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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 242 S o u t h e r n g r e at p l a i n S (SSh); the only other report was from Comanche, OK 30 Dec (JAG). Any stub-tailed wrens in the w. Region in winter should be checked for Pacifc Wren. Single Winter Wrens were criti- cally identifed in Sioux, NE 22 Dec (WM, EB) and at McCo- naughy 4-15 Jan (SMa, RMa). A Sedge Wren lingered in Harvey, KS 11-15 Jan (EM), with one at Quivira 1 Dec (BJ) and 2 in Neo- sho, KS 1 & 16 Dec (AB). Sedge Wrens in Oklahoma included one in Canadian being carried by a Loggerhead Shrike (JH) and one in Osage 4 Jan (JP). A Ruby-crowned Kinglet chanc- ing fate was as far n. as Garden, NE 15 Jan (SM). Mountain Bluebird made a fne showing in the Red Hills, KS, with 2018 counted 4 Jan (fde JK); 6 in Noble/Pawnee, OK 21 Jan (JWA) were easterly. Townsend's Solitaires pushed eastward in Nebraska and Kansas, with reports from Lan- caster, NE 28 Dec (fde JG) and 3 Feb (LE), Gage, NE 20 Jan (LE), Pottawatomie, KS 15 Dec (BS), and Lyon, KS 30 Nov–16 Feb (MG). A Hermit Thrush in Lancaster, NE attempting to over- winter was last noted 11 Jan (MW, LE). Gray Catbirds persisted in Barber, KS 9 Jan (J&JL), Leavenworth, KS 4-10 Jan (MS), and Tulsa 5 Jan (L&DP). Sage Thrasher occurs on occasion in winter in sw. Oklahoma, but one in Tulsa 31 Jan–5 Feb (BC, JS, JWA, KW) was remarkable. A wintering Brown Thrasher was in Lancaster, NE (NP), with one in Lincoln, NE 5 Jan (LD), where also exceptional. Four American Pipits were at McConaughy 28 Dec (fde SJD), only the sixth Dec record for Nebraska, with Kansas reports of one in Miami 20 Jan (MH, NV) and 3 in Labette 23 Feb (AB). A Sprague's Pipit made it until 25 Jan in Comanche, KS (J&JL). Bohe- mian Waxwing slipped into the Region on the Nebraska Pine Ridge; 36 were in Sioux 22 Dec (fde B&DW) and 2 in Dawes 21 Dec (NV). A fock of 20 Lapland Longspurs was in the se. corner of the Region at Red Slough 7 Jan (DA), and focks of 30 and 50 were rare in Sequoyah, OK 8 Jan (KW, CW). Smith's Longspur w. of usual range included 2 in Comanche, OK 10 Jan (JAG), one in Kiowa, KS 9 Feb (J&JL), and 25 in Comanche, KS 16 Dec (J&JL). McCown's Longspurs easterly included one with Lapland Longspurs in Pratt, KS 6 Dec and 7 Jan (J&JL). Snow Buntings were widespread in Nebraska, with 64 reported, but no others were reported. The northernmost Orange-crowned War- blers were in Douglas, KS 14 Dec–1 Jan (KG) and Riley, KS 17 Jan (BS). An Audubon's War- bler was at McConaughy 28 Dec (fde SJD). Northerly for midwinter were 1-2 Myrtle War- blers in Antelope, NE 19 Jan–23 Feb (WF, MB). Pine Warbler is one of the more likely war- blers to appear northward in winter; 2 were in Douglas, KS 14 Dec (KG, ph.). Rounding out the warbler half-hardies, a Common Yellow- throat in Tulsa, OK 1 Jan (BC) was the farthest n. this season. A northerly Spotted Towhee was in Knox, NE 12 Jan (MB). Eastern Towhees w. of typical win- ter range included one wintering in Lancaster, NE (BW), 5 in Cleveland, OK 8 Dec (JW), and one in Comanche, OK 5 Feb (K&SM). An American Tree Sparrow in Johnston, OK 23 Jan (PL) was past the s. edge of its winter range, an edge that has crept northward in recent years. Northerly were Chipping Sparrows in Johnson, KS 16 Feb (KL, ph.) and Reno, KS 22-26 Dec (JM), a Field Sparrow in Lincoln, NE 12 Feb (TJW), a Vesper Sparrow in Reno, KS 16 Dec (JM, ph.), and a Lark Sparrow in Pontotoc, OK 