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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 257 N e w M e x i c o ter, a young male Blue Grosbeak was below E.B.L. Dam 19 Jan (C. Mangeng, ph. DS). Up to 2 Rusty Blackbirds were at Leasburg S.P. 11- 19 Dec (ph. NS, ph. RB), and 2 were s. of Per- cha S.P. 26-28 Dec (ph. CL); farther e., 3 were at the Vaughn treatment ponds 16 Feb (SW). A male Streak-backed Oriole, apparently the one last reported at R.S. 14 Nov, appeared again there 10 Jan (M. Thomas), where it re- mained into Mar (m.ob., ph. JG, ph. RN, ph. JO). Rosy-fnches away from Sandia Crest were 125 Brown-cappeds at Lower Canjilon Lake 19 Jan (WH), 50 Brown-cappeds in the Angel Fire area 14 Dec (MK), and a three-species fock of about 50 birds at the Taos ski area 1 Feb (JEP, JO). Far n. for the season were 3 Lesser Gold- fnches near Clayton 29 Dec (CR). Initialed observers: Francisco Anaya, Noah Arthur, Andrew Bankert, Jonathan Batkin, Matthew Baumann, Grant Beauprez, Karen Beckenbach, Dan Belcher, Ray Bowers, Ce- lestyn Brozek, Richard Castetter, David Cleary, Nancy Cox, John Douglas, Wyatt Egelhoff, Ber- nard Foy, Gary Froehlich, Coleman Goin, Da- vid Griffn, John Groves, David Hawksworth, Charles Hayes, Nancy Hetrick, Tom Hines, William Howe, Mary Kelly, David Krueper, Carl Lundblad, Larry Malone, Raymond Meyer, Robert Nieman, Jerry Oldenettel, Jennifer Ow- en-White, John E. Parmeter, James N. Paton, Nicholas Pederson, Tim Reeves, Christopher Rustay, Jeffrey I. Sanchez, Marcy Scott, Roland Shook, James P. Smith, Dale Spall, Nancy Stotz, Wayne Treers, Raymond VanBuskirk, Richard Webster, Steve West, William West, Cole Wolf, James Zabriskie, Barry Zimmer. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Sartor O. Williams III, Division of Birds, Museum of Southwestern Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-0001, ( n. in the R.G.V. to La Cieneguilla 26 Dec–8 Feb (ph. JB, BF). Two Rufous-winged Sparrows were in Guadalupe Canyon 30 Dec (ph. MB, ph. NP, ph. JB). An American Tree Sparrow was s. to the Al- ameda bridge 6 Dec–3 Feb (ph. AB, NH), and 2 were at Ohkay Owingeh 5 Jan (WH); the high count amounted to only 30 at Ci- marron 21 Dec (MK). Unexpected in winter, Lark Sparrows included 12 in the Peloncillo Mountains 29 Dec (NP, MB), one n. to Sevilleta N.W.R. 17 Dec (fde NC), one near Radium Springs 30 Jan (JZ), and 3 in the Avalon/Brantley area 15 Dec (TH). A Lark Bunting was n. to Clayton 29 Dec (CR). Late summer rains proved ben- efcial to wintering Baird's Sparrows, including credible reports of one in the Animas Valley 29 Dec (NP), up to 2 in the Uvas Valley 28 Dec (ph. NH) and 22 Feb (JEP, JO), one at Sevil- leta N.W.R. 27 Jan (ph. WH), one on the Las Cruces West Mesa 12 Feb (ph. NS), and 7 on Otero Mesa 26 Jan (ph. RM), where the species was present Dec–Feb (RM). White-throated Sparrow was numerous and widespread; high counts included 24 at Albuquerque 15 Dec (RV), 18 at Bosque 14 Dec (DH), and 18 in the Caballo Lake area 28 Dec (JD). Harris's Spar- row was conspicuous from the R.G.V. eastward, with often multiple reports from eight counties. Two Golden-crowned Sparrows were at Kirt- land 19-26 Dec (C. G. Schmitt); singles were in the R.G.V. at Placitas, Corrales, three Albu- querque sites, Luis Lopez, and two Bosque sites Dec–Feb (m.ob., ph.). Noteworthy