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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 490 M i d d l e At l A n t i c duced an estimated 410 nestlings, of which 270 were banded (SD et al.). Early migrant Northern Waterthrushes in Maryland includ- ed singles at private residences in Charles, MD 17 Jul (GW, GJ) and in Prince George's, MD 20 Jul (JS). A late Mourning Warbler was singing and was seen briefy during a B.B.S. along Holly Spring Rd., Charles, MD 7 Jun (GB, GJ). Rare in the summer, a Clay-colored Sparrow was heard singing along Old Le- gistlative Rd., Allegany 5 Jul (JE et al.). An impressive 58 Red Crossbills were counted along a Forest Service road to Flagpole Knob, Rockingham 29 Jun (BH). Contributors: Matthew Addicks, Robert L. Ake (RLAk), Harry T. Armistead, Marcia Bal- estri, Bryan Barmore (BBa), Ruth Beck, Bill Benish, Jeff Blalock, Ruth Boettcher (RBt), David Boltz, Mary Bonner (MBo), Nick Bonomo, P.W. Boyd, Gwen Brewer, Edward S. Brinkley, Rexanne Bruno (RBr), Joelle Buffa (JBu), Kathy Calvert, Tim Carney, Ann Cline, Maeve & Joey Coker, Inge Curtis, Dave Czaplak, Fenton Day, Clancey Deel, Shirley Devan, Len DiIoia, Adam D'Onofrio, Joshua Emm, Dot Field, Nick Flanders, Kathy Flem- ing, Frank Fogarty, Ron Furnish, Kurt Gas- kill, Harry Glasgow, Paul Glass, Doug Goch- feld, Carol Gutberlet, Jane Hanfman (JaH), Joe Hanfman (JoH), John Harris (JHar), Bill Higgins (BHi), Mark Hoffman, Bill Hohen- stein, Teri Holland, Gerco Hoogeweg, Bill Hubick (BHu), David Hughes, Marshall J. Iliff, George Jett, Tom Johnson, Phillip Ken- ny, Alan Kessler, Clyde Kessler, Allen Larner, Joanne Laskowski, David Ledwith, William Leigh, Michael Lott (MLo), Mikey Lutmerd - ing, Robert Mains, Gabriel Mapel, David Mat - son, Taylor McLean, Trenton Miller (TMi), Alex Minarik, Geralyn Mireles (GMi), Libby Mojica, Elton Morel, Clyde Morris, Nicole Motzer, Max Nootbar, Bill Opengari, Ellison Orcutt, John Pancake, Zak Poulton, Karen Powers, Robyn Puffenbarger, Tom Rapp, Marc Ribaudo, Richard Rieger (RRie), Rob - ert Ringler, Katie Rittenhouse (KRt), Karen & Keith Roberts, Jessica Rodgers, Les Roslund, Jeff Shenot, Phil Silas, Mike Smith, Mark Smithson (MSm), Nadya Sotnychuk, James L. Stasz, Sherman Suter, Brian Taber, Russell Taylor, Tina Trice, Hannah Tripp, Mike Walk (MWa), Penny Warren, Bill Williams, Mike Wilson, Dave Youker, Matthew Young. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mark T. Adams, 2300 Rocky Run, charlottesville, Virginia 22901, ( Arun Bose, P. O. Box 8807, Richmond, Virginia 23225, ( Robert Ostrowski, 157 Broadway, Apt. B, Bangor, Maine 04401, ( a Barn Owl along Russell Rd., Garrett, MD 13 Jul (BHu et al.) was notable. Two American Kestrels were welcome fnds at the Rappahannock River Valley N.W.R.'s Wilna Tract, Richmond, VA 13 Jul (Robert Mains). The annual C.C.B. Peregrine Falcon nest-monitoring project found 19 active nests that produced 38 chicks that reached banding age (LM). A color-banded female Peregrine Falcon photographed at Craney 3 & 19 Jul (IC, JR) had been tagged by the C.C.B. as a hatchling on Mockhorn Island, Northampton 11 Jun 2013. The well- documented Peregrine Falcon pair in down- town Richmond, VA successfully raised 2 young. Both fedged 17 Jun, though one of the birds collided with a building 19 Jun and was admitted to the Wildlife Center of Vir- ginia (Waynesboro) with injuries. PASSERINES A Vermilion Flycatcher was described from Chinc. 