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VOLUME 68 NO4 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 552 N o r t h e r N C a l i f o r N i a ole Rose, Diane Rose, Larry Rose, Steve Rose, Stephen C. Rottenborn, Ruth A. Rudesill (Sonoma), Salvatore Salerno, Cooper Scollan, Jeff Seay (Kings), Debra L. Shearwater, David Shuford (DS), Daniel Singer (DSg), John C. Sterling (Modoc, Alpine, Calaveras, and Yolo), Tim Steurer (El Dorado and Amador), Michael Strom, Steve J. Stump, Brian L. Sullivan, Ste- ven D. Summers (Tulare), Ronald S. Thorn, Jim Tietz (F.I.), Dorothy Tobkin, John Trochet, Steve Umland (Tuolumne), Kent Van Vuren (Merced), Ann Verdi, Jerry R. White (Lake), Dan Williams (DaW), Dave Woodward (DvW), David G. Yee, Bob & Carol Yutzy (Shasta). Many more observers are not specifcally cited; all are appreciated. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Michael M. Rogers, ( waterfowl to quail, herons to shorebirds ), 499 Novato avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94086, ( Jef N. Davis, ( doves to thrushes ), 11238 N. Via trevisio Way, fresno, California 93730, ( Ed Pandolfno, ( thrashers to finches ), 1328 49th Street, Sacramento, California 95819, ( Stephen C. Rottenborn, ( loons to frigatebirds, larids to alcids ), 983 University avenue, Building D, los Gatos, California 95032, ( Del Norte), Chris Conard (Sacramento), Rudy C. Darling (Nevada), Jeff N. Davis (Madera), Bruce E. Deuel (n. C.V. counties), Colin P. Dill- ingham (Plumas and Sierra), Jon L. Dunn, Pete Dunten, Gil C. Ewing, Rob Fowler (RbF; Hum- boldt and Del Norte), John Garrett, Steve Ge- row (Santa Cruz), Don Glasco, David Hamilton (DvH), Steve C. Hampton, John Harris (Stan- islaus), Cliff Hawley, Floyd Hayes, Bill Hill, Da- vid Hofmann (DHf), Lisa Hug, John E. Hunter (Trinity), Alvaro Jaramillo, Richard G. Jeffers, Logan Kahle (Contra Costa), Robert J. Keiffer (Mendocino), Gary Kittleson, Paul E. Lehman, Robin L. C. Leong (Solano), John Lewis, John S. Luther, Michael J. Mammoser, Timothy D. Manolis, Blake T. Matheson, Dan J. Maxwell (Marin), Chris McCreedy, Tristan McKee, Pe- ter J. Metropulos (San Mateo), Art G. Morley, Dominik Mosur (San Francisco), Dan Nelson, Kristie N. Nelson (Mono), Frances Oliver (San Joaquin), Ron & Nancy Overholtz, Gary W. Page (GWP), Ed Pandolfno (Placer), Janna Pauser, Ryan Phillips, Linda Pittman, Gary W. Potter (GWPo; Fresno), Peter Pyle, Harold M. Reeve, Robert J. Richmond (Alameda), Alex M. Rinkert, Don Roberson (Monterey), Michael M. Rogers (MMR), Michael Rogner (MRg), Car- Jun (LKh), and another was on F.I. 6 Jun (Point Blue). Five Chestnut-sided Warblers were all coastal, and both our Blackpoll Warblers were on F.I. 2-6 Jun (Point Blue). Two Clay-colored Sparrows on F.I. 2-3 Jun (Point Blue) were the only ones reported this season. A singing Brewer's Sparrow at Point Reyes, Marin 18 Jun (Noah Arthur) was an odd fnd. Summer Tanagers included 2 birds counter-singing at C.R.P. 21 Jun+ (JTr, ph. GEw, ph. ClH, m.ob.), one at Tuolumne Riv- er R.P. 26 Jun (third Stanislaus record; HMR, Sherrie Reeve), and another at Del Rey Oaks, Monterey 15 Jul (Virginia Showmah). Twenty- eight Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and 8 Indigo Buntings were typical summer totals. A Com- mon Grackle at Point Reyes 3 Jun (ph. Mark Dettling) was Marin's third ever. A Scott's Ori- ole along Hwy. 395 provided a frst record for Sierra 