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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 566 Pictorial Highlights Pictorial Highlights 1 & 2 • A Common Redshank discovered 3-13 (here 3) May 2014 at Renews Beach, Newfoundland gave the province its seventh record of the species (left image). Another Common Redshank (right image, left bird) arrived 4 May, becoming the province's eighth but was chased from the area by the frst individual. Photographs by Bruce Mactavish. 3 • While dark and intermediate morphs of Swainson's, Red-tailed, and Ferruginous Hawks are\widespread in the West, all are rare as breeders in eastern Colorado. Relatively recently, a dark-morph female Ferruginous bred near Punkin Center in Lincoln County; and occasionally, a dark Swainson's is seen on the plains in summer. Likewise, there are very few reports from the plains in summer of individuals such as this rufous-morph Red-tailed Hawk, which was attending a nest at Parrish Ranch, Larimer County 2 June 2014. Photograph by Steven G. Mlodinow. 4 • A hybrid humingbird, possibly a Broad-tailed x Archilochus cross, resided in Dawes County, Nebraska from 6 (here 8) May 2014 through the summer period. Photograph by Juanita Whittecar. 5 • This Yellow Grosbeak in Lower Miller Canyon 16-18 (here 16) June 2014 represented about the twentieth record from Arizona, with virtually all records falling between May and mid-August. Photograph by Christie Van Cleve. 6 • This Common Chifchaf skulked around the Gambell middens 9 June 2014. Expert opinions suggested it was of the Siberian subspecies P. c. tristis. This constitutes Alaska's third record, all from Gambell, with one from the fall season. Photograph by Robert Dittrick. 7 • California's frst Salvin's Albatross was 39 kilometers of Pillar Point, San Mateo County 26 July 2014. The only other photographic record for North America was of a bird near the Aleutian Islands, Alaska on 4 August 2003. Photograph by Alvaro Jaramillo. 1 3 6 2 4 7

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