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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 562 C e n t r a l a m e r i C a (El Salvador), Oliver Komar, Rafael Lau, Jef- frey López Canaca, Roni Martínez (RMa), Jan Meerman (JMe), Mayron Mejía, Rosabel Miró, Álvaro Moisés, Darien Montañez (Panama), Jim Moore, Brian Nordstrom, Michael O'Brien, Patrick O'Donnell, Fabio Olmos, Jacobo Orte- ga, Celeste Paiva, Dionisio Paniagua, Osvaldo Quintero, Felicity Rask, Ian Resnick, Vladimir Rodríguez, Esteban Rojas, David Segura, Jessie Stuebner, Miguel Torres (MTo), Mario Trejo, Nathanial Wander, Jafeth Zablah, Jim Zook (Costa Rica). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– H. Lee Jones, 58 Far West Street, Punta Gorda, Belize, ( Oliver Komar , Zamorano University, Department of environment and Development Studies Km 35, Carretera a Danlí, Francisco morazán, Honduras, ( and local in Petén, where one was seen 8 Jul at Santa Elena (JPC). Contributors (country coordinators in bold- face): Jeniffer Abrego, Joel Alvarado (JAl), George Angehr (Panama), Josh Beck, Man- fred Bienert, Guido Berguido, Kelvin Bodden (KBo), Melvin Bonilla (MBo), Victor Bonilla, Kathi Borgmann, Michele Caballero, John Paul Cahill, Edwin Calderón (ECa), Neil Callister, Euclides Campos, Peter Carr, Stephany Cartí, Liliana Chavarría-Duriaux (Nicaragua), En- rique Choussy (ECh), Bonnie Clarfeld-Bylin, Jan Axel Cubilla (Panama), Yenifer Díaz, John van Dort (Honduras), Carlos Echever- ría, Knut Eisermann (Guatemala), Arie Gil- bert, Kees Groenendijk, Alexis Guevara (AGu), Ken Hartman, Lucas Hernández, Orlando Jarquín, Lee Jones (Belize), Roselvy Juárez yasal 9 Jul (JPC), are noteworthy summer re- cords for Petén. A Yellow-throated Warbler seen 7 Jul in Be- lize's Mountain Pine Ridge (RMa) was an early fall migrant. This species is typically the frst of the fall migrant warblers to arrive in the Re- gion, followed soon after by Louisiana Water- thrush. A Fan-tailed Warbler at the s. limit of its range at Las Banderas, Chinandega 21 Jun (OJ) provided one of the few records for Nicaragua. In Panama, a female White-collared Seedeater was seen bringing food to its nest on 11 Jul at about 800 m at Alto de Piedra, near Santa Fé, Veraguas (ph. CB, JO), thus providing the east- ernmost record for the species and an unusu- ally high elevational record. Rarely recorded in Guatemala, although expected in Petén, 5 Bot- teri's Sparrows were seen 8 Jul about 10 km se. of Santa Ana (JPC). House Sparrow is still rare West Indies & Bermuda Shearwaters were close enough for photo- graphs at Ruta Canal de la Mona, Puerto Rico 15 Jun (JSV et al.), and 2 were seen during a Pointe des Châteaux seawatch, Guadeloupe 11 Jul (AL). A Brown Booby was at Castaway Cay, Abaco 24 Jun (H&CH). Single Brown Pelicans at East Wells, Bimini 13 Jul (SAMB) and Para- dise Island 18 Jul (WP) were away from known nesting colonies. Great Blue Herons do not normally summer in the Bahamas, so one on Paradise Island 28 Jul (BP) was noteworthy. Eight White Ibis were at Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros 6 Jun (CC), 9 on New Providence 30 Jun (AS, JD), and up to 5 were regular on the Treasure Cay G.C., Abaco 17 Jul+ (EB, m.ob.). Six Glossy Ibis were in a feld in Winton, Nassau 27 Jul (JT). A tenta- tive report of a Wood Stork came from Francis Bay pond trail, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands 17 Jul (AS). Two Ospreys, probably of the North American subspecies, were seen at Chubb Cay, Berry Islands 2 & 18 Jul (JK, KH). Three American Oystercatchers were on the Maria Islands, Saint Lucia 8 Jun (JW), al- ways an interesting fnd for the s. Lesser Antil- les. Burrows and Lightbourne saw 2 Double- striped Thick-knees while hunting hogs at night on Great Inagua, Bahamas 6 Jul. The only other record of thick-knees in the Bahamas is also from Great Inagua. In the Dominican Re- public, 2 were seen at the Carbonera entrance of Laguna Saladilla, Monte Cristi 22 Jun (AT). A Wilson's Plover was at Cooper's Island, Ber- muda 1-20 Jun (AD), the second confrmed re- cord for Bermuda since the 1960s. A group of 4 Snowy Plovers at Saint Martin (French side) 13 WATERFOWL THROUGH PICULETS Thirteen Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks were discovered on Port Royal G.C. 7-12 Jun (AD); there is one previous record of this species for Bermuda, from 2008. Black-bellied Whis- tling-Ducks also provided a frst record for Abaco and second record for New Providence. The frst Abaco sighting was of 5 birds at Baha- ma Palm Shores 7 Jun (EB). They were seen in following days at Schooner Bay, Delphi Fishing Lodge, Marsh Harbour Airport, and Leisure Lee (m.ob.). Seven were last seen 26 Jun e. of Mun- jack Cay fying northward over the ocean (EB). The New Providence sighting was of a single bird at Royal Blue G.C. 29 Jul+ (WP, PD, LHa). West Indian Whistling-Duck observations at Guadeloupe are always encouraging; 17 at the Petite-Terre Nature Reserve 19 Jun (ED) and 5 at Sainte Anne 14 Jul (AC) provided some hope for a long-term presence in the country. A Canada Goose summered at Ocean View G.C., Bermuda 29 Jun+ (AD). Two Wood Ducks also spent the summer in Bermuda at various locations (AD). A group of 21 Masked Ducks (18 females) at Bayfeld Pond, Barbados 6 Jun (JMo) provided a high count. The fnal translocated Bermuda Petrel chick fedged from Nonsuch Island, Bermuda 9 Jul. Madeiros reports a record number of breeding pairs (108) and of successfully fedging chicks (59). Cory's, Great, and Audubon's Shearwa- ters were all seen repeatedly in Jun 8 km e. of Munjack Cay, Abaco; high counts were 8 Cory's 5 Jun, 4 Great 26 Jun, and 20 Audubon's 26 Jun (EB, KK). Up to 3 Wilson's Storm-Petrels were also present 5 & 26 Jun (EB). Three Great Robert L. Norton Anthony White Andrew Dobson Anthony Levesque –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– H ighlights in this period at Bermuda in- cluded a fock of Black-bellied Whis- tling-Ducks, the second confrmed record of Wilson's Plover since the 1960s, and another record year for the Bermuda Petrel. Rarities in the Bahamas also included Black- bellied Whistling-Ducks, Double-striped Thick-knees, and a Fork-tailed Flycatcher. Bracey noted a scarcity of Least Terns and early migrant warblers on Abaco this summer. A Tawny-shouldered Blackbird on Grand Cay- man made a stunning extralimital record for this Cuban endemic. Great Inagua, Grenada, and Puerto Rico all recorded Fork-tailed Fly- catcher this season.

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