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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 246 Feb (BP). Cassin's Vireos were unexpected in the Chisos Basin, Brewster from the fall through 7 Feb (DBo, MF et al.) and also in Big Bend at Boot Springs 1 Jan (ph., ML). Blue-headed Vireos occurred in unprecedented numbers in the Trans-Pecos, with one at Fort Stockton, Pe- cos 15 Dec–28 Jan (DJ, MY et al.), 2 at El Paso 29 Dec–18 Jan (BZ, ph. JG, m.ob.) and 1-27 Feb (ph. JPa), and 2 in Big Bend N.P., Brewster 1 & 5 Jan (ph. ML, MF). Certainly one of the highlights of the season was a Warbling Vireo at Belton, Bell 31 Jan–5 Feb (ph. GE). Steller's Jays staged an irruption in El Paso, with literally hundreds present in the city, rivaling the irrup- tion of 2002-2003 (JPa et al.) Fifteen North- ern Rough-winged Swallows were noteworthy at San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, Harris 25 Jan (SL). Unprecedented in winter in the Pineywoods were numbers of Cave Swal- lows at Kurth Lake, Angelina 17 Dec–11 Feb (DW, TR, LD et al.) and in Nacogdoches through 1 Jan (TH, TR, DW). Six Barn Swallows were at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 6 Dec (BZ), with one remaining 26 Dec (JPa); most unusual was one at Packery Channel, Nueces 21 Jan (RPi). NUTHATCHES THROUGH WARBLERS Red-breasted Nuthatches barely made an ap- pearance in Texas this season, but one near Mc- Nary Reservoir, Hudspeth 15 Dec (BZ) was at an odd location. The city of El Paso had small numbers of Red-breasted Nuthatches to go along with one White-breasted Nuthatch 8 Feb (ph. JPa) and, less expectedly, up to 6 Pygmy Nuthatches scattered at four locations 21 Dec– 21 Feb (JG, m.ob.). A Rock Wren was at Lake Tawakoni, Hunt 20 Jan (JaP, AP). In the Trans- Pecos, Winter Wrens were found at Rio Grande Village, Brewster 9 Dec (KB, COJ) and McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 15 Dec (BZ). Western Blue- birds made a strong showing as far e. as the w.-cen. Edwards Plateau; outstanding were up to 6 near Bee Cave, Travis 27 Jan–21 Feb (ph. BRe, MWi). A Townsend's Solitaire was at Palo Pinto Mountains S.P., Palo Pinto 13 Nov (†JaS). Wintering Wood Thrushes are always of inter- est; singles were found at Estero Llano Grande S.P., Hidalgo 23 Dec (HH, DN), Laftte's Cove, Galveston 17-26 Jan (ph. PRo et al.), and Sa- bine Woods, Jefferson 3 Jan (SM). Single Gray Catbirds were at El Paso 25 Dec (JPa), Wichita Falls, Wichita 24 Jan (DaP), and Lake Lewis- ville, Denton 25 Jan (CF). Wintering Ovenbirds included 2 at Brazos Bend S.P., Fort Bend 8 Jan–14 Feb (ph. JT, RWr et al.) and one at San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, Harris 21 Feb (DMu). A wintering Northern Waterthrush was located at Brazos Bend S.P., Fort Bend 8 Jan (JT, RWr). The Black- and-white Warbler near Longview, Gregg 14 Dec (†LGP) was a surprise and certainly a win - King sher found in Nov in Cameron was reli- ably reported through 5 Dec (ph. m.ob.). Lewis's Woodpeckers were noteworthy near Alpine, Brewster 1-18 Dec (DSh, m.ob.) and at Midland, Midland 10 Dec–24 Feb (BLu, ph. m.ob.). A Red-headed Woodpecker in w. El Paso was relocated 29 Dec–17 Jan (ph. JPa); another spent the winter at Aransas N.W.R., Aransas (DT). An Acorn Woodpecker was found at Lubbock, Lubbock 5 Dec (GB). A Red- naped Sapsucker at Hornsby Bend, Travis 11- 12 Jan (ph. MBe) was a frst for that location. Hairy Woodpeckers were seen at the Rita Blan- ca Grasslands, Dallam 2 Dec (DuL) and at Palo Duro Lake, Hansford 22 Dec–17 Feb (CaC). A Northern (Red-shafted) Flicker at Alazan Bay- ou W.M.A., Nacogdoches 5 Dec (ph. LGP) was a great fnd for the deep Pineywoods. A Crested Caracara was unexpected on the Tyler C.B.C., Smith 4 Jan (†PB, LBe, RRi, ZAS). Inland Per- egrine Falcons were found at Coyanosa, Pecos 24 Dec (ML), Lake Naconiche, Nacogdoches 25 Dec (CW, RH), and at Lake Sam Rayburn, San Augustine 2 Jan and 26 Feb (DW). Wintering Prairie Falcons were noteworthy at San Bernard N.W.R., Brazoria 27 Dec (DC et al.) and along Betka Rd., Waller 30 Dec (ph. FC). