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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 256 N e w M e x i c o cluding singles at the Gila Bird Area 24 Jan (RS) and R.S. 10 Jan (SW) and 2 at Ladder Ranch 18 Dec (WW). Remarkable if accurate, a Cas- sin's Kingbird was described at Tyrone 14 Dec (K. Dayer). A Bell's Vireo was at La Union on the very early date of 17 Feb (ph. DB). A Plumbeous Vireo wintered at the Deming cem- etery 27 Dec–30 Jan (CL, m.ob., ph. CB); un- detailed was one at Mesilla Park 28 Dec (NA). At least one Cassin's Vireo was at Las Cruces 21 & 28 Dec (WT, NA). Noteworthy for the iso- lated Florida Mountains, a Hutton's Vireo was at Spring Canyon S.P. 27 Jan and 13 Feb (LM). Blue Jays w. to the R.G.V. were one at Española Dec–Jan (fde BF), up to 2 at Luis Lopez 25 Dec–28 Feb (JO, DH), and one at Las Cruces 1-18 Feb (C. Gressitt). The middle and lower R.G.V. is now home to thousands of wintering American Crows; high counts 14-21 Dec were 6217 at Albuquerque (RV), 3728 at V.D.O. (JO-W), 3736 at Bosque (DH), and 6505 at Las Cruces (WT). Mid-winter Tree Swallows in- cluded one at Mesilla Bosque S.P. 29 Dec (JEP) and 2 near Williamsburg 13 Jan (ph. DC); an early Northern Rough-winged Swallow was over the dry Rio Grande near Radium Springs 13 Feb (MS); a surprisingly early Cliff was at Leasburg S.P. 25 Jan (ph. CJ, ph. A. Fitzroy). Single Black-capped Chickadee x Mountain Chickadee hybrids were at Española 5 Jan (fde BF), Corrales 1 Jan (ph. WH), and R.G.N.C. 2 Jan (ph. WH). Lowland Pygmy Nuthatches were one at Albuquerque 15 Dec–12 Jan (ph. AB, JEP, WH, CR) and 3 at Mesilla Park 20 Dec (NA). Several House Wrens were found n. of usual, including one near Shoemaker, Mora 26 Jan (WE), one at Rio Rancho 26 Dec (CH), 2 at Albuquerque 15 Dec (RV), a high 4 at Bosque 14 Dec (DH), and one below E.B.L. Dam 11 Jan (JEP). First found in Oct, a vocal Paci c Wren continued at R.S. through 1 Feb (m.ob.). Winter Wren was much in evidence, with re- ports from nine sites in seven counties from the R.G.V. eastward Dec–Feb; all were singles with the exception of 2 in the Corrales bosque (m.ob., ph.). Up to 2 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers wintered in Embudito Canyon, Sandia Moun- tains 16 Jan–3 Feb (J. Liddell, ph. AB), and an- other was near Radium Springs 11-24 Jan (MS, JZ). Two Black-tailed Gnatcatchers were n. to La Joya 18 Jan–23 Feb (CR). An American Dip- per wintered in the Corrales bosque 13 Dec–31 Jan (m.ob., ph. WH, ph. DK, ph. GF). Eastern Bluebird maintained its R.G.V. presence, with reports from Rio Arriba and Santa Fe s. to Doña Ana, including 97 in the Albuquerque area 15- 21 Dec (RV, JO-W). Yet more evidence of win- tering Gray Catbirds was provided by singles along the Gallinas River at Las Vegas 14 Dec (CR, WE), at Pojoaque 31 Dec–8 Jan (M. Wil- liams, ph. JB, ph. BF), and below E.B.L. Dam Dec (RW), and 3 were in Guadalupe Canyon 30 Dec (ph. MB, ph. NP). Continu- ing from Nov, 3 Ruddy Ground-Doves were at Rodeo through 25 Jan (m.ob., ph. MB, ph. NP). Last found in Doña Ana in 1987, a Groove-billed Ani was a surprise at La Union 13 Dec (ph. J. A. Montoya). North for the season, a Burrowing Owl passed the winter in a bank cavity at Rio Rancho Dec–Feb (CH). Strongly suggestive of an overwintering bird, a Common Poorwill fushed from a rock crevice on the s. face of La Bajada Mesa, Santa Fe on the warm afternoon of 20 Jan (J. Luetzelschwab). HUMMINGBIRDS THROUGH PHAINOPEPLA Several hummingbirds lingered late or per- sisted through the winter, including a female Black-chinned at Elephant Butte 1 Dec–13 Feb (ph. DC), an Anna's at Carlsbad 7 Dec (ph. RN), and 2 Anna's at Las Cruces in Dec (DG, RC, JEP), plus an ad. male Rufous at Las Cru- ces in Dec (RC). Continuing from Nov, a male Broad-billed Hummingbird remained at a Truth or Consequences feeder until 7 Feb (ph. A. Morrison, DC, JEP). Certainly unexpected w. of the continental divide, a male Red-bellied Woodpecker was at La Plata, San Juan 19 Jan (ph. L. Ray). Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were photographed at fve R.G.V. sites in Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Sandoval, Bernalillo, and Doña Ana Dec–Jan (m.ob., ph.). A Downy Woodpecker was far s. to Radium Springs 13 Jan (MS). In- creasingly found in winter, one to 3 Peregrine Falcons were on seven C.B.C.s across the south and north to Silver City, Albuquerque, and Ro- swell; a pair re-occupied a breeding territory in the Jemez Mountains by 13-15 Feb (ph. D. Ponton), a record-early date for the north. Six Monk Parakeets of uncertain origin were in s. Doña Ana 13 Jan (DB). Historically unknown in winter in New Mexico, Empidonax fycatch- ers continued to make their recent winter pres- ence known across the south, with at least 16 individuals reported, including single Grays in Guadalupe Canyon 30 Dec (MB, NP) and near Eunice 1 Jan (CR, WE), single Hammond's at the Ladder Ranch 18 Dec (WW), Percha S.P. 28 Dec (CL), and Guadalupe Canyon 30 Dec (MB, ph. NP), and at least 7 Duskies, includ- ing singles at the Ladder Ranch 18 Dec (WW), below Caballo Dam 21 Feb (JEP), Percha S.P. 12 Jan (BZ), 2 at Broad Canyon Ranch 24 Dec (ph. NS), and one each at Radium Springs from 24 Dec into Mar (MS, JZ) and near Cliff 8 Feb (CR), plus at least 4 unidentifed empids, in- Jan–10 Feb (ph. WH, ph. AB, ph. JO, ph. JPS), and Brantley Lake 18-25 Feb (ph. RN, ph. JO). Lesser Black-backed Gull had another strong season, with a frst-cycle in the Farmington area 10 Jan–12 Feb (TR), a frst-cycle at the Al- ameda bridge 4-11 Jan (ph. AB, ph. WH, CR), at least one ad. at E.B.L. 1 Dec–12 Feb (ph. DC, NH) and a frst-cycle there 4 Jan–21 Feb (JEP, DC, BZ, JPS), and an ad. at Sunland Park 20 Jan (ph. JNP), plus a frst-cycle there on various dates 6 Dec–8 Jan (JNP, JG, DB). Four Glau- cous Gulls were documented, an ad. at the Al- ameda bridge 4-6 Jan (ph. AB, JEP, ph. JO, ph. WH, DH) and single frst-cycles at E.B.L. 27 Dec–11 Feb (ph. DC, ph. BZ, ph. GF, ph. CB, m.ob.), Ute Lake 7 Feb (JEP), and B.L.N.W.R. 25 Jan (J. B. Montgomery). Eurasian Collared-Doves continued in abun- dance statewide, with reports from 30 of 33 C.B.C.s. White-winged Doves were on nests at Las Cruces by mid-Jan (NS, DG), where there were dependent fedglings by 1 Feb (ph. NS). The unexplained decline in Inca Dove num- bers continued across the south; nevertheless, a pair was mating and another pair was on a nest structure at Mesilla Park 22 Dec (DG, NA). A Common Ground-Dove was near Rodeo 1 Ferruginous Hawks were encouragingly numerous in New Mexico's middle Rio Grande Valley during winter 2013-2014, including this one at Bosque del Apache National Wild- life Refuge, Socorro County 18 December 2013. Photograph by Gary K. Froehlich. Displaying its namesake back pattern, this Streak-backed Oriole was at Rattlesnake Springs, Eddy County, New Mexico from 10 January (here 15 February) through March 2014. Presumably the same individual was seen at this same locale 10-14 November 2013. Photograph by Robert Nieman.

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