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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 498 O n ta r i O Contributors and cited observers (subregional editors in boldface): Christopher T. Bell, Jer- emy M. Bensette, Kenneth G. D. Burrell, Mi- chael V. A. Burrell, Michael S. Dawber, Robert Z. Dobos, David H. Elder, Nicholas G. Escott, Christian A. Friis, William D. Gilmour, Clive E. Goodwin, Jeremy L. Hatt, Marcie L. Jacklin, Christina A. Lewis, George W. MacDermid, Stuart A. Mackenzie, Blake A. Mann, Kevin A. McLaughlin, R. Douglas McRae, Martha L. Mill- er, Erica Nol, Mark K. Peck, Brian D. Ratcliff, Mark D. Read, Peter A. Read, Maureen Riggs, Michael W. P. Runtz, Darlene J. M. Salter, Roy B. H. Smith, R. Terry Sprague, Ronald G. Tozer, Walter G. R. Wehtje, Alan Wormington. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Blake A. Mann, 171 Margaret avenue, Wallaceburg, Ontario n8a 2a3, ( at Caledon, Peel 25 Jun–14 Jul (Neil P. Morris). Well e. of its normal breeding range was a Har- ris's Sparrow at Burntpoint 23-26 Jun (RDM et al.). An uncommon occurrence for the s. James Bay area was the pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at Moosonee 30 Jun (WGRW, EN); Moosonee is at the extreme n. limit of their breeding range. Dickcissels were few and far between this year, but at least fve territories were set up in a fa- miliar feld at Wheatley 31 May–19 Jul+ (JLH et al.). Four were at Amherstburg, Essex 27-30 Jun (Paul D. Pratt, m.ob.), while a single male was at Hillman Marsh 5-21 Jul (BAM). A female Brewer's Blackbird at Burntpoint 30 Jun (RDM al.) was exceptional for the coast of Hudson Bay. At the n. limit of their range, six Red Crossbills were observed at Moosonee 12 Jul (Timothy B. Lucas, Janice J. Chard, Adam P. Timpf). Morris, Brant 2 Jun (Jerry Horak). Observed in suitable nesting habitat was a Prairie Warbler at Killarney Bay, Manitoulin 4 Jul (Margaret Derry), the county's frst summer record in many years. Also in suitable breeding habitat was a Protho- notary Warbler at Skunk's Misery near Newbury, Middlesex 14 Jun (Lucas J. Foerster, Mhairi Mc- Farlane). Only two pairs of Prothonotary War- blers successfully nested in Rondeau P.P. (m.ob.); the park was once the province's stronghold, with up to 40 pairs likely present in the early 1980s (fde P. Allen Woodliffe). The Nelson's Sparrow at Presqu'ile P.P. 1 Jun (WDG) was a rare spring observation for the area. A male Lark Bunting attracted much atten- tion on Amherst Island 19 Jun–9 Jul (Sherri Jen- sen, m.ob.). Henslow's Sparrows continue to de- cline, and the only report for the period was one m.ob.) was most unusual. A late spring Eur- asian Wigeon in Sandusky, OH moved about two locations 1-19 Jun (ph. Vic Fazio, ph. Matt Valencic, Loren Hintz) for a frst sum- mer record for the state. More American Wigeons lingered through the season within the Lake Erie Basin than normal, with up to 20 birds accounted for. Less expected were singles at Gilmore Ponds, Butler, OH in the sw. and along the Ohio River in Mason, WV 27 Jul (David Patick). An American Black Duck was at White Clay Creek Park, Chester 30 Jun (Brian Henderson), the only one re- ported in Pennsylvania; in Ohio, an early fall migration saw a gathering of 16-18 at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa 21-25 Jul (Vic Fazio, Andrew Cannizzaro), and 2 reached the interior in Mercer 31 Jul (Josh King). Mid- summer Northern Shovelers away from Lake Erie are noteworthy. A pair lingered at Bat- telle Darby Creek Metropark, Franklin, OH 8-23 Jun (ph. Ronnie Clark); 3 were at Slate Run Metropark, Pickaway, OH 7 Jul (Gene Stauffer); and one was at Timber Lake, Wash- ington, PA 30 Jun (ph. Matthew Juskowich). Notable Green-winged Teal included one at Glacier Ridge Metropark, Union, OH 22 Jun−2 Jul (ph. Irina Shulgina) and one at Fernald Nature Preserve, Hamilton, OH 14- 23 Jul (ph. Brian Wulker). Infrequent in summer along the Lake Erie shoreline, a male Canvasback was at Lorain, Lorain, OH 7 Jun (Rita Schneider). A male Redhead in s. Ohio at Lake Alma S.P., Vinton 1-4 Jun (ph. Alex Eberts) was a good fnd. Eight or more nonbreeding birds lingered found it diffcult to overlook the species. The true summer status of the American Black Duck is confounded by regular mis- identifcation. The species has become sub- stantially less frequent within the Region, even within the Lake Erie Basin, its last breeding outpost. Many reports received proved to be either hybrids or eclipse male Mallards. On land, Red-headed Woodpeck- ers bear watching. Some evidence from across northern Ohio suggests a rebound in numbers possibly coincident with the spread of Emerald Ash-Borer. WATERFOWL THROUGH IBIS For the second time in 2014, a fock of Black- bellied Whistling-Ducks was found in Ohio. Three birds appeared at Grand River W.A., Trumbull 25-27 Jul (Don Keffer, ph. Jon Ce- fus, ph. Cory Chiappone, m.ob.), making the second summer record for Ohio. More and more frequently during the summer pe- riod, Trumpeter Swans are fnding their way into the s. and e. parts of the Region from established breeding sites. Three or more oc- cupied The Wilds, Muskingum, OH through the period, while a pair was at Pickerington Ponds, Franklin 12 Jun−26 Jul. For the third year in a row, the species was found along Lake Erie e. to Presque Isle, Erie, PA 12 Jun, and one in Beaver, PA 1 Jun was a county frst in summer (both Mark Vass). Several Gadwalls lingered into Jun within the Lake Erie Basin, as is the norm, but a summer- ing bird near Cincinnati at Fernald Nature Preserve 17 Jun–23 Jul (ph. Brian Wulker, Victor W. Fazio, III Tom Johnson –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A cool, wet spring allowed for a late migration with some notable June records among both waterfowl and songbirds. Few major storm events can be directly tied to migratory events, though the passage of a cold front on 28 July led to a fallout of about 640 shorebirds of 12 species at Presque Isle, Erie County, Pennsylvania (Don Snyder). In the west, persistent rains left standing water in felds, accommodating some shorebirds, but the Lake Erie shoreline mostly lacked stopover sites. Curiously early were terns and gulls, gathering in rarely seen numbers in July. Often we invoke these as failed breeders, yet among the focks were many fresh juveniles. Culling efforts for Mute Swans began in earnest in Ohio, extending beyond the ad- dling of eggs. American White Pelicans took ownership of the Western Basin of Lake Erie this season. Birders along the shoreline from Toledo east to Huron County, Ohio Eastern Highlands & Upper Ohio River Valley

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