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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 261 A r i z o n A Rillito Creek in Tucson 28 Dec–26 Jan (A. Dar- rah; ph. AC) provided one the few documented winter records for the state. A Rusty Blackbird was at San Bernardino N.W.R. 30 Jan (ph., v.r. REW); this species is a casual fall and winter visitor to s. Arizona, with a total of about 30 accepted records. Orchard Oriole reports in- cluded a female along the Gila River sw. of Phoenix 15 Dec–18 Jan (ph. TC, J. Jones) and a returning male at Surprise 4 Feb (MW). Eight Hooded and 6 Bullock's Orioles were reported during the winter, both above average. Four Lawrence's Goldfnches were photo- graphed along the Hassayampa River near FR 72, Yavapai 2 Dec (ph. M. Riegner), where casual, and another was at Mineral Wash, Bill Williams River N.W.R., 25 Feb (DVP); this spe- cies has nested previously along both the Has- sayampa River and lower Bill Williams River but is not detected at these locations every year. A record-high 80 Evening Grosbeaks were on the Flagstaff C.B.C. 28 Dec (fde T. Blows); else- where, this species staged a minor movement into at least cen. Arizona, with reports from both Yavapai and Gila. Cited observers: Tony Battiste, Robert Beh- rstock, Chris D. Benesh, Andrew Core (Tuc- son), Troy Corman, Tommy DeBardeleben, Henry Detwiler, Brian Gatlin, Laurens Halsey, Lauren Harter (LHa), Melanie Herring, Eric Hough, Sam Hough (SHo), Doug Jenness, Keith Kamper, Chuck LaRue, Paul E. Lehman, Scott Olmstead, David vander Pluym, Molly Pollock, Shaun Putz, Kurt Radamaker, Arlene Ripley, Will Russell, Alan Schmierer, Dave Ste- jskal, Mark M. Stevenson, Paul Suchanek, Carl S. Tomoff, Magill Weber, Richard E. Webster, Jason Wilder, Sheri Williamson, Erika Wilson, John Yerger. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mark M. Stevenson, 4201 East Monte Vista Drive, #J207, Tucson, Arizona 85712-5554, ( Gary H. Rosenberg, P. o. Box 91856, Tucson, Arizona 85752-1856, ( capped Warblers continued at both Florida and Hunter Canyons during the winter, but amazing was a report of 7 from Florida Canyon 1 Feb (TBa), certainly suggesting successful nest- ing there! Six Wilson's Warblers were detected this winter, which was above average. Painted Redstart regularly winters in canyons in se. Arizona, but one at Red Rock S.P. 23 Dec (J. Tan- ner), and another at Lo Lo Mai Springs Campground 20 Jan–12 Feb (R. Arm- strong; ph. S Hough), were both in Yavapai, and far n. for regular win- tering in the state. A Yellow-breasted Chat photographed along the Parker Strip at Castle Rock 27-28 Dec (ph. S. Eagler) provided what may be the frst winter record of this species in the L.C.R.V. Rufous-winged Sparrows at Portal 15 Feb+ (B. Rodriguez, REW) and at Saint David 24 Feb (AR) were at odd locations; this species appears to be expanding its limited range in se. Arizona. Botteri's Sparrows again wintered in se. Arizona in lower Ash Canyon (RBe) and near Patagonia Lake (AS). A neighborhood playback survey along the Patagonia Lake Rd. 8-29 Jan yielded a total of 10 individuals (AS); whether this is a recent phenomenon or had just gone undetect- ed remains unknown. The only Clay-colored Sparrow reports of the winter came from Mc- Neal 20 Dec (EW) and from Cornville 1 Jan (E. Gofreed, SHo); this species is an erratic winter visitor to s. Arizona. Small numbers of Grass- hopper Sparrows were again found in grass- lands of Yavapai (V. Nelson, G. Botello). Red Fox Sparrows were reported from Madera Can- yon 28 Dec–13 Jan (PS) and 25 Feb+ (L. Calvo; ph. LH); this subspecies group is a scarce but regular winter visitor to the state. A Harris's Sparrow wintered at Himmel Park, Tucson 29 Dec+ (ph. SO; m.ob.), and one was at Fredonia 1 Jan (SP), where this species is