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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 550 N o r t h e r N C a l i f o r N i a ph. Mark & Lorna Elness). High inland counts of up to 38 Marbled Godwits at S. Lake Tahoe 22 Jul (FrO, LPt) and 40+ near Sugar Pine S.P. 12 Jul (Dan Stewart) were tallied in El Dorado; another at the Tracy W.T.P. 1 Jun (Terry Ron- neberg et al.) was thought to represent the frst Jun record for San Joaquin. Two Surfbirds at Pebble Beach 29 Jun (ph. DR, RC) provided the frst Jun record for Mon- terey. An ad. Ruff was at American Canyon Wet- lands, Napa 21 Jul (RAR). The only Stilt Sand- piper reports were from the Yolo Bypass W.A., Yolo, with an ad. found 23 Jul (Eli Gross, ph. MSr, ph. Bob Ellis) and a juv. seen 30 Jul (TCo, m.ob.). The shorebird of the season was an ad. Red-necked Stint found at the Richmond W.T.P., Contra Costa 20-22 Jul (Logan Kahle, ph. m.ob.). Besides being a county and Bay Area frst, this bird established only the seventh record for the Region. It was an unprecedented summer for Pectoral Sandpipers, with at least 45 in seven counties 17 Jul+ (all aged being ads.; m.ob.) being over ten times the recent seasonal average. Southbound Semipalmated Sandpipers included an early bird at H.R.S. 22 Jun (RJR). A Wilson's Snipe at the Kelsey Creek Outlet, Clear Lake 25 Jul (JRW) provided the frst summer record for Lake; another at Hu- ichica W.A., Napa 10 Jul (MBe) was also unsea- sonable. Yolo's fourth breeding of Wilson's Phal- arope was confrmed when a recently fedged youngster was found following an ad. at Yolo Bypass W.A. 19 Jul (DaW et al.). A Red Phala- rope at Martinez 20 Jul (ph. Jeff Acuff, Albert Linkowski) was a rare fnd for Contra Costa. JAEGERS THROUGH SKIMMER A subad. Long-tailed Jaeger at Bridgeport 28 Jul (ph. David Pavlik) provided the frst Jul record for Mono. Two Scripps's Murrelets 50 km wsw. of Cape Mendocino, Humboldt 2 Jun (PEL) were unusually early so far north. Even more notable was the frst Scripps's Murrelet inside S.F. Bay, a bird near Treasure Island, S.F. 27 Jun (ph., vt. Dan Sidle). Coincident with the large and early movement of southern seabirds northward, Craveri's Murrelets were recorded for the frst time since 2004. In San Mateo and S.F. waters nw. of Half Moon Bay, 7 were seen 20 Jul (DLSh et al.) and up to 7 with 2 Scripps's Murrelets were seen 26 Jul (DLSh, AJ et al.). Craveri's Murrelets are rarely seen from shore in the Region, so one at Point Pinos, Monterey 15 Jul (BLS) was remarkable. A count of 14 Franklin's Gulls s. of Corcoran, Kings 6 Jun, with 8 there 24 Jun (both JSy), was very high for the C.V. The only other Franklin's Gull reported was at Crescent City, Del Norte 6 Jun (LuB). Heermann's Gulls nested again on a rooftop near Roberts Lake in Seaside, Monterey, with 8-12 nesting pairs estimated 10 Jun (DR). son's Hawks were over Point Reyes, Marin 4 Jun (DMo) and over Mountain View, Santa Clara 7 Jun (ph. MMR). Also unexpected in summer was an ad. Ferruginous Hawk at Big Valley near Bieber, Lassen 4 Jun+ (Steve Hofhine, KAb). Yellow Rails were heard again at Papoose Meadow, Eagle Lake, Lassen 21 Jun and 4 Jul (Curtis Marantz, Dick Norton, Michael Park, LKh); they have been reported there annually since 2011. Black Rails continued throughout the summer at multiple locations along Alviso Slough, Santa Clara (PDu et al.) for the second year in a row. Unseasonable summer Sandhill Cranes were found in several locations. An ad. spent 4 Jun–20 Jul near Elkhorn Slough (Shirley Murphy, ph. m.ob.), providing Monterey's frst record of a summering bird; perhaps this was the imm. that spent 19 Dec 2012–13 Apr 2013 at the same location? Another coastal surprise was furnished by 2 cranes at the Eel River Estu- ary, Humboldt 24 Jun (Jasmin Ruvalcaba, Stepha- nie Leja). Up to two pairs at Bridgeport Reser- voir, Mono 21 Jun–29 Jul (PJM, R&NO, m.ob.) failed to breed this year; 4 other cranes lingered at Antelope Valley through 22 Jun (CPD, Jean Dillingham), perhaps another potential Mono breeding location. Other notable summer cranes included one at Butte House Meadow, Butte 24 Jun (Matt Forster, Charles Cornell, JLw) and 2 at Wilson Lake, Tehama 28 Jun (Peter Gaede). SHOREBIRDS Wandering American Avocets included 5 at Truckee, Nevada 3 Jul (SRs, DRs) and one on F.I. 20 Jul (seventh island record; Point Blue). An alternate-plumaged ad. American Golden- Plover reported from Woodland W.T.P., Yolo 24 Jun (ph. SCH et al.) was presumably an early southbound migrant; an ad. Pacifc Golden- Plover at S. Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 12 Jun (ph. Elizabeth Feucht) may have been head- ing the opposite direction. A Snowy Plover at the Kelsey Creek Outlet, Clear Lake 27 Jul–5 Aug (ph. JRW, DvW, m.ob.) was only the sec- ond for Lake. Three different Jun Wandering Tattlers were more than expected, with singles at F.I. 21-23 Jun (Point Blue), at Don Edwards N.W.R., Alameda 23 Jun (Jason St. Pierre), and on the n. jetty of Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 26 Jun (Brad Elvert). Also notable was Santa Clara's frst Jul record at Alviso 20 Jul (†Chris Johnson, Lisa Avila). An inland Willet at Tracy W.T.P. 7 Jun (Terry Ronneberg) was thought to represent the frst Jun record for San Joaquin. Single Whimbrels at the Kelsey Creek Outlet, Clear Lake 9 Jul (SJS) and 27 Jul (JRW) pro- vided the seventh and eighth records for Lake (and only second and third in summer); oth- er notable inland birds were found at Ukiah W.T.P., Mendocino 9 Jul (SJS, m.ob.), and Tracy W.T.P., San Joaquin 19 Jul (Terry Ronneberg, BITTERNS THROUGH CRANES Least Bitterns were reported in greater num- bers than usual this summer, including three records of breeding. Up to 4 birds at Las Gal- linas 4-30 Jul (Jack Hayden, ph. Brian DeLay, Noah DeLay, m.ob.) provided Marin's second breeding record. A single downy young bird was photographed there 4 Jul (ph. DSg), and 3 were seen 15 Jul (Diana Humple et al.). An ad. with a fedgling at Dow Wetlands Preserve, Contra Costa 14 Jul (Albert Linkowski), and a fedgling seen again 20 Jul (Logan Kahle), were in an area where this species was seen 3 Apr–3 Jun 2013 (including carrying nest material). These are apparently the only breeding records for Contra Costa. A Least Bittern at Thermalito Afterbay, Butte 29 Jun (John Lewis et al.) was followed by at least one fedgling 24 Jul (Matt Forster, ph. Ryan Martin, Kate Brice). Other re- ports included those of a bird 2 km e. of Colu- sa N.W.R., Colusa 13 Jul (Stephen Harris) and one or 2 birds at Mather Lake, Sacramento 13 Jun–13 Jul (ph. CCo, ph. Mark Sawyer, m.ob.). An ad. Little Blue Heron arranging sticks and displaying to Snowy Egrets at a heronry in Natomas, Sacramento 22 Jun–7 Jul (ph. Susie Nishio, ph. GEw, m.ob.) may have been the same individual reported last season in nearby Yolo. Sixteen Cattle Egret nests were tallied at the Ninth Street heronry in Santa Rosa, Sonoma this season, with 92% of young fedging (Ma- drone Audubon Society). An ad. Glossy Ibis at Davis Wetlands 27 Jun was Yolo's fourth (ph. MSr) and the eighth accepted for the Region. White-faced Ibis were widely reported in coast- al counties, including singles as far n. as Del Norte, at the Smith River bottoms 1 Jul (LuB) and at Lake Tolowa 20 Jul (LuB). The Hunter's Point Shipyard Ospreys fedged 2 young by the end of Jul (m.ob.), marking the third consecutive year of successful nesting in S.F. A pair of Bald Eagles fedged one young bird at Crystal Springs Reservoir, San Mateo in Jul (Tim Sullivan), for the second consecu- tive year of success at that nest site. Another eaglet fedged from a nest at Gallighan Slough by 30 Jun (GKt, m.ob.) was the frst to fedge in Santa Cruz in modern times. The female Common Black-Hawk near Laguna de Santa Rosa, Sonoma fedged a single hybrid young with a Red-shouldered Hawk 30 Jun (ph. Stan Moore, LHg, m.ob.); the young bird was last seen 11 Jul (vt. Stan Moore). A Red-shouldered Hawk nest with 2 young at Meadow Valley 15 Jun (DvH) provided the frst nesting record for Plumas. The pair of Swainson's Hawks in Coy- ote Valley, Santa Clara successfully fedged a single youngster just after 1 Jul that was seen though 9 Jul (RPh, ph. Caroline Lambert et al.). Another pair was seen nearby through 7 Jun (RPh, SCR). Other wandering coastal Swain-

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