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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 216 thy. Uncommon Great Black-backed Gulls were on the Cincinnati riverfront 13 Feb (one; Tyler Ficker), in Clermont, OH 16 Feb (2; Jonathan Frodge), in Wetzel, WV 17 Feb (3; Mike Resch), in Ohio, WV 15 Feb (2; Derek Courtney), and in Jefferson, OH 15 Feb (2; Terry Bronson et al.). A similar mid-Feb push of Lesser Black-backed Gulls reached the Ohio River, with singles on the Cincinnati riverfront 18 Feb (William Hull), in Clermont, OH 16 Feb (fde Brian Wulker), at Hannibal Dam, Wetzel, WV 17 Feb (ph. Mike Resch), and at Pike Island Dam, Ohio, WV 17 Feb (Gary Bush). Among an unprecedented number in ne. Ohio away from Lake Erie, the highest count was 12 near Waynesburg, Stark 15 Feb (The Bobolink). Lingering Rufous Hummingbirds were largely distributed e. of the Alleghenies. West- ern birds visited feeders in North Royalton, Cuyahoga through 8 Dec (fde Great Lakes HummerNet), Westerville, Delaware through 14 Dec (fde Allen Chartier), near Pittsburg, Al- legheny, PA 9 Dec–3 Jan (Scott Kinzey et al.), and at Edinboro Lake, Erie, PA 16 Dec (Su- zanne Winterberger). Southeastern Pennsylva- nia was populated with individuals into Dec in Montgomery (August Mirabella), Franklin (Bill Frantz), Northumberland (Catherine Hastings), Schuylkill (ph. Jonathan DeBalko), Lehigh (Bill Etter), Northampton (Kathleen Pruzniak), and Lancaster (Eric Witmer). Two persisted into Jan in Centre 1 Jan (ph. Carl Engstrom) and through 7 Jan in Berks (ph. Ken Lebo, Scott Weidensaul, ph. Christopher Bortz). The celebrated Prairie Falcon of w. Cumberland was seen for its eighth consecutive winter 2-22 Feb after being absent since mid-Nov (Andrew Markel, m.ob.). PASSERINES Ohio Eastern Phoebes wintering well n. of their usual range included singles at Columbus 26 Jan (Joshua Bailey), in Licking 20 Jan (Margaret Bowman), at Mohican S.P., Ashland 6 Jan (fde Gary Cowell), ne. of Baltic, Tuscarawas 21 Jan (EMM), and at Benton, Holmes 4 Feb (Robert Herschberger). Infrequently encountered in sw. Ohio, a Northern Shrike was at Englewood Me- tropark, Montgomery 15 Dec (Eric Elvert, Chris Zacharias, m.ob.). Rare for Ohio, 2 Northern Rough-winged Swallows appeared at Lebanon W.T.P., Warren 30 Dec–2 Jan (John Habig). An outlier fock of Northern Rough-wingeds again wintered at Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant in Philadelphia, PA, decreasing from 100 birds on 7 Dec to 5 on 8 Feb (m.ob.). A Tree Swallow joined the fock at this location until 8 Feb, marking a very rare wintering event for the species in Pennsylvania. The 10 Tree Swal- lows on the shore of Lake Erie at Maumee Bay S.P., Lucas, OH 30 Dec (Greg Links) is among the largest mid-winter counts for Ohio. Two re- was to take up residence in Cleveland in subse- quent weeks. A Parasitic Jaeger was notable on the late date of 2 Dec at Gull Point, Presque Isle S.P., Erie, PA (Sam Stull). A Black-legged Kitti- wake wintering along the Cleveland lakefront 1-30 Jan (Jen Brumfeld, ph. Donna Owen, ph. Andy Jones, Paul Sherwood, m.ob.) afforded many close studies; most kittiwakes put in only brief appearances on the Great Lakes. Excep- tional away from Lake Erie, a kittiwake was at Antrim Park, Columbus, OH 4-10 Jan (ph. Carl Winstead, ph. Jen Moore, Gene Stauffer, m.ob.). Up to 2 Little Gulls were along the Cleveland lakefront 1 Dec–3 Jan (Jen Brumfeld, m.ob.). A frst-cycle Black-headed Gull was at the Colum- bus Trash Transfer Station, Philadelphia, PA 17 Jan (Todd Fellenbaum, Martin Dellwo, GLA). An apparent Black-headed Gull x Ring-billed Gull hybrid was along the Delaware River Trail, Philadelphia, PA 12 Jan—the second year in a row that George Armistead has found this bird there. An above-average number of Thayer's Gulls was reported in Ohio away from Lake Erie. An individual along the Maumee River vis- ited dams in Defance, OH 18 & 25 Jan (Scott Meyers). Another was at Findlay Reservoir, Han- cock, OH 6 Dec (Robert Sams, Jeff Loughman), and one was was in Stark, OH 20 Feb (Kent Miller) for a frst county record. The Lake Erie basin and the interior of Ohio had record-high numbers of white-winged gulls. The Cuyahoga River, opposite