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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 500 large counts for the state. Also early, but well documented, 3 Long-billed Dowitchers were at Killbuck Marsh W.A., Wayne, OH 19 Jul (ph. Todd Hooe). Inexplicably, 6 Wilson's Snipe were fushed from a wet meadow near a water treatment plant at Lake Way- noka, Brown, OH near the Ohio River 1 Jun (Joshua Eastlake). The species is not known to breed outside of ne. Ohio, so presumably these represented very late migrants. Bonaparte's Gulls began staging within the Western Basin well before the norm. Small numbers are expected in the last few days of Jun, but 92 were at East Har- bor S.P., Ottawa, OH by 21 Jun (Vic Fazio). This fock built to 468 by 26 Jul (Andrew Cannizarro). The species pushed inland, with 18 at Paulding Reservoir, Paulding, OH 23 Jul (Gary Cowell) and 138 at Findlay Reservoir, Hancock, OH 29 Jul (Sue Ross) among the highest summer counts for the state away from Lake Erie. With exceptional Bonie focks come Little Gulls, and one was discovered at East Harbor S.P. 26 Jul (ph. Andrew Cannizzaro). A healthy distribu- tion of Laughing Gulls saw singles across seven Ohio counties and two adjacent counties in Pennsylvania. Ohio birds visit- ed Warren 24 Jul (Bob Powell), Logan 11-12 Jul (ph. Troy Shively, ph. Christopher Col- lins), Richland 24 Jul (John Herman), Lucas 5 Jul (Rita Schneider), Erie 4 Jul (Elizabeth McQuaid, Donna Kuhn), Lorain 1 & 20 Jun (Patricia McKelvey, ph. Donna Owen, Daniel Schlaepfer), and Ashtabula 28 Jul (ph. Jacob Roalef). A Franklin's Gull also put down in Warren, OH 24 Jul (ph. Alex- ander Clark). A tattered frst-cycle "white- winged gull," almost certainly an Iceland Gull, appeared unseasonably 8-14 Jun at the Espyville Marina, Crawford, PA (Glenn Koppel, Scott Kinzey). The only summer reports of Lesser Black-backed Gulls were along the Lake Erie shoreline. Ohio's came 21 Jul at the Marblehead Ferry, Ottawa (Vic Fazio). Formerly more regular in summer, Great Black-backed Gulls strayed along Lake Erie led by 11 at Headlands Beach S.P., Lake 9 Jul (Vic Fazio). Singles in Jun, like the one at Avon Lake, Lorain, OH 15 Jun, remain rare, while inland w. of the Allegh- eny Front the one at Pymatuning Reservoir, Crawford, PA 11 Jun (Mathew Sabatine) was exceptional. Caspian Terns continue to increase their presence in Ohio and are doing so earlier and farther inland. Inland, an example was the 31 at Lake Mosier, Hancock 29 Jul (Ed- ward Ingold), while 16 off Kelleys Island, Erie 19 Jun (Tom Bartlett) and 37 at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa by 30 Jun (Vic Fazio) (Roger Redmond, ph. Chris Swan, Katie An- dersen, m.ob.), the other at Headlands Beach S.P., Lake (Ray Hannikman, Jerry Talkington, ph. Cory Chiappone, ph. Cole DiFabio). More plovers were found at Presque Isle S.P., Erie: up to 5 Piping Plovers were there 12 Jun–8 Jul (Mary Birdsong, Diane Morton, Roger Donn, m.ob.), and a very rare Snowy Plover appeared in the company of one Pip- ing Plover 1-4 Jul (Roger Donn, m.ob.). Willets arrived in the Region in dramatic fashion, with a fock of 23 at Presque Isle, Erie, PA 1 Jul (Matthew Sabatine, ph. Shan- non Thompson, m.ob.). Not long ago, this would have been deemed early but is now the norm. Singles in Ohio on this date reached Willow Point W.A., Erie (ph. Amy Didion) and inland to Findlay Reservoir, Hancock (Jill Taber, Sue Ross). Upland Sandpiper is near- ing the end as a breeding species in Ohio. No reports from the breeding grounds were received outside of the reclaimed grasslands of Harrison (Scott Pendleton). A single mi - grant was detected 26 Jul in Erie, OH (Dan Gesauldo). Whimbrels were restricted to the Lake Erie shoreline, where 4 appeared at Pr- esque Isle, Erie, PA 27 Jul (ph. Matthew Sa- batine) and 2 nearby at