2-3 Jul (p.a., LR). A Scissor- tailed Flycatcher was found along Rte. 30 near Rte. 604, King William, VA 14 Jun (ph. PK, RT). A Loggerhead Shrike was found at the same location near Dublin, Pulaski, VA 29 Jun and 19 Jul (AK, CK); another was off Loyalty Rd., Loudoun 30 Jul (GH). Ob- servers in s.-cen. Virginia reported no Log- gerhead Shrikes this summer. The species maintained a small breeding population in this area in the late twentieth century, but it has been about fve years since a breed - ing season report came from this part of the state. A Cave Swallow at Crystal Spring Farm, Anne Arundel 28 Jul (MI) was quite a shock; summer season records are unknown in the East. A count of 11 Brown-headed Nuthatches at the mouth of Locklies Creek, Middlesex 14 Jun (NF) was impressive. Two were at Dublin, Pulaski 24 Jun (LD, CK, KP), where a small population was frst discov- ered in 1994. This disjunct population is ap- parently the only one that occurs year-round in the Virginia Mountain and Valleys region. Roughly a hundred miles e. of the nearest breeding grounds in Maryland, a Hermit Thrush along Catholic Church Rd., Washing- ton 14 Jul (MB, KC) was exceptional. A Yellow-rumped Warbler was on Paddy Knob, Bath, VA 27 Jun (BH); breeding is like- ly there. An ad. with 2 juvs. was notable in Augusta 13 Jul (AC, AL, GM). Six Worm-eat- ing Warblers were at Dismal Swamp N.W.R., Suffolk/Chesapeake 3 Jun (NF). The North- west River (Chesapeake) Prothonotary War- bler Project, part of the Virginia Prothono- tary Project, completed its sixth consecutive summer. Ninety-four percent of the study- site's 98 boxes had nesting activity that pro- secutive breeding season and documented 865 pairs, the second highest total and 1.5% above the 2013 total. Fifty-six percent (496) of the Least Tern pairs were on the Accomack and Northampton coastal barrier islands; 27% (132 pairs) were at Craney. Inclement weather and avian predation likely caused 15% (237 Least Tern pairs) to fail in their nest efforts on a Virginia Beach rooftop at Lynnhaven Mall (fde RBt). Three Least Terns in the mouth of Locklies Creek, Middlesex, VA 30 Jul (MBo et al.) were unusual given their distance from the Bay shoreline. Very rare on Maryland's Western Shore, single Gull-billed Terns at Hart-Miller Island, Bal- timore, MD 23 Jun (RR) and at Swan Creek, Anne Arundel, MD 8 Jul (JoH, m.ob.) were excellent fnds. Six Royal Terns along the Rappahannock River, Essex, VA 21 Jul (HT) made a high count for so far upriver. Impres- sive nesting pair counts at the H.R.B.T. in- cluded 24 Gull-billed Tern, 1036 Common Tern, 6140 Royal Tern (an all-time site high), 30 Sandwich Tern, and 220 Black Skimmer pairs. These were the ninth and ffth con - secutive years, respectively, that Royal and Sandwich Terns have nested at H.R.B.T. (fde BW). Single Black Terns visited Craney 5 Jun and 31 Jul (DY, BW et al.) and Chinc. 2-5 Jul (WL et al.); 3 Black Terns were at Craney 9 Jul (RLAk). Eurasian Collared-Doves are not known to breed in Maryland, so one at Reidtown Rd., Washington, MD 3-21 Jun (ML, m.ob.), where this species was found in 2012, was of interest. Two were at Mount Solon, Augusta 28 Jun (AL), and one was at Bridgewater, Rockingham, VA 26-27 Jul (BB, RP). A rare but increasing visitor in Virginia, a White- winged Dove was a nice fnd at Occoquan 23 Jun (DB). Rarely detected in w. Maryland, Returning home after participating in the Virginia Society of Ornithology breeding bird foray, Phil Kenny and Russ Taylor found this Scissor-tailed Flycatcher along Route 30 in King William County 14 June 2014. Photograph by Phil Kenny.

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