downtown Cleveland, attracted up to 7 Iceland Gulls 15 Feb (Jen Brumfeld, m.ob.). Inland, 3 were along the Maumee River at Independence Dam, Defance, OH 23 Jan (Scott Meyers). Multiple sightings of singles at four separate locations in Franklin, OH 19 Jan– 28 Feb (ph. Paul Hurtado, ph. Irina Shulgina, ph. Alex Champagne, m.ob.) likely involved more than one bird. One at Lost Creek Reser- voir 29 Dec (Rick Asamoto) was a frst for Allen, OH. The fight extended to the Ohio River in West Virginia, where one was at New Martins- ville, Wetzel 31 Jan and 14 Feb (Wilma Jarrell), with another in Mason 1 Feb (ph. David Patick); the species is quite rare in the state. A similar picture developed for Glaucous Gulls, though none reached the Ohio River below Pittsburg. Lake Erie concentrations were led by an aston- ishing 43 at the Avon Lake power plant 12 Feb (David Weaver). At least 10 spilled over into the interior of Ohio s. to Dayton 16-19 Dec (Eric Elvert, ph. Jason Sullivan) and 5-8 Jan (Rick Asamoto, ph. Christopher Collins, m.ob.) and Franklin 23-28 Jan (ph. Paul Hurtado). A Her- ring Gull x Glaucous Gull hybrid in Stark, OH 3 Feb (ph. Kent Miller) was a rarity away from Lake Erie. Herring Gull x Great Black-backed Gull, recorded annually along Lake Erie, is rarely reported from the islands, so one on Kel- leys Island 6 Dec (Tom Bartlett) was notewor- fatal mistake for many coots, as the early Feb polar vortex decimated focks, with dozens of carcasses littering the ice foes of the Central Basin thereafter. The fall Sandhill Crane fight through w. Ohio was fat, with few migrant focks, as birds were slow to move through the Region. Up to 44 remained along Bonanni Rd., Lawrence, PA 22 Jan (Richard Nugent et al.), while 63 could be found at Killbuck Marsh, Holmes, OH 9 Jan (Dan Gesauldo). Unique along the Allegheny Front in West Virginia, one crane wintered at Moorefeld, Hardy 17 Jan–24 Feb (Terry Bronson, Diane Holsinger, m.ob.). The massive spring fight was thus all the more surprising: in sw. Ohio, some 187 staged at the Old Highland stone gravel pits, Highland 16 Feb (Bill Stanley), a count without precedent. Mid-winter Killdeer lingered as singles along the s. shore of Lake Erie in Ottawa, OH 5 Jan (Chris Pierce), Erie 4 Jan (David Lumpkin), and Cuyahoga 12 Jan (Philip Chaon). A Greater Yellowlegs was notable for winter at Peach Bot- tom, Lancaster, PA 6 Jan (BS). Early Lesser Yel- lowlegs appeared at Philadelphia International Airport 24 Feb (Brian Byrnes) and near West Lebanon, Wayne, OH 22 Feb (The Bobolink). A Dunlin at Tygart Lake, Taylor 3-6 Jan (ph. Joe Hildreth, Mike Slaven) was unique for the West Virginia highlands. A lone Least Sandpiper re- mained at Ottawa N.W.R. 1 Dec (Donna Kuhn et al.), but a truly rare mid-winter Least at the Pymatuning Fish Hatchery, Crawford, PA 1-5 Jan (Isaac Field, Ronald F. Leberman, ph. To- mas Nonnenmacher, m.ob.) was a surprise. The most notable shorebird for the season was clearly the Marbled Godwit at Duck Hollow, Allegheny, PA 20-21 Dec (Jack & Sue Solo- mon)—providing not only the latest date for Pennsylvania but also a frst county record. A Baird's Sandpiper tarried at West Branch S.P., Portage, OH 8 Dec (Larry Rosche, m.ob.); a late Sanderling was at Conneaut, Ashtabula, OH 10 Dec (John Pogacnik). Purple Sandpipers rarely linger through midwinter on Lake Erie, so one on the Cleveland lakefront 4-7 Feb (ph. Rich & Karen Kassouf, ph. Tom Frankel, Ben Warner, m.ob.) and another at Presque Isle, Erie, PA 9-10 Feb (ph. Jason Fidorra, ph. Mark Moore, Geoff Malosh, m.ob.) were good fnds. Mid-winter Wilson's Snipe were n. to Mosquito Lake, Trumbull, OH 9-10 Jan (Don Keffer), in Hancock, OH 13 Jan (Jeff Loughman), and in Richland, OH 20 Jan (2; John Herman). Ameri- can Woodcocks apparently wintering n. of the normal range included singles at two Clermont, OH locations 1 & 4 Jan (Kevin Mahoney, Bill Stanley) and at Walnut Springs, Centre, PA 12 Jan (Matthew Rockmore). An exceptional late-season appearance by a Pomarine Jaeger off Avon Lake, Lorain, OH 28 Feb (Tim Jasinski) likely involved a bird that E a s t E r n H i g H l a n d s & U p p E r O H i O r i v E r va l l E y

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