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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 227 I o wa & m I s s o u r I Mockridge Wildlife Preserve, Clinton, IA 18 Dec (KJM) made the only Regional report. A Common Redpoll in Winneshiek, IA 23 Dec (KJM) was likewise the only one reported. Five Pine Siskins were observed in Winneshiek 23 Dec (KJM); in Missouri, Pine Siskins were scarce, with 4 on the C.B.C. at Mingo N.W.R., Stoddard/Wayne (BE) and one at Kirksville, Adair 14 Dec (JL). A Lesser Goldfnch visited a Stone, MO residence 15-28 Feb (EB, GSa), marking the third year in a row that this species has appeared in sw. Missouri. Notable Iowa records of Eurasian Tree Sparrow included 56 in Lee 16 Dec (KJM), 127 in Muscatine 22 Dec (KJM), 2 at Buffalo Creek Park, Linn 15 Dec (JF), and one in Buchanan 1 Jan (KJM). Corrigendum: A 14 Dec report of Evening Grosbeak included in the winter 2012-2013 report here was reviewed and not accepted by the Iowa Records Committee. Contributors: IOWA: Danny J. Akers (DJA), Reid Allan (RIA), John Bissell (JB), Aaron Brees (AB), Mark Brown (MHB), Brandon Coswell (BC), Raymond L. Cummins (RLC), Stephen J. Dinsmore (SJD), Rose Dooley (RD), Chris R. Edwards (CRE), Bery Engebretsen (BE), Jim Forde (JF), Kevin Gerety (KG), Jay Gilliam (JG), Tyler M. Harms (TMH), Doug Harr (DCH), Paul Hertzel (PH), Ann M. Johnson (AMJ), Matt Kenne (MCK), Tucker Lutter (TJL), Kelly J. McKay (KJM), Francis L. Moore (FLM), Wolfgang Oesterreich (WO), Mark Proescholdt (MP), Lee Schoenewe (LAS), Tommy Stone (TS), Dennis Thompson (DTh), Gerald L. Von Ehwegen (GLV). MISSOURI: Connie Alwood (CA), Emily Berg (EB), David Becher (DBe), Michael Beck (MB), John Besser (JB), David Blevins (DB), Charles Burwick (CB), Dave Catlin (DC), Derick Driemeyer (DD), Joseph Eades (JE), Bill Eddleman (BE), Rohnda Edmunds (RE), Jane Fitzgerald (JFi), Brent Galliart (BG), Matt Gearheart (MGe), Mark Green (MGr), Mark Haas (MH), Joyce Haynes (JHn), Lawrence Herbert (LH), Jack Hilsabeck (JH), Lester Hostetler (LHo), Paul Hostetler (PH), Brad Jacobs (BJ), Eric Jeltes (EJ), Tim Jones (TJ), Steve Kinder (SK), Andrew Kinslow (AK), Peter Kondrashov (PK), Randy Korotev (RK), Pat Lueders (PL), Jason Luscier (JL), Charlene Malone (CM), Jim Malone (JM), Kristi Mayo (KM), Paul McKenzie (PMc), Joseph Mosley (JMo), Kathleen Owens (KO), Bill Rowe (BR), Mark Robbins (MR), Greg Samuel (GSa), Bruce Schuette (BS), Scott Schuette (SS), Mike Thelen (MT), Joshua Uffman (JU), Darrin Welchert (DW), Doug Willis (DWi). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Francis L. Moore, 336 Fairfeld street, waterloo, Iowa 50703, ( crowned Warblers made an appearance on the C.B.C. at Clarence Cannon N.W.R., Pike, MO 27 Dec (SS). A very late Nashville Warbler was observed in Stone, MO 5 Dec (JFi). There were 17 reports of Yellow-rumped Warbler in Iowa, with the highest number reported being 77 in Lee 16 Dec (KJM), an unexpectedly high count for such a cold season. A Palm Warbler was recorded on Christmas count at Big Oak Tree S.P., Mississippi, MO 19 Dec (BE), and a Pine Warbler returned 28 Feb to McDonald, MO (JHn). Sparrows were scarce in nw. and n.-cen. Missouri this winter (JH, SK). Three Spotted Towhees were reported from Iowa, while one in Missouri was the star attraction in a group of feeder birds at Columbia Bottom C.A., St. Louis 26 Jan–15 Feb (DBe, CM, JM, JU). An Eastern Towhee was in Scott, IA 15 Dec (KJM). Chipping Sparrow has occurred more frequently in winter in Missouri over the past decade; one frequented a St. Louis, MO feeder 13 Dec–28 Feb (CA), and 1-2 visited a Cape Girardeau, MO yard through the season (MH). Sixteen Field Sparrows made a good local tally at Young C.A., Jefferson, MO 4 Feb (BJ); 4 in total were reported in Iowa. Nine Fox Sparrow reports in Iowa included a high of 11 in Clayton on 3 Jan (KJM). Lincoln's Sparrows showed up as usual on a few westerly C.B.C.s in Missouri, n. to Trimble, but one at Clarence Cannon