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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 226 I o wa & m I s s o u r I (PL, CM, JM, BR, JU). Glaucous Gull was also found there, with 1-2 present 28 Dec–23 Feb (BJ, CM, JM), Away from the Mississippi River, a Glaucous was in Andrew, MO 12-14 Dec (BG, JH). Iowa had 7 Glaucous Gulls for the season. A Great Black-backed Gull was rare at Riverlands 4 Jan–23 Feb (PL, CM, JM, BR, JU); Iowa had a single at the Iowa River Power Dam, Iowa River, Coralville, Johnson 17-27 Feb (CRE, BC). An Inca Dove pair visited a residence in rural Buffalo, Dallas, MO 25 Dec–4 Jan, with one bird remaining until 5 Feb (CB, LHo, PH, GSa). Greater Roadrunners were reported at Turner's Mill, Greene, MO 9 Jan (AK) and at Springfeld, Greene, MO 20 Jan (CB); 3 were counted on the C.B.C. in Taney, MO 28 Dec (CB). A Barn Owl was reported from Douglas Branch C.A., Vernon, MO 17 Dec (CB); 2 were recorded on the C.B.C. at Clarence Cannon N.W.R., Pike, MO 27 Dec (BS); and another 2 were noted on the C.B.C. at Big Oak Tree S.P., Mississippi, MO 19 Dec (BE). Only two years after a major invasion in Missouri, Snowy Owl again made a good showing, with 5 reported: an imm. male at Long Branch Lake, Macon 18 Dec–24 Jan, later joined by a second bird (BJ, PMc); one on the Grand River C.B.C., Daviess 14 Dec (and present for two weeks thereafter) (SK); one at Smithville Lake, Clay 2 Dec (DWi); and one on the count at Confuence S.P., St. Charles, MO 1 Jan (RK); Iowa recorded 4, all at Cedar River, Linn 14 Dec (KJM). Single Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs arrived in Dunklin, MO 20 Feb (TJ). Eight Dunlins reached Dunklin, MO 23 Feb (TJ), quite early. Two Least Sandpipers were on the C.B.C. at Horton-Four Rivers C.A., Vernon, MO 17 Dec (MR). American Woodcocks were tardy compared to recent years, the frst nuptials being reported from Greene, MO 16 Feb (DC); a total of 11 came from Busch C.A., St. Charles, MO 21 Feb (CM, JM). Gull numbers were up, and it was reportedly a good gull winter for the frst time in several years along the Mississippi River, especially in the St. Louis area. There were 200-360 Bonaparte's Gulls at Red Rock Reservoir, Marion, IA 1-3 Dec (AB, RLC, SJD); only 20 remained there 7 Dec (AB). Riverlands had a single Bonaparte's 1 Jan (BS). An ad. Ross's Gull entertained birders at Red Rock Reservoir, Marion, IA 1-7 Dec (AB, JB, TMH, MP, RLC, SJD), and the juv. Little Gull continuing from fall was there 1-3 Dec (SJD, MP). This winter, only one Franklin's Gull was found at Saylorville Reservoir, Polk, IA, on 1 Dec (BE). Four thousand Ring-billed Gulls were at Red Rock Reservoir 7 Dec (AB); 2000+ were at Riverlands 18 Dec (PL). Four Thayer's Gulls were at Riverlands 23 Dec (CM, JM); there were eight reports from in Iowa, all single birds on the larger reservoirs and along the Mississippi River. Iceland Gull went unreported for a few winters in Missouri, but this season, 2 were at Riverlands 11 Jan (PL) and one there 22 Feb (BR). Iowa's frst Glaucous-winged Gull was found at Centennial Park, Davenport, Scott 7 Dec (RD, TS). Fifteen Lesser Black-backed Gulls were reported from Iowa, with the highest counts being 4 at Red Rock Reservoir 7-8 Dec (SJD, AB, JG) and 4 at Lock & Dam 19, Mississippi River, Lee 16 Dec (SJD); in Missouri, Lessers were encountered with some frequency at Riverlands, up to 2 birds 14 Dec–23 Feb Hills Fish Hatchery, Taney, MO 16 Feb (SK) was quite early for a returning migrant. In Iowa, high counts for Bald Eagle for the interior were lower this year, but totals were higher along the Mississippi River, with 1357 at Lock & Dam 13, Clinton 11 Jan (KJM) and 1023 in Louisa 13 Feb (KJM). Away from the Mississippi River, 157 were at Red Rock Reservoir, Marion 19 Jan (AB) and 116 in Polk 25 Jan (AB). In Missouri, Bald Eagle numbers were up this winter: 82 were counted in Clark 16 Dec (KJM, DJA), 109 at Swan Lake, N.W.R., Chariton 2 Dec (SK), and 197 on the C.B.C. at Clarence Cannon N.W.R., Pike 27 Dec (BS). Fourteen Northern Harriers were at Otter Slough C.A., Stoddard, MO 7 Jan (MH); only 4 were reported from Iowa in total. Red-shouldered Hawk seems to be continuing a long-term range expansion, with the highest totals being 6 on the C.B.C. at Busch C.A., St. Charles, MO 4 Jan (PL), 6 at Maintz C.A., Cape Girardeau, MO 16 Feb (MH), and 37 on the C.B.C. at Mingo N.W.R., Stoddard/ Wayne, MO 28 Dec (BE). Seven western Red-tailed Hawks (either dark-morph Western or Harlan's) were noted in Iowa; a documented Western (calurus) was reported on the C.B.C. at Busch C.A., St. Charles, MO 4 Jan (BR). A scarce Ferruginous Hawk was photographed in New Madrid, MO 27 Jan (MGr). Numbers of Rough-legged Hawk were near normal in Iowa, with 22 reports totaling 56 individuals (including 6 dark morphs). In Missouri, Rough-legged Hawk was widely reported, but contributors had varying opinions as to its relative abundance compared to previous years. They were encountered less often in the north (SK) and more often in e.-cen. Missouri (PL, BR, JU), and the sw. quadrant of the state held the highest numbers. Four reports of Golden Eagle were received in Missouri and six in Iowa. American Coots topped out at 18 at Saylorville Reservoir, Polk, IA 1-4 Dec (RLC), 32 at Red Rock Reservoir, Marion, IA 2 Dec (RLC), 30 at Winfeld Dan & Slough, Lincoln, MO 22 Feb (CM, JM), and 110 on the Trimble C.B.C., Clay, MO 28 Dec (KM). CRANES THROUGH FALCONS Up to 4 Sandhill Cranes were in Boone, MO 14-20 Dec (PMc, JB), and 15 were at Squaw Creek N.W.R., Holt, MO 3 Dec, with 10 still present 16 Dec and 2 remaining through the period (DW). Twenty- one American Golden-Plovers appeared record early on 22 Feb in Dunklin, MO (TJ). Killdeer were scarce: some of the most northerly reports were from C.B.C.s, with 2 on the Clarence Cannon N.W.R. count, Pike, MO 27 Dec (BS) and 3 This adult Peregrine Falcon wearing a satellite transmitter was photographed 20 January 2014 at Lock and Dam 19, Lee County, Iowa. It had been banded and equipped with transmitter in 2012 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore. This group of Gray Partridge was found 22 February 2014 in Hamilton County, Iowa. The species per- sists in small numbers throughout the northern half of the state. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore.

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