26 Jan (JH). Only one Henslow's Sparrow was at Red Slough 22 Feb (CB et al.), where small numbers are expected in winter. A westerly Fox Sparrow was in Lincoln, NE 9-14 Feb (LD). A few Lincoln's Sparrow persisted as far n. as Washington, extreme se. Nebraska through 25 Jan (LE). Also northerly were up to 5 Swamp Sparrows in Lancaster, NE (LE) and a White- throated Sparrow in Antelope, NE 23 Feb (MB). Harris's Sparrow is rare in w. Nebraska, espe- cially in the Panhandle, where one was in Scotts Bluff 7 Feb (KD). An ad. Golden-crowned Sparrow, a Regional rarity, was among Ameri- can Tree and White-crowned Sparrows in Mor- ton, KS 24 Jan (SS, TC). Lingering Yellow-headed Blackbirds were singles in Loup, NE 29 Dec (fde DH) and John- son, KS 15 Jan (JWi). A westerly Rusty Black- bird was at McConaughy 28 Dec (fde SJD), and Cimarron, OK hosted a single 18 Jan (BC) and 4 at the same location 7-8 Feb (DR, DD); encouraging counts of the species included 250 in But- ler, KS 5 Jan (BB, BGr; ph.) and 210 in Tulsa, OK 31 Jan (BC). An immense group of Common Grackles was the 100,000+ at Red Slough 11 Dec (DA), and a less- immense grackle group, but note- worthy for the location, contained 150 Great-taileds in Lincoln, NE 28 Dec (fde TJW). A single report of Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch came from Scotts Bluff, NE 14 Dec (3 birds; fde KD, AK). Numbers of Purple Finch continue to decrease, the only large count being the 30 unexpectedly far w. at McConaughy 28 Dec (fde SJD). A Purple Finch in Alfalfa, OK 11- 15 Feb (RH) was also westerly. Five Cassin's Finches were at Scotts Bluff, NE 14 Dec (fde KD, AK), the only Regional report. Red Cross- bills were mostly absent away from the Nebras- ka Pine Ridge this season. After last year's good showing, only 11 Common Redpolls were re- ported in Nebraska 14-31 Dec (fde WRS), with one other in Johnson, KS 29 Dec (RA). Pine Sis- kin numbers were also low. Lesser Goldfnches making their typically erratic appearances in the Region included singles in Douglas, KS 15- 17 Dec (BBu), Pittsburg, OK 15-23 Feb (DG), and Finney, KS 18 Jan (SSh, ph.) and for sev- eral weeks in Feb (different bird; SSh). The only Evening Grosbeak reported was a male surprisingly far se. in Harvey, KS for most of the season (FB). Cited observers (editors in boldface): NE- BRASKA: Elliott Bedows, Jay & Ginger Bel- san, Mark Brogie, Linda Deeds, Kathy DeLara, Stephen J. Dinsmore, Paul Dunbar, Larry Einemann, William Flack, Joe Gubanyi, Dave Heidt, Joel G. Jorgensen, Alice Kenitz, Rob - ert Manning (RMa), Sam Manning (SMa), Wayne Mollhoff, Steve Morris, Loren & Babs Padelford, Neva Pruess, Justin Rink, W. Ross Silcock , Kent Skaggs, Connie Stevenson, Bruce & Donna Walgren, T.J. Walker, Bruce Wendorff, Michael Willison. KANSAS: Rita Alexander, Mike Andersen, Fred Bartel, Bob Broyles, Andrew Burnett, Bill Busby (BBu), Ted Cable, Jeff Calhoun, Mike Cooper, Tom Ewert, Matt Gearheart, Byron Grauerholz, Bob Gress (BGr), Kevin Groeneweg, Mike Hard- ing (MHa), Shawn Harding, Pete Hosner, Mike Hudson, Pete Janzen, Barry Jones, Jon King, Dave Klema, Mark Land, Jonathan and Joseph Lautenbach, Kyle Lindemer, Brandon Magette, Jim Malcom (JMa), Ethan Maynard, Mick McHugh, Joseph Miller, Michael Pearce East of typical range in Oklahoma was this Sage Thrasher at Oxley Nature Center, Tulsa County 31 January (here) through 5 February 2014. Photograph by Bill Carrell.

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