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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 221 I l l I n o I s & I n d I a n a Laramore, Steven L. Lima, Joshua Little, John C. Longhenry, Matt McKim-Louder, Eric Lun- dquist, Charlene Malone (CMa), Jim Malone (JMa), Karen K. Mansfeld, Kathy McClain, Jeffrey J. McCoy, Cynthia K. McKee, Keith A. McMullen, John Meredig, Marion Miller, Ste- phen Miller, Fran R. Morel, R. Mike Morton, D. James Mountjoy, Pete A. Moxon, Luis G. Munoz, Benjamin Murphy, Greg Neise, Land- on Neumann, Chris Newman, Adam Phelps, Sam Plew, Michael L.P. Retter, Phil J. Reyburn, Aidan Rominger, Jeremy Ross, Rhonda S. Ro- throck, Dave Russell, Jeffrey R. Sanders, Beau J. Schaefer, Brent Schindewolf, Beth Proctor Schnellenbrger, Scott Schuette, Trey Scott, Mark S. Seiffert, Adam Sell, Leland Shaum, Robert E. Shelby, Randy L. Shonkwiler, Jeffrey R.R. Skrentny, Nicholas Sly, Carole & Ryan Smith, Jeff A. Smith, Cortney Solum, Jim Spier (JSp), Steven G. Spitzer, M. Penny Starin, An- drew Steinmann (ASn), Doug Stemke (DoS), Lee W. Sterrenburg, Alan F. Stokie, Douglas F. Stotz, Anne Straight (ASt), Del Striegel, Joe Suchecki, Jeffrey O. Sundberg, Carl Swisher (CSw), Brian Taylor, Edward Tenner, Michael Topp, Ray Troyer, Robert Visconti, Patrick Ward, Vern W. Wilkins, Daniel T. Williams, Jr., Christine L. Williamson, Geoffrey A. Wil- liamson (Illinois), John Winebrenner, Mat- thew J. Winks, Brian Wulker, and Susan Zelek. The contributions of many other individuals who were not explicitly cited were critical to the preparation of this report. We thank them for their observations. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– James D. Hengeveld, 6354 southshore drive, Unionville, Indiana 47468, ( Keith A. McMullen, 1405 desoto, o'Fallon, Illinois 62269, ( Geofrey A. Williamson , 4046 north Clark street, Unit K, Chicago, Illinois 60613, ( Perry, IL 27 Dec (DA), one at Bluff Hall, Adams, IL 26 Jan (DJM, PJR), and an ad. at South Shore S.P., Carlyle 2-14 Feb (MSS, ph. DMK, KAM, ph. GH, m.ob.). On 16 Dec in Jasper, a male Rose-breasted Gros- beak attending a feeder supplied the third Dec re- cord for Indiana (BPS). On the 14 Dec Indiana Dunes C.B.C., Indiana's frst win- ter Bobolink was photo- graphed near Mich. City (ph. JJM et al.). There were several reports of Eastern Meadowlark from the n. tier, including a fock of 15 at Manhattan, Will, IL 29 Dec (ph. ASA). At Somerville Mine, Gibson, a calling Western Meadowlark 16 Feb (JDH) furnished Indiana's fourteenth winter record. Single imm. Baltimore Orioles came to feeders in Wilmette, Cook, IL 6 Dec (ph. ET) and in Al- len, IN 15 & 19 Dec and 2 Jan (C&RS, JAH et al.), providing very rare winter records. Winter fnches were virtually non-existent in the Region. Indiana had 47 Purple Finches and 9 Pine Siskins in total, and among the few Pine Siskin reports from Illinois, all referenced just one or 2 individuals except for one report of 4 birds. No redpolls or crossbills were reported. Contributors (subregional editors in bold- face): Danny Akers, Andrew S. Aldrich, David K. Antieau, Amar A. Ayyash, Steven D. Bailey, Jonathan Bauer, Stephen D. Bell (SDBe), Frank K. Bennett, Ron Bradley, Ivan R. Beyeler, H. David Bohlen, Gary & Lisa Bowman, Kenneth J. Brock (Indiana), Michael R. Brown, Jeff Bryant (JBr), Samuel B. Burckhardt, William H. Buskirk, Jim H. Campbell, Nat Carmichael, John K. Cassady, John S. Castrale, Gordon L. Chastain, Mike Clarke, Dan Collins, Zach Cravens, Dave & Sally Crouch, Matthew M. Cvetas, Bob Decker, Richard J. DeCoster, Colin Dobson, Steve Doud, Joshua