11 Jun (†RSTh, LBt). Cited observers (county subregional edi- tors in boldface): Ken Able (Lassen), Leonie Batkin, Murray Berner (Napa), William G. Bousman (Santa Clara), Lucas Brug, Ryan D. Burnett, Rita Carratello, George E. Chaniot, Terry Colborn, Daryl Coldren (Humboldt and rarities in s. California are seen by multiple observers, only the observer(s) initially fnd- ing and/or identifying the bird are included. Documentation for species on the California B.R.C. (C.B.R.C.) review list is forwarded to the C.B.R.C. and archived at the Western Founda- tion of Vertebrate Zoology in Camarillo. WATERFOWL THROUGH CORMORANTS A Harlequin Duck at Cayucos, San Luis Obispo 10 Jun–31 Jul+ (KLP) is believed to be one of the 3 seen at Estero Bluff S.P. in May. A Surf Scoter at S.E.S.S. (Young Rd.) 28 Apr – 14 Jun (BLS, GMcC) was the only scoter reported inland. The only summering White-winged Scoters were single birds at Cayucos 18-31 Jul (TME) and at Imperial Beach, San Diego 7-9 Jul (R&GW). A Long-tailed Duck present at Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo in May was still there 31 Jul (P&JC), and another at Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo remained through 4 Jun (TME). A Pacifc Loon inland near Seeley (Fig Lagoon), Imperial 24 Jun (GMcC) provides the latest date for a spring migrant in the Salton Sink. A Common Loon in alternate plumage at Cor- vina Beach on the Salton Sea, Riverside 11 Jun (RMcK) was a late spring migrant, and a sum- mering basic-plumaged bird on Tinemaha Res- Guy McCaskie Kimball L. Garrett –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– D rought conditions continued almost Re- gionwide through the summer, though there were some locally heavy thunder- storms on the eastern and southeastern deserts. Relatively warm offshore waters prevailed, per- haps linked to a weak El Niño–Southern Oscil- lation event that never really gained strength. Perhaps associated with these oceanographic conditions, breeding success for many seabirds in colonies just south of the Region appears to have been abysmal, with a virtual absence of hatch-year Heermann's Gulls being seen with post-breeding focks of the species in southern California, very few hatch-year Brown Pelicans noted among the thousands of post-breeding birds at the Salton Sea, and large numbers of Black-vented Shearwaters moving into south- ern California waters far earlier than normal. Highlights included an ad. Nazca Booby photo- graphed off Los Angeles, the frst ever recorded n. of Mexico (apart from a ship-assisted bird in May 2001), and a Blue-throated Hummingbird in the mountains of San Diego County, the frst for the Region and only the second ever in Cali- fornia. This season also saw the frst success- ful nesting of Neotropic Cormorants, a species rapidly increasing in the Region, at the south end of the Salton Sea. Abbreviations: G.H.P. (Galileo Hill Park in ex- treme e. Kern); N.E.S.S. (n. end of the Salton Sea, Riverside); P.P. (Piute Ponds on Edwards Air Force Base, ne. Los Angeles); P.M.N.A.S. (Point Mugu Naval Air Station in Ventura); S.C.R.E. (Santa Clara River Estuary near Ventura, Ventu- ra); S.E.S.S. (s. end of the Salton Sea, Imperial); S.F.K.R.P. (South Fork Kern River Preserve near Weldon, Kern); S.J.W.A. (San Jacinto Wildlife Area near Lakeview, Riverside). Because most Southern California

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