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH SWALLOWS A Greater Pewee returned for a second con- secutive winter to Bear Creek Park, Harris 25 Dec+ (JHi, DDi et al.). Least Flycatchers were unexpected surprises at Love Creek Preserve, Bandera 19 Dec (TC) and near Lake Bastrop, Bastrop 1 Jan (ph. MBe). A Black Phoebe was an excellent fnd at Imperial Park, Fort Bend 15 Dec (RBr). Extralimital Say's Phoebes were seen at Laftte's Cove, Galveston 4 Jan+ (ph. CLe et al.) and at El Franco Lee Park, Harris 13 Feb+ (ph. JuB et al.). Ash-throated Flycatchers were noteworthy in Grimes 18 Dec (ph. †CH), w. of Lake Buchanan, Llano 28 Dec (2 birds; TFe, BSt), and near Granger Lake, Williamson 4-25 Jan (BNo, m.ob.). Brown-crested Flycatchers were seen on the King Ranch, Kleberg 11 Jan (JiS) and at Alice, Jim Wells 9 Feb (ShC, MR). A bit northerly was a Couch's Kingbird at Temple, Bell 29 Dec (RPi). A Cassin's Kingbird at Smith Point, Chambers 13 Dec was an outstanding fnd and the only winter record for the U.T.C. (ph. KG). A Western Kingbird was reported from Galveston Island, Galveston 4 Dec (JSt, KC). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was unexpect- ed at White Rock Lake, Dallas 30 Dec–26 Jan (GC, ChC). A Rose-throated Becard was some- what reliable at Sabal Palm Sanctuary, Cameron 26 Jan–25 Feb (ph. TDa, m.ob.). Single Northern Shrikes were observed near Sanford, Hutchinson 1 Dec (BP) and at Lake Meredith, Hutchinson 27 Dec (DSh) and 22 Feb (BP); 2 were at Thompson Grove, Dallam 14 birds were reported statewide, many of them banded (m.ob.). Among these were a male near Boerne, Bexar 8-25 Dec (ph. MaH) and anoth- er nearby in Kendall continuing from the fall through at least 9 Jan (ph. DiP). The same was true for Calliope Hummingbirds, with note- worthy reports including 1-2 at Austin, Travis 12 Dec+ (ph. BRi) and singles at different San Antonio, Bexar locations 12 Jan (ph. LR) and 19 Jan+ (ph. BWi). The unprecedented fall Broad- billed Hummingbird invasion in El Paso con- tinued into winter, with up to 6 reported (ph. BZ, JKi). A Broad-billed Hummingbird was at Study Butte, Brewster 1-18 Jan (ph. COJ, KB). Broad-billed Hummingbirds were also found at Tomball, Harris 21 Dec+ (ph. JBl et al.) and at Sea Center Texas, Brazoria 8 Feb (BB). Wander- ing Ringed Kingfshers were reported along the Brazos River in Shackleford 16-17 Dec (BrF), at Mertzon, Irion 18 Jan (CSm), and at Dublin, Er- ath 1 Feb (CSm). The fantastic female Amazon Texas Among the amazing number of hummingbirds present at Study Butte, Brewster County in winter 2013-2014 was this male Blue- throated. It was present from 17 (here 21) December through 21 January, providing the frst winter record for the Trans-Pecos and only the third for Texas. Photograph by Carolyn Ohl-Johnson. This adult male Lucifer Hummingbird was banded at Study Butte, Brewster County 9 December 2013, providing a new late date for Texas and the United States, as well as the frst December record. Photograph by Kelly Bryan.

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