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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 488 H u d s o n - d e l awa r e Basin, NY:, Angus Wilson, Will Yandik (Hudson-Mohawk, NY: wyan-, Robert P. Yunick, John Za- rudski, Louise Zemaitis. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Robert O. Paxton, 460 riverside drive, apt. 72, new York, new York 10027, ( Shaibal S. Mitra, department of Biology, College of staten Island, 2800 Victory Boulevard, staten Island, new York 10314 ( Tom Reed, 81 reeds Beach road, Cape May Court House, new Jersey 08210, ( Frank Rohrbacher, 5 neva Court, wilmington, delaware 19810, ( McGowan (Finger Lakes, NY: jwm57@cornell. edu), Hugh McGuinness, Michael Morgante (Niagara Frontier:, Brian Morse, Shaibal S. Mitra; David J. Nicosia (Susquehanna, NY:, Michael O'Brien, Luke Ormand, Jim Pawlicki, Matt Perry (Oneida Lake Basin, NY: mperry@, Todd Pover (Conserve Wild- life Foundation of NJ), Bill Purcell, Don Riepe (Jamaica Bay), Derek Rogers, Frank Sencher, Jr., Robert G. Spahn (Genesee, NY: rspahn@, Lance Verderame (Sullivan, NY), Shawn Wainwright, R. T. Waterman Bird Club (Dutchess, NY), David Wheeler (Oneida Lake Hudson Valley:, Jeff Bols- inger (JBo) (St. Lawrence, NY: cadybols@gisco. net), Joseph Brin (JBr) (Syracuse, NY RBA), Mike Britt (MBr), T. W. Burke (New York City Rare Bird Alert), Warren Cairo, Kathy Clark (N.J.D.F.G.W.), Mike Crewe, Willie D'Anna, Gail Benson, Christina Davis (N.J.D.F.W.), An- drew P. Ednie (Birdline Delaware), Susan El- bin (NYC Audubon), Ken & Sue Feustel, Kate Fleming, D.N.R.E.C.), Doug Gochfeld, Andy Guthrie, Frederick Hamilton (N.Y.D.E.C.), Helen Hays (Great Gull Island), R. J. Kurtz, Alexis Lamek, Justin LeClair, Tim Lenz, Pat Lindsay, Irene Mazzocchi (N.Y.D.E.C.), Jay Hooded Mergansers at Staunton 28 Jun (AL) and Swoope 24 Jul (AC, PW) made just the sixth and seventh summer records for Au- gusta. A hen Common Merganser with 6-7 young on Big Walker Creek near Farley Way- side 21 Jun (BO) made a frst breeding re- cord for Giles, VA. A Common Merganser at Tailrace Park below the Kerr Reservoir dam, Mecklenburg, VA 27 Jul (ph. AD) and a Red- breasted Merganser in Mathews, VA 11 Jul (EO) were also notable merganser records. Thirteen Northern Bobwhite were tal- lied on the Newville B.B.S., Sussex, VA 7 Jun (NF), the season's high count in Vir- ginia for this increasingly scarce species. A Red-throated Loon at the Ocean City Inlet, Worcester, MD 4 Jul (KF, MH) made a rare summer record. One or 2 Common Loons lingered near Lynnhaven Inlet, Virginia Beach, VA 16-25 Jun (RBr). Single Com- mon Loons were at Chinc. 7 & 21 Jul (JBu, CM), Occoquan 19 Jul (PS), and the Verizon ponds, Loudoun, VA 27 May–3 Jun (BHi). A Pied-billed Grebe pair at Craney 29 May (BW et al.) had 5 chicks 10 Jun (RB et al.). Two ads. were also noted attending 5 small young there 31 Jul (BW et al.), leading the survey team to conclude successful breeding had oc- curred with two pairs. Two Horned Grebes at Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve, Fairfax 15 Jun (RRie) were well past their 23 May late date. Typically a rare transient and winter resident in the Region, single Red-necked Grebes were surprising fnds at Lake Anna, Louisa, VA 4 & 21 Jun (TR, ph. MN), at the Veri- zon ponds, Loudoun through 3 Jun (BHi), at Violette's Lock, Montgomery, MD 13 Jul (DC), and at Occoquan 18 Jul (PS). An Anhinga pair discovered nesting at a small Chesapeake, VA pond 21 Jun (K&KR) yielded Virginia's second confrmed breeding record. Incubation was reported 4 Jul (NF), ter for Conservation Biology, College of William and May/Vir- ginia Commonwealth University); Chinc. (Chincoteague N.W.R., Ac- comack); Craney (Craney Island, Portsmouth); False Cape (False Cape S.P., Virginia Beach); H.R.B.T. (Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, Hampton/Norfolk); Occoquan (Occoquan Bay N.W.R., Prince Wil- liam). WATERFOWL THROUGH IBISES Small numbers of Snow Geese typically lin - ger on the Eastern Shore into summer, but a long-staying individual on the Western Shore at Stones Road Pond, Harford, MD 18 Jun+ (MA, m.ob.) was unexpected given its ap - parent lack of external injuries. A lone Brant near Wachapreague, Accomack, VA remained through 5 Jul (JL). The 2 Mute Swans at Adam Island, Dorchester, MD 29 Jul (HTA) were the most notable of the handful of Mute Swans reported in Maryland this summer. A Trumpeter Swan above the Cumberland Ter- minus, Allegany, MD 5-11 Jun (ML, m.ob.) wore wing tags (L55) it had originally ac- quired 25 Dec 2012 in Ontario. This swan was also observed at Cheat Lake, WV 17 Dec 2013 and Petersburg, WV 19 Jan 2014 (fde JoH). Although rare in the Bay, a King Eider at Poplar Island, Talbot , MD 26 Jun+ made the third summer record in the past fve years at this site (TC, m.ob.). Black Scoters, the most oft-encountered summering scoter, set a new seasonal Virginia peak with a count of 439 birds at Metompkin Island, Accomack 13 Jun (JL). Though the numbers of summering birds has been increasing since the 1960s, the 16 Hooded Mergansers at Huntley Mead- ows, Fairfax, VA 23 Jun (HG) made a nota- ble summer concentration. Also in Virginia, Mark T. Adams Arun Bose Robert Ostrowski –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he Middle Atlantic breeding season featured near average June rainfall except for southwestern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, which were drier. Pre- cipitation in July was near long-term aver- ages across Maryland, but it was distinctly drier in Virginia. June featured above-average warmth everywhere. Temperatures moder- ated to near long-term averages across Mary- land in July; Virginia cooled even more and saw below-average July temperatures. The season's highlights included Neotropic Cor- morant, Purple Gallinule, Ruff, White-faced Ibis, White-winged Dove, Vermilion Fly- catcher, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, and Cave Swallow. Thanks to Bill Williams, Adam D'Onofrio, Nick Flanders, Mary Ann Good, Clyde Kessler, Michael Lott, Roger & Lynda Mayhorn, Janet Paisley, Dan Perkuchin, An- drew Rapp, Jo Solem, and Michael Stinson for their assistance in compiling this season's records. Abbreviations: C.B.B.T. (Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Northampton); C.C.B. (Cen- Middle Atlantic

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