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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 259 ArizonA at Black Canyon City 7 & 31 Jan (ph. SHo). There were none reported from sw. Arizona. A Northern Pygmy-Owl at Black Rock Mountain in the Virgin Mountains 18 Feb (S. Langston) may have been the frst for that seldom visited range (during the atlas project work, they were found nw. to Mount Dellenbaugh). In the past, low-elevation riparian areas in se. Arizona were home to Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls, but as the human population increased and those habitats declined, the species was relegated to upland habitats, so it was a surprise to fnd one next to the Anza Trail near Tubac 13 Jan (ph. CDB). Spotted Owls are sparse winter visitors to the lowlands, with more than usual this winter. Singles were in the Santa Cruz Flats 8 Jan (ph. DJ), found slightly injured in Casa Grande 2 Feb (fde J. Holloway), and in a residential area near Sabino Canyon, Tucson 9 Feb–9 Mar (J. & M. Hengesbaugh, ph.). Those found in the low- lands are typically young of the year. A Short- eared Owl was in the Stovall Field Area of the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range 5 Feb (J. Arnett). A warm spell led wintering Common Poorwills to reveal themselves vocally, with an impressive 15 detected 27 Jan–26 Feb; the far- thest n. was along Weaver Creek n. of Wicken- burg 12 Feb (EH). Two male Black-chinned Hummingbirds were early in the L.C.R.V. at Bill Williams River N.W.R. 24 Feb (LHa). A Broad-tailed Hum- mingbird lingered near Portal 23-28 Dec (D. Johnson), one wintered at Tucson 15 Dec+ (M. Ali), and the frst spring migrant was at Her- eford on time 22 Feb (TB). Rufous Humming- birds lingered at Hereford 5 Dec (T. Battiste), at lower Ash Canyon through 6 Dec (RBe), and continued near Catalina through 24 Dec (C. J. Vincent). The frst migrant was noted on time at Salero Ranch 14 Feb (S. Carnahan). An ad. female Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird was at Cave Creek Ranch, Portal 17 Jan (S. William- son). A female Broad-billed Hummingbird was gathering nesting material in Tucson 4 Feb (M. Ali), an early date. An ad. male strayed nw. to Bullhead City 8 Feb (D. DeLorenzo). Rare in counts of Mountain Plovers from all ar- eas comprised 90 s. of Yuma 21 Dec (H. Detwiler), 47 in the Santa Cruz Flats 16 Dec (DJ), and 133 in the Parker Valley 1 Jan (LHa). The true winter status of Lesser Yellowlegs in the state is some- what clouded by incomplete details in most reports. It seems that they are reg- ular in small numbers in greater Phoe- nix and casual to accidental elsewhere. In the latter category was one at Yuma East Wetlands 26 Jan (C. McCreedy). A Western Sandpiper at Tuba City S.T.P. 19 Dec (J. Coons, C. LaRue, ph. JWl) provided the frst winter record for the Navajo Reservation. Quite rare was one in the Santa Cruz Flats 20 Jan (ph. ACo). Rare and irregular, 2 Red Phalaropes were on Patago- nia Lake 5 Dec (M. Brown). Less than annual in the state, a Black-legged Kittiwake was on Tempe Town Lake 13 Dec (ph. M. Ochs; ph. J. McKay). Bonaparte's Gulls were more wide- spread than usual. Most reports were of single birds, but a stunning 56 were at Willow Lake 4 Dec (M. Nicosia) along with 15 Ring-billed Gulls and one California Gull. Accidental in winter, single Franklin's Gulls were at Tempe Town Lake 4 Jan (ph. Peri Michaels) and Lake Pleasant, Yavapai 7-17 Jan (SHo). A Heermann's Gull at Amado S.T.P. 25 Jan (K. Zvonik; ph. LH) was, as usual, a one-day wonder. At Lake Havasu City, a Mew Gull was present at Rota- ry