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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 4 493 S o u t h e r n At l A n t i c site in Georgia at Central City Park, Macon, Bibb 6 Jun (m.ob.). Finally, typical scattered sightings of Red Crossbills were reported from the mountains (some at backyard feeders), with multiple focks observed near the highest point in the Appalachians, Mount Mitchell S.P., Mitchell, NC in late Jun (CH). Contributors: Alan Ashby, Ken Blankenship, Grover Brown, Joy Brown, Steve Calver, Derb Carter (DC), Diana Churchill, Daniel Ceravolo, Jeff Click, Pat Cooper, Sam Cooper, Laetitia Desbordes, John Ennis, Shannon Fair, James Fleullen (JF), John Fussell, Vincent Gaillard, Gilbert Grant, John Grego, Jim Hanna (JH), Jamie Harrelson, Chris Hill, Malcolm Hodges, Mason Jarrett, Tim Keyes, Rick Knight, Forrest Kraus, Kathy Kyle, Jeff Lewis, Bert Lofton, Todd Lanier, Merrill Lynch, Patty McLean, Charlie Muse, James Neves, Sandy Pangle, Brian Pat- teson, Audrey Poplin, Paul Raney, Steve Ritt, Wayne Schaffner, Jane Seward (JS), Mark Simp- son, Joshua Spence, Christine Stoughton-Root, Charra & Mary Sweeney-Jones, Paul Sykes, Paul Taillie, Simon Thomson, Andrew Thorn- ton, Patricia and Russ Tyndall, Jim Urban, Jake Vitak, Craig Watson, Michael Weaver, Marilyn Westphal (MW), Audrey Whitlock, Scott Win- ton, Calvin Zippler. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Robert Sattelmeyer, 1158 east Peachtree Street, St. Simons island, Georgia 31522, ( Richard Hall, odum School of ecology, 140 Green Street, Athens, Georgia 30602, ( Josh Southern, 4100-A revis road, raleigh, north carolina 27606, ( frst for that county; elsewhere, singing males were heard at high elevations at Black Balsam Knob, Haywood, NC 8-21 Jun (ML, m.ob.) and at Sugar Creek Gap, Jackson, NC 30 Jun (ph. J. Harrelson). There were six reports of singing Yellow-rumped Warblers at the extreme s. end of their breeding range in the high elevations of North Carolina, including 5 (4 males, one female) seen at a documented breeding site on Roan Mountain, Mitchell 2 Jun (RK). On a hopeful note, 4 Bachman's Sparrows, including 2 hatch-year birds, were banded at Joe Kurz W.M.A., Meriwether, GA 25 Jun (CM), the frst time this species has been recorded in this restored native grasslands habitat, about 100 km from the nearest established popula- tion. At the s. end of their breeding range at high elevations, summer reports of individual Ves- per Sparrows came from Roan Mountain, Mitchell, NC 7 Jun (RK), near Cut Laurel Gap, Ashe, NC 13 Jun and 2 Jul (ML), and at Max Patch, Madison, NC 19 Jun (ML). A count of 34 singing male Dickcis- sels came from remark- able North River Farms, Carteret, NC 1 & 6 Jun (J. O. Fussell et al.); a high count of 7 was recorded on Warde Rd., Greene, GA 6 Jul (JH, PS). Three Balti- more Orioles returned to their only known nesting counted 27 Jul (J. O. Fussell et al.). Two juvs. were also seen at Oakland Sod Farm, Bladen, NC 19 Jul (JE). A remarkable summer count of 300+ Tree Swallows came from Hooper Lane, Henderson, NC 13 Jul (ST). A scarce breeder in the Blue Ridge in Georgia, a high count of 4 Red-breasted Nuthatches came from Burrell's Ford Rd., Rabun 21 Jun (JS). Also rare breed- ers in this area, a Brown Creeper was reported on Hale Ridge Rd., Rabun 14 Jun (SF), and there were two reports of Winter Wren: one on Brasstown Bald, Rabun 22 Jun (SF) and 2 along Soapstone Creek, Towns 22 Jun (MH). THRUSHES THROUGH FINCHES Notably, 4-5 singing Swainson's Thrushes were observed in the spruce/fr zone along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Black Mountains on the Buncombe/Yancey border, NC from late May through 17 Jul (ph., v.r. MW). The observer notes that this was the eighth consecutive year that this species was recorded here during the breeding season. More to be expected but still notable, two active Hermit Thrush nests with fedglings were located along Bald Knob Trail, Yancey, NC during the period (MS, MW). The threatened Golden-winged Warbler appears to be continuing to decline in its s. Appala- chian range, with no reports this season from Georgia, and only one report of a singing male (without a mate, apparently) from milepost 365 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Buncombe, NC through 12 Jun (MS, MW et al.). Although a species of less concern, there were only fve scattered reports of single Blue-winged Warblers in Georgia and North Carolina. Six Swainson's Warblers in Rhododendron habi - tat along Mulberry Creek in Caldwell, NC 27 Jun (ML) was a good count for this reclusive species. A singing male Mourning Warbler observed near dunes at Atlantic Beach, Cart- eret, NC 2 Jun (ph. P&RT, J. O. Fussell) was a In coastal Georgia in summer 2014, breeding pairs of Gray Kingbirds were located at Savannah, at Brunswick, on Tybee Island, on St. Simons Island, and on Jekyll Island (fedgling here, 22 June). Photograph by Roy Brown. This Yellow-rumped Warbler photographed 15 June 2014 in the Roan Mountain Gardens, Mitchell County, North Carolina was one of four territorial males seen in that area during the summer. Photograph by Ricky Davis.

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