Conneaut, Ashtabula, OH 28 Jul (Jacob Roalef). Similarly distrib- uted, Marbled Godwits numbered 3, among 9 for the season, at Presque Isle, Erie, PA 7 Jul (ph. Shannon Thompson, Roger Donn, Mary Birdsong, m.ob.), with 2 at Conneaut 12 Jul (Jacob Roalef). The fight of ad. Baird's Sandpipers in late Jul numbered 6 birds across Ohio, all as singles in as many coun - ties 22-31 Jul (Ronnie Clark, Jeff Loughman, Paul Sherwood, Jacob Roalef, Ben Warner, David Gesicki). An early White-rumped Sandpiper was described in Wayne, OH 12 Jul (Ken & Helen Ostermiller). On 28 Jul, following the passage of a cold front, Don Snyder observed a remarkable concentra- tion of shorebirds at Presque Isle, Erie, PA, including 325 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 200 Sanderlings, and 14 Red Knots, truly KITES THROUGH FALCONS A Mississippi Kite was in the Milford area of Clermont, OH 17-19 Jun (Jacob Roalef, ph. Christopher Collins, ph. Laura Keene, Alex- ander Clark), but no evidence of breeding was obtained. Rare but increasingly regular summer reports of Mississippi Kites in Penn- sylvania, especially of ads., suggest it is only a matter of time before the species is found breeding. This year, ads. were found at Hat- feld, Montgomery 13 Jun (Sandy White, Au- gust Mirabella) and near Bath, Northampton 26 Jun (Bill Etter). Equally intriguing was a bird soaring over the Appalachian Fruit re- search Station in Bardane, Jefferson, WV 7 Jul (N. Wade Snyder). Always noteworthy in summer within the Region, a Golden Eagle was sighted in the Canaan Valley, Tucker W.A., WV 2 Jun (Daniel Mapel). Two King Rails were at Killbuck Marsh W.A., Wayne, OH 2 Jun (ph. Jon Cefus, Su Snyder, Sandra Griffths) for a rare report away from the Western Basin. Rare in West Virginia, single Virginia Rails were at the Wolf Creek wetlands, Fayette 26 Jun (Kathi Hutton) and the Muddlety Valley Rd. wet - lands, Nicholas 6 Jun (David Patick). At the s. edge of the range in Ohio, a Sora was in War- ren 6 Jun (Richard Amable). American Coots and Common Gallinules found the wet sum- mer to their liking in Ohio. At Big Island W.A., Marion, the 60 coots and 35 gallinules (including chicks) 11 Jul were representative of a successful season (Charles Bombaci). In Ohio, Sandhill Crane continues to expand. A bird at Indian Lake, Logan 26 Jul (Troy Shively) represented a new summer location. The Lake Erie fight of American Avocets involved at least two-dozen birds. Among several inland reports, 2 on the Ohio River in Mason, WV 27 Jul (David Patick) were the farthest afeld. The 4 Black-bellied Plovers at Funk Bottoms W.A., Wayne 2 Jun (Sandra Griffths) were late for the interior of Ohio. Both of the Piping Plovers reported in Ohio appeared 23 Jul: one at Conneaut, Ashtabula E a s t E r n H i g H l a n d s & U p p E r O H i O r i v E r va l l E y sa The enigmatic Black Rail tantalized birders in the Region, as it is wont to do about once per decade. One was found at Conneaut Marsh, Crawford 20 Jul, for a rare w. Pennsylvania record in midsummer (Ron Leberman). A pair of Black Rails was docu- mented on an Amish farm near Fresno, Coshocton, OH. Henry Troyer, Jr. was able to hear the birds calling from his hay feld in early Jun. He invited the public, and more than 200 people came and went, hearing, and for a very few, seeing one (ph. Jacob Roalef, Su Snyder). On the chance these represented a breeding pair, Mr. Troyer left the remainder of the feld occupied by the birds uncut. Subsequently, after more than fve weeks absent any observations, during a fnal cut of the remaining third of an acre, a fortuitous clogging of his mower allowed a chirp to be heard. A closer look revealed an ad. and young. The next day, 7 young were documented 16 Jul (ph. James E. Yoder) for an exceptional breeding record for Ohio.

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