I. Engel, M. Scott Enochs, Scott R. Evans, Brad Feaster, Robert E. Fisher, Matthew E. Fraker, Tyler D. Funk, Don Gorney, Brendan J. Grube, Aaron Gyllen- haal, Ethan Gyllenhaal, Matthew Hale (MHa), Heath D. Hamilton, P. D. Ryan Hamilton, Roger P. Hangarter, C. Leroy Harrison, James A. Haw, Glen Hawley, James D. Hengeveld, Susan E. Hengeveld, Bill Holladay, Dustin Holschuh, Wes Homoya, Robert D. Hughes, David B. Johnson, Matt Kalwasinski, Dan M. Kassebaum, Amy Kearns, Noah Kearns, John C. Kendall, Maarten van Kleinwee, Lawrence J. Krutulis, Greg S. Lambeth, Gary Langell, Rich a nut feeder in Jackson, IL 4 Feb (RSR). There were six records of Pine Warbler from s. Illinois C.B.C. efforts, and 3 Pine Warblers were seen in sw. Brown, IN 14 Dec (LWS, KM, BH, TS), with another at Sugar Ridge F.W.A., Pike, IN 24 Jan (JR). A Pine Warbler visiting a Jackson, IL feeder 8-9 Feb (RSR) was likely an overwinter- ing bird or an early spring migrant, as was one coming to a feeder in Morgan, IL 25 Feb (PW). An Audubon's Warbler was seen multiple times between 7 Dec and 22 Jan at a Mitchell, Law- rence, IN residence (ph. AK, NK et al.). SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES On the inaugural Cass County C.B.C., a male Spotted Towhee was found along River Bluff Trail, Logansport 19 Dec (LN), furnishing In- diana's twelfth record. In Illinois, a Spotted Towhee was at Sangchris Lake S.P., Sangamon 24 Dec (HDB), a female that was discovered in South Jacksonville, Morgan, IL 29 Dec (ZC) re- mained through 1 Jan (ph. CD), and one was at Wolf Creek S.P., Shelby 4 Jan (GSL, ph. TDF, m.ob.). A Chipping Sparrow was in South Jack- sonville, Morgan, IL 1 Jan (ph. CD), one was seen at a feeder near downtown Indianapolis 7 Jan (GLC), and 2 were at a ne. Indianapolis residence 9 Jan (DG). In Illinois, a single Ves- per Sparrow was in Stephenson 14 Dec (DBJ), 3 were seen on the Rockford C.B.C. and one on the Union County C.B.C., and another was in Whiteside 12 Feb (DH). More Savannah Spar- rows than usual were observed in the early part of the winter in the n. tier, including one at Greene Valley F.P., DuPage, IL 15 Dec (†REF et al.), 4 at Montrose 22 Dec (ph. GAW) with one still there 1 Jan (JIE), one at Loyola Park in Chicago 31 Dec (ph. SGS), and 2 in Kane, IL 26 Dec (ph. MM). A Le Conte's Sparrow was noted at the Bailey Wetlands, Wayne, IL 16 Dec (CLH); 2 were at Meredosia N.W.R., Morgan, IL 17 Dec (MM-L), and another was at Prai- rie Ridge S.N.A., Jasper, IL 23 Dec (CLH). Two other Illinois C.B.C.s reported Le Conte's Spar- row: Crab Orchard N.W.R. 22 Dec and Cypress Creek 16 Dec. At Goose Pond, a Le Conte's Sparrow found on the 18 Dec C.B.C. (ph. SDBe, LWS, KM) was re-found there 17 Feb (LWS, KM). Among 7 Lincoln's Sparrows re- ported on Illinois C.B.C.s was one in Winnebago 14 Dec (DTW). A wintering Lincoln's Sparrow at the e. end of Lake Lemon, Brown 5 Jan (JDH, SEH), provided the third Jan record in the past fve years for Indiana. Other Lincoln's Spar- rows included one in an Evanston, Cook, IL backyard 10 Jan (RJD) and one at Ramsey Lake S.P., Fayette, IL 9 Feb (RL). Harris's Sparrows included one on the Vanderburgh County, IN C.B.C. 14 Dec (CN, BT) that lingered through 2 Feb (JM), another at a LaGrange, IN feeder 12 Dec–early Jan (SM, SP, JAH et al.), one in Despite the severe winter, a number of warblers stayed late into the winter or attempted to overwinter, including this adult male Cape May Warbler that was on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington 3 January 2014. Photograph by Vern W. Wilkins.

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