Park 4-11 Dec and a second was present 8 Dec+ (ph., †DVP, LHa). This species has been found annually in Arizona only in recent years. Rare away from the Colorado River, Herring Gulls were more numerous than usual, with singles at Lake Pleasant 9 Dec (ph. SHo), Lake Cochise, Willcox 3 Jan (SO), Willow Lake 5 Jan (W. Anderson), Whitewater Draw W.A. 10 Jan (C. Lund), Lake Pleasant again 12 Jan–13 Feb (K. Radamaker; ph. EH), and Roosevelt Lake 13 Jan (TC). In the L.C.R.V., 11 at Katherine Landing 23 Jan (DVP et al.) made a fne count. Records of Lesser Black-backed Gull continue to accumulate since the frst record in 2006. One at Arrowhead Lake, Glendale 15-18 Dec (ph. J. Neely) and another at n. Lake Havasu 9 Jan (†LHa; ph., †DVP) made the ffth and sixth records for the state. Only a ffth for Arizona, a frst-cycle Glaucous Gull was at Katherine Landing 23 Jan (ph., †DVP) and nearby at Cab- insite Point 29 Jan (TC). DOVES THROUGH FALCONS A White-winged Dove at Lee's Ferry 3 Jan (BG) was unusual in that area away from Page. The winter infux of Ruddy Ground-Doves totaled 10 birds. Those found away from typical areas in se. Arizona were one continuing from fall at Watson Woods through 2 Dec (m.ob.) and one Black-crowned Night-Heron was accidental in winter at Prescott 28-31 Jan (F. & J. Deneki, E. Moore). An imm. White Ibis at Yuma East Wetlands 11 Dec+ (D. Sussman, L. Dubbels; ph. DVP, D. Beaudette) was the frst in the state since 2005 and eighth overall. White-faced Ibis winter in numbers primarily in the Parker valley and around greater Phoenix. The peak count for the former was 900 on 3 Jan (LHa, DVP), and the Phoenix census turned up 1100 on 18 Jan (fde TC). A species typically found as a post-breeding wanderer in summer and fall, a Roseate Spoonbill was at Tres Rios 15-17 Dec (†TC, J. Jones). At Willow Lake, the White-tailed Kite was seen again 30 Dec–22 Feb (Z. Smith; ph. W. Anderson), and it or another was along Wil- liamson Valley Rd. 3 Feb (ph. N. Silacci). The frst Common Black-Hawk of the year returned to Page Springs 21 Feb (ph. SHo), and the frst detection at the Tubac migration stopover point came 26 Feb (P. Collins). There was a gener- ous infux of Red-shouldered Hawks this sea- son, with 11 reported 7 Dec–19 Feb (m.ob.) in addition to a resident bird at Hassayampa River Preserve 2 Feb (A. Leight). Accidental in winter, an ad. Broad-winged Hawk was at Tres Rios 22-24 Jan (ph. J. Ritz). The frst re- turning Gray Hawk was detected at Patagonia 13 Feb (M. Killeen), quite early. Also rare in winter, a Swainson's Hawk was near Yuma 8 Feb (ph. B. J. Stacey, J. Keller). Six Zone-tailed Hawks were spread across s. Arizona in Dec and Jan; more unusual were individuals n. to Gisela 24 Dec (ph. B. Walsh) and Payson 18 Jan (S. Doer), where one was found last winter. The frst migrant at Tubac appeared 27 Feb (P. Collins). Rough-legged Hawks were also more numerous than usual, with at least 15 reported 1 Dec+. Seldom seen in migration, 3 Sandhill Cranes few over Camp Verde 17 Feb (Z. Smith). For- merly a rare and irregular winter visitor in the L.C.R.V. but far less common in recent de- cades, a Snowy Plover was at Beal Lake, Havasu N.W.R. 19 Feb (ph. D. Sutherland). Peak This frst-cycle Glaucous Gull, providing only a ffth Arizona record, was at Katherine's Landing 23 January 2014. Photograph by David Vander Pluym. This frst-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull was at Glendale 15 December 2013. There have been only three previously accepted records for Arizona. Photograph by Joe Neely.

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