N.W.R., Pike 27 Dec was noteworthy for the east (BS). In Iowa, a Lincoln's Sparro was found in Jackson 20 Dec (DJA, KJM). A Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow was seen at Columbia Bottoms C.A., St. Louis, MO 1 Jan (BR). An imm. male Rose-breasted Grosbeak frequented a Cape Girardeau, MO feeder 13 Jan–26 Feb (MH). A Dickcissel was observed in Bates, MO 17 Dec (MB). Five Western Meadowlarks present in Dallas, IA 7 Dec–28 Feb began singing in Feb (KG); another was singing e. of Toronto, Clinton, IA 18 Dec (KJM). In Missouri, Western Meadowlark is considered regular in winter at Columbia Bottoms C.A., St. Louis, with 2-10 observed there 8 Dec–22 Feb (BR, JU). Great-tailed Grackle high counts included 15 at Rogersville, Greene, MO 5 Dec (AK) and 18 at Bryan Island Stables, St. Louis, MO 24 Dec (CM, JM). The high count of Rusty Blackbird in Iowa was 82 at Brenton Feedlot Dallas, IA 16 Feb (AB). An imm. Baltimore Oriole was found at Algona, Kossuth, IA 7-9 Dec (MCK), perishing on the last date. There was an almost complete lack of winter fnches in both states this winter. Fifteen reports of Purple Finch in Iowa included a high of 78 in Winneshiek 23 Dec (KJM) and 54 in Buchanan 1 Jan (KJM). Purple Finch was not widespread in Missouri; there were just seven C.B.C. observations. A Red Crossbill at in Dade 15 Jan (CB). In Iowa, there were 49 reports representing no fewer than 33 distinct individuals, 14 found in Dec, 13 in Jan, and 6 in Feb; 13 birds were thought to be juvs. and 5 ads., of 18 birds aged. Long-eared and Short-eared Owls were sparingly reported in Missouri, with only 17 Short-eareds reported from three locations. In Iowa, only 4 Long- eared Owls were reported from two locations and 8 Short-eareds from four locations. Six Northern Saw-whet Owls were seen in Iowa. The high count of Red-headed Woodpecker in Iowa was 26 in Clinton 18 Dec (KJM). On the C.B.C. at Horton-Four Rivers C.A., Vernon, MO, 521 Red-headed Woodpeckers were counted 17 Dec (MR, MGe, PMc). Merlin was reported from 10 counties in Iowa, including 2 columbarius and 4 richardsonii. In Missouri, Merlins were widespread, with nine reports, mostly singles, with one columbarius and one richardsonii mentioned. In Iowa, a Gyrfalcon was reported 3 km s. of Joice, Worth 1 Jan (PH). Seven Peregrine Falcons were reported in Iowa and one from Missouri. Only one Prairie Falcon was reported in Iowa, but there were 7 reported from Missouri. PASSERINES There were at least 28 reports of 32 total Northern Shrikes in Iowa, scattered over most of the state. Missouri had 9 individuals, 2 from the Ozarks, where they are still considered rare. There was only one report of Loggerhead Shrike in Iowa, but they were reported from 11 Missouri locales, with highest numbers in the sw. and se. corners. Three Black-billed Magpies were at Broken Kettle Grasslands, Plymouth, IA 13 Jan (GLV). A Blue-headed Vireo was found in Dunklin, MO 8 Feb (TJ). Three Fish Crows were in Cape Girardeau, MO 19 Feb (MH). Six Iowa reports of Red-breasted Nuthatch came from all areas of the state. In Missouri, they were not widespread or numerous. One of the season's highlights, a Townsend's Solitaire visited Young C.A., Jefferson, MO 2-10 Feb (JU); Iowa had one at Big Creek S.P., Polk 7 Dec–25 Jan (AB, JG, DTh, RLC, SJD). Ten reports of Hermit Thrush from Iowa (21 individuals) made a high number for the state in winter. A Varied Thrush attended a feeder in e. Boone, IA 15 Dec–28 Feb (SJD). Gray Catbird was reported three times in s. Missouri (DB, LH, AK) and twice in the north: in Jackson 27 Jan (JMo) and in Adair 14 Dec (PK). Five hundred Lapland Longspurs were at Brenton Feedlot, Dallas, IA 7 Feb (RLC); up to 2000 were at Columbia Bottom C.A., St. Louis, MO 9-15 Feb (JE, CM, JM, JU). In Missouri, 2 Snow Buntings were at Swan Lake N.W.R., Chariton 30 Dec (SK); the largest fock in Iowa was 225 in Boone 9 Feb (DCH). Two Orange-

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