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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 499 E a s t E r n H i g H l a n d s & U p p E r O H i O r i v E r va l l E y still there 16 Jul (Matthew Valencic). Oddly, the only report away from Lake Erie was of a remarkable 24 soaring over the West Virgin- ia highlands in Taylor 21 Jun (Joe Hildreth). It was not a good season for Snowy Egrets, with no reports of post-breeding dispersal through the Ohio interior or West Virginia. Infrequent within the Central Basin, one was e. to Conneaut Harbor, Ashtabula, OH 8 Jun (ph. Chris Swan, Jeff Harvey). Little Blue Herons have dwindled in recent years within their Western Basin haunts, so one at Ottawa N.W.R., Ottawa, OH 13 Jun (Bruce Glick) was noteworthy. Another standout was an ad. at Pickerington Ponds, Franklin, OH 22 Jul (Loren Hintz). Away from Lake Erie, Cattle Egrets are very rare in Ohio. One in Logan 9 Jun (ph. Blake Mathys) was most unexpected. Two Cattle Egrets were found at Middle Creek W.M.A., Lancaster, PA 13- 15 Jul (Stan Stahl, Joshua Butz). The species is now quite rare in Pennsylvania, though it used to breed in high numbers in Lancaster. Of Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, Ohio may be nearing its last of the breeding population in Columbus: no reports were received for the season. Strange then, that a juv. would appear at Mohican S.P., Ashland, OH 29-31 Jul (ph. Bob & Sara Crist). It was a differ- ent story of dispersal along the Coastal Plain. Incursions of post-breeding waders are not unusual but are rarely as concentrated as in Philadelphia this season. Between 24 Jul and 1 Aug, the following numbers were tal - lied at Tinicum: one White Ibis 31 Jul−1 Aug and a Glossy Ibis 31 Jul (both George L. Armistead), 70 Great Blue Herons and 87 Great Egrets 20 Jul (Adrian Melk), and a Snowy Egret and 3 Little Blue Herons 24 Jul (Frank Windfelder). Another 2 White Ibis were at Exton, Chester 27 Jul (Holly Merker). A White-faced Ibis at Pipe Creek W.A., Erie, OH 4 Jul (ph. Dan Gesauldo) refected a qui- eter season for Lake Erie. gold, Schuylkill remained the entire season, the second summer report for the species in the Pennsylvania in the past decade. An exception- ally late Common Goldeneye was on the Ohio River at Gallipolis Ferry, Mason, WV 11 Jun (Mike Griffth, Wendell Argabrite). In the West Virginia highlands, 2 Hooded Mergansers were at the Valley Bend wetlands, Randolph 16 Jun (fde Matt Orsie), and one was at Kimsey Run Dam, Hardy 9 Jun (Diane Holsinger). The spe- cies is a rare and local summer resident along the Allegheny front. The usual spate of lingering Red- breasted Mergansers within the Lake Erie watershed numbered about 10 birds through the season (Tim Krynak, ph. Kelly Prehen, Kenneth Pinnow et al., m.ob.). The single outlier was near downtown Columbus, OH 19-26 Jul (Paul Hurtado, BJ Homan). Northern reservoirs are frequented by nonbreeding Common Loons annually with- in the Region, and this season was true to form. The past decade has only seen about 6 mid-summer reports from West Virginia, so one at Lake Sherwood Recreation Area, Greenbrier 13 Jun (D. Good, fde Casey Ruck- er) was notable. Three Red-necked Grebes were found in Pennsylvania this summer, a remarkable tally but surely a lingering result of the large incursion during the preceding winter and spring. One was at Lake Mae, Adams until 13 Jun (Andy Wilson); and 2 were at Yellow Creek S.P., Indiana: one on 24 Jun (Lee Carnahan, Tom Glover, Margaret Higbee, Roger Higbee), and a demonstrably different individual on 1 Jul (m.ob.). A late Horned Grebe was at Wellington Reservoir, Lorain, OH 7-9 Jun (Tim Krynak). Just how many American White Pelicans resided within the Western Basin of Lake Erie was hinted at by 36 at Magee Marsh, Ottawa 5 Jun (Peggy Blair) and 34 at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa 16 Jun (Chuck Slusarczyk), with 22 through the season within the w. third of Lake Erie (ph. Donel Jensen, Don Keffer, Nic & Lynne Shayko, m.ob.). Southerly Lesser Scaup of note included one on Cowan Lake, Clinton, OH 12 Jun (ph. Allan Claybon) and one at Buck Creek S.P., Clark, OH 22 Jul (Doug Overacker). One surprised many in Monongalia, WV 16-30 Jul (Terry Bronson, ph. Mike Slaven, Ian Batterman, m.ob.). Ten or more nonbreeders could be located through the season within the Lake Erie Ba- sin. Exceptional in summer, no fewer than 3 Greater Scaup were documented from Ohio. One was within the Lorain impoundment, Lorain through 1 Jun (Elizabeth McQuaid, Donna Owen et al.), another was at Wild - wood Park, Cuyahoga 21-29 Jun (ph. Nancy Anderson), and a third was at the New Bow- ers boat ramp on Pymatuning Reservoir, Ashtabula 11 Jun (Matthew Sabatine). Ring- necked Ducks were formerly more frequent in summer but have dwindled over the past decade. Interior reports included singles at Deer Creek S.P., Pickaway, OH 17 Jul (Mel- anie Shuter), in Richland, OH 6 Jun (Gary Cowell), and s. to West Virginia at Prickett's Fort S.P., Marion 17 Jun (Joe Hildreth). Any scoter is rare in summer within the Region. An imm. White-winged Scoter at New Ring- Establishing a frst summer record for Ohio, this male Eurasian Wigeon spent 1-19 June 2014 in Sandusky County. Photograph by Victor W. Fazio. Establishing just the second summer-season record for Ohio, these three Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks made a brief appearance in Trumbull County 25-27 (here 25) July 2014. Photograph by Jon Cefus. sa It was only 10 years ago that Common Merganser reappeared as a breeding spe- cies in the highlands of West Virginia and subsequently spread throughout w. Pennsylvania and neighboring counties of Ohio within the Allegheny foothills. In West Virginia, the species is consistently recorded from a dozen counties and occasionally from six more. This season added Alleghany, with 4 birds at Gathwright Dam 23 Jun (Barry Kinzie). Prior to this year, westward dispersal along Lake Erie was limited to two reports. This season saw three reports, with singles along the Cleveland breakwall 28 Jun (ph. Donna Owen, Jen Brumfeld, Elizabeth McQuaid), in suitable breeding habitat within the Cuyahoga Valley N.P., Summit, OH 9 Jun (Rita Schneider), and as far as East Harbor S.P., Ottawa, OH 18 Jun (Paul Sherwood).

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