber), and Lebanon 28 Jun (Tim Becker). A Western Meadowlark persists at a Holmes, OH site, where it was found 16 Jun (Hallie Mason). The lone Yellow-headed Blackbird report of the season came from a typical site, Maumee Bay S.P., Lucas, OH 15 Jul (Kim Warner). Remarkably, a Rusty Blackbird was found at Presque Isle, Erie on the very late date of 8 Jun (Shannon Thomp- son). This represents a late spring date for Pennsylvania. Winter fnches were largely absent this season; however, a Pine Siskin was found 1-27 Jun at State College, Centre (Carl Engstrom). Observers: George L. Armistead, Tim Becker, Kathy Becker, Mary Birdsong, Josh- ua Butz, Lee Carnahan, Jarrod Derr, Roger Donn, Jim Dunn, Carl Engstrom, Bill Etter, Vern Gauthier, Tom Glover, Doug Gross, Brian Henderson, Margaret Higbee, Roger Higbee, Rudy Keller, Scott Kinzey, Glenn Koppel, Ron Leberman, Jerry McWilliams, Adrian Melk, Holly Merker, August Mira- bella, Diane Morton, Amos Renno, Don Sny- der, Stan Stahl, Shannon Thompson, Drew Weber, Sandy White, Andy Wilson, Frank Windfelder, Jane Wolfe, Peter Wolfe, Eric Zawatski. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Victor W. Fazio, III, 18722 newell road, shaker Heights, Ohio 44122, ( Tom Johnson, 24 Meadowood drive, Hummelstown, pennsylvania 17036, ( Ridge Metropark, Union 8-9 Jun (ph. Irina Shulgina, Jacob Roalef, Gene Stauffer, Ben Warner, m.ob.). An ad. male Scissor-tailed Flycatcher appeared 25 Jun in Van Wert, Ju- niata, PA (Amos Renno, m.ob.). Bell's Vireos enjoyed their most extensive single-season distribution ever in Ohio. The species was reported from eight counties, although with few surprises. Three birds at Kilby Rd. gravel pits, Hamilton 1 Jun (Ned Keller) dwindled to one by 11 Jul (Ted Ossege). A single bird was found at Deer Creek S.P., Pickaway 9 Jun (Melanie Shuter). The South Charleston Bike Trail, Clark hosted one 6-15 Jun (Doug Over- acker, Chris Zacharias, Paul Gardner). Bike trails and railroad beds are popular with the species. The Needles Rd. site, Wood hosted one 28 Jun (Tom Kemp), as did Killdeer Plains W.A., Wyandot 27 Jun (ph. Irina Shul- gina) and Resthaven W.A., Erie 24 Jul (Paul Sherwood). A former breeding locale at Big Island W.A., Marion was occupied for the summer (Ron Sempier, Vic Fazio), while an- other reportedly was found elsewhere at the wildlife area. Franklin rounded out reports, with one documented at the Heritage Trail Metropark site 6 Jul (Mikey Lutmerding) and 1-2 at Battelle Darby Creek Metropark 1-6 Jun (ph. Carl Winstead, Michael Lamont, m.ob.). Lowland raven reports from West Virginia included singles in Doddridge 27 Jul (Paul Pisano) and adjacent Ritchie 6 Jun and 27 Jul (Daniel Hinnebusch, Paul Pisano). Very rare e. of the Prairie Peninsula in Ohio, 2 Sedge Wrens appeared in suitable habitat at Springfeld Bog, Summit , OH 25-31 Jul (ph. Jon Cefus, Sandra Griffths, Jeff Harvey, Doug Bryant). Swainson's Thrushes can be late spring migrants in the west, but a bird well described in sw. Ohio at Germantown Metropark, Montgomery 18 Jun (Amanda Lawson) was unexpected. Extirpated from Ohio as a breeding spe- cies, a territorial male Golden-winged War- bler in Vinton 1 Jun (ph. Sara Burch, Jacob McCartney) was an exciting fnd. Another early fall appearance by Tennessee Warbler had one at Grand River W.A., Trumbull, OH 25 Jul (Don Keffer). Presumably a late mi - grant, a Nashville Warbler was described from Tappan Lake, Harrison, OH 6 Jun (Sandie Myers). Likewise, a Blackburnian Warbler in Ritchie, WV 6 Jun (Daniel Hin - nebusch) was well away from the known breeding range. Virtually unknown e. of the Allegheny Front in West Virginia, a Swain- son's Warbler was at Lost River S.P., Hardy 4 Jun (Cham & Mary Mehaffey). The species was previously recorded within the Eastern Panhandle 1 Jun 1989. Merely rare within the Allegheny Plateau, 2 birds were noted illustrated the extraordinary numbers pres- ent within the Western Basin in midsummer. Single Black Terns at Cedar Point N.W.R., Lucas, OH 23 Jun (Tom Kemp) and at Wil- low Point W.A., Erie, OH 2 Jul (Vic Fazio, Paul Sherwood) may have been nonbreeding wanderers. Early migrants inland included singles in Seneca, OH 12 Jul (Dave Smith), and in Logan, OH 13 Jul (Steve Jones). Com- mon Terns posted solid numbers in Ohio: staging birds numbered 1050 at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa 21 Jul (Vic Fazio). A fock of 26 Forster's Terns at Buck Creek S.P., Clark, OH 1 Jun (Brian Menker) was late for spring mi- grants through sw. Ohio. Eurasian Collared-Dove consolidated its presence in Ashland, OH (ph. Lisa Phelps, Gary Cowell) while maintaining status quo in Wayne, Mercer, and Clark. Thought ex- tirpated from ne. Ohio, an Eastern Whip- poor-will was a surprise in Medina 15 Jun (Elizabeth McQuaid). Chuck-will's-widow maintains its outpost at Cedar Lakes, Jack- son, WV, where 2 were noted 5 Jun (J. West- fall). A male Chuck-will's-widow returned for a ffth year to Fort Indiantown Gap, Leba- non 7 Jun−13 Jul (Tim Becker, Kathy Becker, Jarrod Derr, m.ob.); breeding is suspected but has not been confrmed. An extralimital Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was unexpected in Tippecanoe Twp., Harri- son, OH 14 Jun (Aaron Boone). Checking up on some of Pennsylvania's rare boreal breed- ers, Doug Gross and Eric Zawatski found six pairs of Yellow-bellied Flycatcher at Coalbed Swamp, Wyoming 14 Aug; Gross also found a territory in Sullivan 16 Jun−3 Jul. A breed - ing site Merlin was note at Canaan Valley N.W.R., Tucker, WV 26 Jul (Diane Holsing- er). An early migrant was along Lake Erie at Rocky River Reservation, Cuyahoga, OH 31 Jul (Jen Brumfeld). PASSERINES A particularly late spring migrant Olive-sid - ed Flycatcher was at Punderson S.P., Geauga, OH 13 Jun (Dick Hoopes). An exceptionally early fall migrant was documented from cen. Ohio at Sharon Woods Metropark, Frank- lin 30 Jul (ph. James Holsinger). A Yellow- bellied Flycatcher at Mohican S.P., Ashland, OH (Ken & Helen Ostermiller) was also remarkably late. Two birds at Cranberry Glades Wilderness, Pocahontas, WV 19 Jun (Jon Benedetti et al.) occupied habitat for- merly occupied by the species in 1988 when it was confrmed breeding for the frst time. Two Western Kingbirds appeared in Ohio. One briefy took rest about the Marblehead Lighthouse, Ottawa 3 Jun (ph. Cheryl Harn- er), and another was discovered at Glacier

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