likely more reg- ular than reported. At least 6 Golden-crowned Sparrows were detected this winter, about aver- age. An apparent Red-backed Junco was in Bear Canyon, Santa Catalina Mountains 19 Jan (ph. V. Akins); little is still know about the winter movements of this subspecies. At least 7 Summer Tanagers were found this winter, an above-average number. Western Tanager is casual in the state during the winter; singles at Marana 12 Dec (WR), at Superior 26 Dec (fde C. Donald), and near Carmen 4 Jan (ph. AS) were of interest. A Pyrrhuloxia con- tinued in a Cave Creek yard, where casual, and was last reported 31 Dec (KR). Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, casual in winter, were at Tucson 2 Dec (J. Smith), Patagonia 4-7 Jan (L. Morgan), and at Bisbee 23 Feb–2 Mar (SW). A Dickcis- sel along the Santa Cruz River at the mouth of resented. One of the 2 Rufous-backed Robins found at Cameron during the fall remained into winter, last reported 16 Jan (m.ob.). Elsewhere, one was at Chandler 8 Dec (ph. T. Crews), one at Wellton 16-18 Feb (HD), and one at Hassay- ampa River Preserve 19 Feb (MW); this species remains a rare but regular fall and winter visitor to Arizona. Individual Varied Thrushes were at the B.T.A. 2-19 Dec (E. Strong), at the Grand Canyon (South Rim) 13-18 Dec (E. Gdula), and at Elden Spring 25 Jan–4 Feb (ph. JWl). A Gray Catbird was in sw. Phoenix 19 Jan+ (MH). Olive Warblers were reported in larger-than- usual numbers during Feb in both Gila and Yavapai. Up to 4 Lapland Longspurs were in the Mohave Valley 21-23 Jan, and another was in the Parker Valley 13 Feb (ph., †DVP, LHa); this species remains a review species, but its status has certainly changed in recent years, and it has become much more regular in the state during winter. A single McCown's Longspur was found 21 Jan in the Mohave Valley (DVP, LHa), where casual at best. WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES An Ovenbird reported from Florida Canyon 25-26 Feb (R. Zach) was unusual for this date in se. Arizona. Individual Louisiana Water- thrushes found during the fall along the Santa Cruz River and at Sabino Canyon both con- tinued into the winter, while 2 new individu- als were discovered, one along Sonoita Creek near Patagonia 19 Dec (MMS et al.), the other on the San Pedro River near Hwy. 90 on 12 Jan (R. Beck); this species is a rare but regular visitor to streams in s. Arizona during winter. No fewer than 20 Black-and-white Warblers were found this season, well above average for a single winter. Single Orange-crowned War- blers at Lee's Ferry 4 Jan–21 Feb (BG) and at Wahweap, Lake Powell 20 Jan (R. Sleeper) were both unusual for n. Arizona in winter. A returning Lucy's Warbler at Bill Williams River N.W.R. 24 Feb (LHa) was very early for the state. Five American Redstarts and 9 North - ern Parulas, about average for a winter, were detected this season. Eleven Yellow Warblers this winter mad a greater-than-usual number for a single winter. A Palm Warbler discovered on the Tucson C.B.C. 15 Dec was seen again 24 Jan (C. Blake; ph. CDB); this species is still casual in the state, but has been removed as a review species by the A.B.C. A Pine Warbler at Reid Park, Tucson 8 Dec–7 Feb (†MMS; ph. LH) provided a twentieth accepted record for the state, most of which are from winter. A re- cord high count, 12 Yellow-rumped Warblers were on the Flagstaff C.B.C. 28 Dec (fde T. Blows). A Hermit Warbler, casual at best dur- ing the winter, was in Huachuca Canyon 29 Dec+ (ph. M. Anderson, LH, EW). Rufous- Pine Warbler is a casual visitor to Arizona, with a vast majority of the records being from the winter season. This dull individual was at Reid Park in Tucson 13 December 2013. Photograph by Laurens Halsey.

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