for the Bur- ro Mountains was a Northern Cardinal at the Axel Canyon Preserve 27 Feb (L. Zatopek, fde RS). A Pyrrhuloxia was n. to Corrales 29 Dec (T. Collins). Certainly unexpected in midwin- 1 Dec–19 Jan (m.ob., ph. CL, ph. DC, ph. CB, ph, DS). Sage Thrasher was found wintering n. to Engel Dec–Feb, where there was a high 52 on 15 Jan (ph. DC). A pair of Crissal Thrashers was in residence in the La Tierra Trails area near Santa Fe 17-23 Feb (ph. BF); noteworthy e. to Lea were 2 Crissals near Eunice 1 Jan (CR, WE). Two Sprague's Pip- its were in Uvas Valley grass- lands, Luna 22 Feb (JEP, JO). Up to 8 Phainopeplas were n. to San Antonio Dec–Feb (GF, JO); high counts elsewhere were 41 in the Caballo Lake area 28 Dec (JD) and 50 at Silver City 14 Dec (KB). WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES On the warbler front, Orange-crowned so- lidifed its new wintering status with Dec–Feb reports of singles in the R.G.V. from two Al- buqueque sites, Caballo Lake, Ladder Ranch, Percha S.P., Mesilla Park, and La Union, plus w. to the Cliff-Gila Valley and Deming and e. to La Luz and Clovis. The warbler of the season was a Bay-breasted Warbler at the Deming cem- etery 27 Dec–3 Feb (ph. CL, m.ob., ph), only the second winter record for New Mexico. A Yellow Palm Warbler found in late Nov at San Antonio continued to entertain many until well into Mar (m.ob., ph.). Pine Warbler seems to be developing an affnity for Albuquerque; this season, singles were on the University of New Mexico campus 6-11 Dec (CW, ph. NH, V. Dern), at the Journal Center from 15 Dec into Mar (S. Valasek, m.ob., ph. AB, ph. CB, ph. WH), and in the northeast heights 6-27 Feb (ph. R. Hammond). Always a treat, a Yellow- throated Warbler was at Kirtland A.F.B. 6 Jan (JEP, P. E. McConnell). Other noteworthy win- ter season warblers were a Black-and-white at the Ladder Ranch 18 Dec (WW), a Common Yellowthroat n. to Bosque 27 Jan (CB), a North- ern Parula at Albuquerque 2-3 Dec (ph. AB), a Black-throated Blue at Dixon 1 Dec (ph. A. E. & J. W. Tuomey), single Black-throated Grays at Mesilla Park 21-28 Dec (ph. DG, NA) and Guadalupe Canyon 30 Dec (MB, NP), single Townsend's at Aguirre Springs 11 Jan (BZ) and Kingston 12 Feb (ph. DC), and a Wilson's at Albuquerque 1-15 Dec (ph. MB, JEP). Yellow- rumped Warblers were unusually numerous and widespread; a surprising result of molecu- lar studies this winter was that most Yellow- rumpeds that winter in New Mexico are from Canada, not local mountains, and most are of mixed Myrtle/Audubon's heritage (fde CW, fde C. C. Witt). A Green-tailed Towhee was Certainly unexpected west of the Con- tinental Divide, this male Red-bellied Woodpecker was a surprise at La Plata, San Juan County, New Mexico 19 Janu- ary 2014. Photograph by Lisa Ray. Providing only the second winter record for New Mexico (the frst was in 1960), this Bay-breasted Warbler was much at home in the cemetery at Deming, Luna County from 27 December 2013 (here) through 3 February 2014. Photograph by Nicholas D. Pederson. Rare at any season in New Mexico, this Yellow Palm Warbler (subspecies hypochrysea) spent the winter at San Antonio, Socorro County, where present from 29 November 2013 until well into March (here 11 January) 2014. Photograph by Gary K. Froehlich.

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