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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 496 F lo r i d a a Melbourne, Brevard feeder 15, 18, 19, & 26 Jul (ph. Leslie Pernas-Giz). Corregendum: The Fork-tailed Flycatcher list- ed as being in Monroe (North American Birds 68: 69) was in fact in Sarasota. Initialed contributors (and members of the Florida Ornithological Society Field Observa- tions Committee, in boldface): Brian Ahern (BAh), Bruce H. Anderson, Michael Broth- ers (MBr), Dana Bryan (DBr), JoAnna Clay- ton (JAC), Cameron Cox (CaC), Kevin Daily (KDi), Gary Davis (GDa), Lucy & Robert A. song at Watermelon Pond, Alachua, 28 Jun (SE et al.), where the species has attempted to breed in recent years, and singles at Cedar Key, Levy 9 Jul (Ken Tracey) and Yearling Trail, Ocala N.F., Marion 30 Jul (Peter May). Always an exciting fnd, a single juv. Bananaquit was recorded at Juno Dunes Natural Area, Palm Beach 19 Jun (Nancy Price, Jane Wiewora). Also unexpected was a Lark Sparrow at Flamingo, Everglades N.P., Monroe 21 Jun (Bob Showler). Other great discoveries this summer included Florida's frst verifed Oregon Junco at North Anclote Bar, Pasco 30 Jun (DGa, ph. BPr, ph. Gail Deterra) and Florida's frst Lesser Goldfnch, a male, at Duncan, Charlie Ewell, Samuel Ewing, David Gagne (DGa), Al & Bev Hansen, Ed Kwater, Larry Manfredi (LaM), Paul Miller (PaM), John Murphy (JMu), Eric Plage, Bill Pranty (BPr), Bruce Purdy (BrP), Brian Rapoza (BRa), Daphne Ross (DRo), Marvin Smith (MSm), Ron Smith (RoS), Bob Stalnaker (BSt), Sue Tavaglione, Stu Wilson. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Bruce H. Anderson, 2917 Scarlet road, Winter Park, Florida 32792, ( Michael Brothers, Marine Science Center, 100 lighthouse drive, Ponce inlet, Florida 32127, ( Ontario off Wheatley Harbour, Chatham-Kent 10 Jun (AW). Another individual was at Burlington, Halton 17 Jun (KAM) and was likely the same bird later at Bronte Harbour, Halton 25-26 Jun. A frst breeding record for Common Loon in the Hamilton Study Area was established when a nest was discovered at a quarry pond in Mil- ton, Halton 2 Jun (Gordo Laidlaw). Point Pelee's sixth Neotropic Cormorant was found 1 Jun (AW, Stephen T. Pike). A Western Grebe was well seen and photographed at Fort Frances, Rainy River 17 Jun–4 Jul (Andrew D. J. Chepil, Janet L. Fedoruk, m.ob.). PELICANS THROUGH SHOREBIRDS In recent years, American White Pelicans have been more frequently encountered in the south during migration and this year was no excep- tion. Almost all records of the species came from a narrow window in early Jun (Table 1); outside of that time period were the 15 on Lake Manitou, Manitoulin 4 Jul (Susan D. VillaReal). A Least Bittern at Pinewood, Rainy River 8 Jul (DJMS) was a rarity for the north. North of Point Pelee (Point Pelee Birding Area, a stan- dard C.B.C. circle centered just n. of Point Pelee N.P.). A place name in italics refers to a county, district, or regional municipality. WATERFOWL THROUGH GREBES A late-migrating Brant was notable at Wolfe Island, Frontenac 13 Jun (MDR). The increase in Eurasian Wigeon sightings in recent years was exemplifed by the 4 reported during the period. One long-staying individual was at Ottawa 27 May–31 Jul and later (m.ob.). Exceptional farther n. was one at South Por- cupine, Cochrane 1 Jun (Joshua Janvrin, Beth Janvrin). A rare summer record for Point Pelee was established at Hillman Marsh, Essex 14 Jun (Richard P. Carr et al.). Yet another was at Bells Corners, Ottawa 2-6 Jul (Tony F. M. Beck). The 251 male and 86 female Mallards at Hillman Marsh 11 Jun (AW) was a post-breeding con- centration of note. The 2 Surf Scoters at Stoney Creek, Hamilton 27 Jun (KAM) were notable for the date. Rare for summer was a White-winged Scoter at Sandbanks P.P., Prince Edward 22 Jul (Michael R. Burge, Kath- ryn E. Felkar) as were the 4 at Presqu'ile P.P., Northumberland 14 Jul (Fred M. Helleiner). A late Black Scoter was no- table at Grimsby, Niagara 9 Jun (KAM). The male Buffehead at Hillman Marsh found 25 May lin- gered until 12 Jun (KAM et al.). A Red-throated Loon at Rondeau P.P. was a locally rare sight- ing 15-27 Jun (Bruce de Boer, Christine de Boer, m.ob.), as was one Blake A. Mann ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– P leasant weather dominated the scene for most of the period. Temperatures were more comfortable on average compared to previous years, with very few days exceed- ing the middle 80s° F. However, precipitation was even more pronounced than the previous year, leading to a greener and lusher landscape. Needless to say, mosquitoes were more plenti- ful than last year! With higher water levels and denser vegetation, migrating shorebirds in July were hard pressed to fnd suitable feeding and resting areas in the south. As a result, there were fewer observations of shorebirds. Many subregional editors commented on the con- tinuing decline of many species such as aerial foragers and grassland birds. Notable rarities during the period included Neotropic Cormorant, Eurasian Collared- Dove, White-winged Dove, multiple Scissor- tailed Flycatchers, and a Lark Bunting. Abbreviations: H.S.A. (Hamilton Study Area); Table 1. records of american White Pelican in ontario, 2-6 June 2014. location Number date observer(s) Burlington. later seen at Hamilton Harbour, Hamilton 4 2-5 Jun Cheryl E. Edgecombe, m.ob. Fenelon Falls, Durham 5 4 Jun Victor orr Campbell Bay, Manitoulin 1 4 Jun Terry land et al. Kettle Point, Lambton 4 4-5 Jun GWM, m.ob. Mitchell's Bay, Chatham-Kent 1 5 Jun Garry T. Sadler Port Perry, Durham 3 5 Jun Bruce F. aikins near Selkirk, Haldimand 4 6 Jun Michael Kirchen near Uxbridge, Durham 3 6 Jun Brandon McWalters

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