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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 492 Tern nests (all at the Brunswick Dredge Island), and 50 Sandwich Tern nests (all fde TK). Potential colonist Inca Doves were again seen throughout the period along Privett Store Rd., Miller, GA, with a high count of 3 on 21 Jun (PM et al.). The premiere spot for Yellow-billed Cuckoos was along Catfsh Lake Rd. in Croatan N.F., Craven, NC, where 36 were counted 1 Jun (P&RT). Only one Black-billed Cuckoo was reported in Georgia, along Burrell's Ford Rd., Rabun 7 Jun (PM, M. Weaver), while 1-2 were seen and heard along the Catfsh Lake Rd. 1 & 7 Jun (P&RT, PT). A fedgling Northern Saw-whet Owl was seen next to a nest box at Devil's Court- house, Transylvania, NC 13 Jun (SW et al.). Although this species is suspected of breeding and heard annually in the higher elevations of the North Carolina mountains, this sight- ing may represent the southernmost record of verifed breeding. The only confrmed nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons in Georgia fedged one young at the Suntrust Tower in down- town Atlanta, Fulton (fde Georgia Department of Natural Resources). Monk Parakeets of un- known provenance nested in both Georgia and North Carolina: a nest was observed in Albany, Dougherty, GA 15 Jun (AA), and a pair remained through the period (m.ob.); and ac- cording to local residents, a pair had appar- ently nested for three years atop power poles in Northwest, Brunswick, NC, before they were discovered by birders 7 Jun (SC, HS). A notable count of 12 Alder Flycatchers came from Black Balsam Knob, Haywood, NC 8 Jun (ML). Among seven scattered reports of Willow Flycatchers this season, the most remarkable came from Piedmont Park in downtown Atlan- ta, Fulton, GA, where a singing male appeared to be holding territory until 15 Jun (m.ob.). Twelve Least Flycatchers around the Balsam Mountain Campground, Swain, NC 4 Jun (AT) made a notable count, and a pair was observed again through Jun at the southernmost known breeding site along Hale Ridge Rd., Rabun, GA (m.ob.). Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were more than usually common this year, with birds re- ported from seven locations in the Region, in- cluding fedglings sighted along Gunter Rd., Greenville, SC (m.ob.) and along Lucas Rd., Bar- tow, GA 25-27 Jul (3 young; PM, m.ob.). Along with customary scattered reports of Common Ravens in the n. Georgia moun- tains, 3 at Fort Mountain, Murray 14 Jun (SP), along with earlier reports from this county this year (fde J. Spence), may indicate a westward range expansion into the Cohutta Mountains. Horned Larks remained over the summer and apparently bred in North Carolina: following 2 heard singing at North River Farms, Cam- den through Jun, 25 (most of them juvs.) were at Georgia Veterans Memorial S.P., Crisp, with a high count of 3 on 20 Jul (MM). Although this species is considered to be an applesnail spe- cialist, these birds were seen regularly foraging on the invasive Asian clam Corbicula fulminea. A Regional high count of 398 American Avo- cets came from the Savannah Spoils Site, Jas- per, SC 25 Jul (SC), and 57 American Avocets made a strong count for summer at Pea Island N.W.R., Dare, NC 30 Jul (JL, AW). Georgia saw a fve-year high of 121 nesting pairs of Ameri- can Oystercatchers, with 33 chicks fedged (fde TK). From the spring, a very unusual inland sighting of a Wilson's Plover came from a farm pond in Townville, Anderson, SC 27 (JC). About 100 Wilson's Plovers were on Harbor Is- land, Beaufort, SC 16 Jul (DM), and 60 were on Bird Shoal, Rachel Carson Reserve, Carteret, NC 29 Jul (J. O. Fussell). A Common Ringed Plover discovered with a fock of Semipalmat- ed Plovers on a beach adjacent to the Cedar Is- land Ferry Terminal, Carteret, NC 15 May (ph. LD, VG) was well photographed, including the unpalmated feet, and has been accepted by the North Carolina B.R.C. This represents perhaps the frst record s. of Rhode Island in North America. The southernmost nest of a Piping Plover on the Atlantic coast was discovered on Figure Eight Island, New Hanover, NC 26 May (DC). Probably early migrants, 70 Stilt Sand- pipers were counted on Onslow Island, Cha- tham, GA 21 Jul (D. Churchill). JAEGERS THROUGH WRENS A Pomarine Jaeger with extreme feather wear was observed on the beach at Isle of Palms, Charleston, SC 7 Jul (ph. JW) and was even- tually taken in by a wildlife rehabilitator after it landed in a swimming pool (fde AP). Seven Long-tailed Jaegers were noted on the 8 Jun Hat- teras pelagic trip (BP et al.). Very unusual for this season, a Glaucous Gull continued through the period at Little Egg Island Bar, McIntosh, GA (TK). The passage of Hurri- cane Arthur produced 2 Sooty Terns and one Bri- dled Tern off the North Carolina coast 3-4 Jul. Among breeding species of terns on the Georgia coast, most nests came from two spots: Bruns- wick Dredge Island and Pelican Spit, both Glynn. These include 591 Least Tern nests, 90 Gull-billed Tern nests, 6473 Royal the Region in Jul, there were multiple sight- ings at Athens, Clarke, GA 1 Jun–17 Jul, fuel- ing speculation that breeding in the Piedmont may soon occur (PC et al.). Notable among the post-breeding aggregations, 66 were seen over agricultural felds in Millet, Allendale, SC 26 Jul (CZ). An excellent count of 277 Mis- sissippi Kites was recorded over Columbus Waterworks, Muscogee, GA 30 Jul (MJ). A pair nested only 5 km from the ocean at Wilm- ington, New Hanover, NC 29 Jun (ph. SC). A Sharp-shinned Hawk was documented during a Breeding Bird Survey in Oglethorpe, GA 19 Jun (ph. JN), and Broad-winged Hawks were suspected nesting near Oriental, Pamlico, NC 28 Jul, when a group of one ad. and 2 juvs. was seen (CS). Elusive Black Rails were heard at North River Marsh, Carteret, NC 17 Jun and Cedar Island N.W.R., Carteret, NC 27 Jun (J. O. Fussell et al.). The high count of Purple Gallinules along the coast was 7 at Altamaha W.M.A., McIntosh, GA 26 Jun (DC). For the frst time in several years, Limpkins were observed regularly throughout the summer in Georgia, S o u t h e r n At l A n t i c This heavily worn Pomarine Jaeger was at Breach Inlet, Isle of Palms, Charleston County, South Carolina 7 July 2014; its extreme feather wear was probably the reason for its presence on the beach. After it landed in a swimming pool, it was taken into care. Photograph by Craig Watson. This Monk Parakeet nest, photographed here 9 July 2014, was one of fve discovered atop utility poles in the small community of Northwest, Brunswick County, North Carolina during summer 2014. Photograph by Sam Cooper.

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