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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 262 (BO), and East Canyon S.P., Morgan, UT 6-7 Jan (WS). Male Barrow's Goldeneyes were at Sand Hollow 2 Dec–1 Mar (RF et al.) and Lake Mead 15 Dec (AL). Two Red-throated Loons lingered 7 Dec– 11 Feb at Lake Mead (AL et al.). Pacifc Loons were found at Utah Lake, Utah, UT 2 Dec (DS) and Lake Mead 13-21 Feb (AD et al.). A Yellow-billed Loon made a rare appearance in the Region at Sparks Marina, Washoe, NV 27 Dec (TL). Red-necked Grebes visited Lake Mead 15 Dec–19 Jan (AL, JS), Sand Hollow 19 Dec–15 Feb (S&CS, ph. RF), and Pyramid Lake 22 Dec (RSt, DG). One of the highlights of the season was a Brown Booby observed at Cottonwood Cove, Lake Mohave, Clark, NV 16-17 Feb (JT, KD, ph. GS, ph. DC); this is presumed to be the same individual that wintered downstream on the Colorado River at Lake Havasu, Mohave, AZ. Neotropic Cormorants were found at Floyd Lamb 12 Dec–22 Mar (JT, JI et al.) and Razor Ridge, Washington, UT 13 Dec+ (ph. RF et al.). Wintering Red-shouldered Hawks turned up in Washington, UT at Shivwits 18 Dec (KW), Gunlock 12-15 Jan (ph. JL), Hurri- cane 2 Feb (ph. RF), and Virgin 6 Feb (RF). Dunlins in Nevada were observed at Sparks Marina, Washoe 16 Dec–9 Jan and Pyramid Lake 14 Jan–23 Feb (MM); one lingered at the SR-9 Hurricane Ponds, Washington, UT 2-18 Jan (RF, KF, TA). A Franklin's Gull made a surprise winter appearance in the Region at Quail Creek S.P., Washington, UT 5 Dec (RF, KW). Mew Gulls were found in Weber, UT 3 Dec (MH), at Quail Creek S.P., Washing- ton, UT 8 Dec (RF), at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT 14 Dec (ph. JN), at Pyramid Lake 1 Jan (GS, DM), at Virginia Lake, Washoe, NV 19 Jan (FP), and at Powell Slough W.M.A., lights included a Yellow-billed Loon and a Brown Booby. Utah highlights were led by a well-documented state frst Streak-backed Oriole and several Winter Wrens. Abbreviations: Antelope Island (Antelope Island State Park and Causeway, Davis, UT); Farmington Bay (Farmington Bay W.M.A., Davis, UT); Floyd Lamb (Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas, Clark, NV); H.B.V.P. (Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Clark, NV); Lake Mead (Lake Mead N.R.A., Clark, NV); Pah- ranagat (Pahranagat N.W.R., Lincoln, NV); Pyramid Lake (in Washoe, NV); Sand Hollow (Sand Hollow S.P., Washington, UT); Zion (Zion N.P., Washington, UT). WATERFOWL THROUGH WOODPECKERS A Mexican Duck x Mallard hybrid was ob - served at Decker Lake, Salt Lake, UT 8 Feb–8 Mar (ph. BO et al.); these ducks have been observed with increasing frequency in the Great Basin for the past few years. A Eurasian Wigeon visited Hidden Valley, Reno, Washoe, NV again this winter (2 Dec; MA). A Eurasian Teal was at the Damonte Wetlands, Reno, Washoe, NV 13 Dec (DW). A Surf Scoter was at Pyr- amid Lake 16 Feb (NR), and White- winged Scoters visited Sand Hol - low 6 Dec–1 Mar (S&VH), Salem Pond, Utah, UT 9 Dec (DS), and Lake Mead 13-19 Jan (ph. TH, AN). It was good winter for Long-tailed Ducks, with individuals observed at Logan, Cache, UT 3-4 Dec (CCl), Lahontan Reservoir, Lyon, NV 13 Dec (ph. G&PN), Lake Mead 15-28 Dec (AL), Antelope Island 18 Dec Rick Fridell –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he winter 2013-2014 season began with extremely low temperatures in early December, with the cold snap setting record lows through much of the southern portion of the Great Basin. Win- ter snow pack was average to above aver- age in northern Nevada and Utah and well below average in the southern portion of the Region. Despite the weather, or perhaps because of it, there were several signifcant sightings in the Great Basin. Nevada high- Great Basin Nevada's second documented Brown Booby was seen 16 (and here 17) February 2014 at Cottonwood Cove, Lake Mohave National Recreation Area, Clark County; it was not found thereafter. Nevada's frst record came 27 August 1971 at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Photograph by Greg Scyphers. This adult Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was found working pecan trees near the Zion Canyon Visitor Center, Zion National Park, Washington County, Utah 11-14 (here 11) December 2013. Photograph by Rick Fridell. Since the frst Neotropic Cormorant was documented in Utah in 2007, reports of the species have continued to increase, with now 10-15 birds noted annu- ally. This adult, along with an immature Double-crested Cormorant, was one of two lingering from 13 December 2013 through 31 March 2014 on a small urban fshing pond at Razor Ridge, Washington County. Photograph by Rick Fridell.

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