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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 210 F lo r i d a chard Oriole, perhaps an early migrant, vis- ited Leesburg 24 Jan–1 Feb (ph. LS). The total of 3 Bullock's Orioles was about average for the season; lone after-second-year males were at Gainesville 4 Jan+ (ph. Ted & Steve Good- man) and Walnut Hill 20 Jan (L&RAD), with a frst-year male at Tallahassee 16 Jan (ph. JC). Single Pine Siskins were at Valrico 2 Jan–16 Feb (ph. StB), Gainesville 19 Jan–9 Feb (Earl Scales et al.), and Homosassa 5 & 16 Feb (K&KB). A Tricolored Munia photographed at Garden Key, Dry Tortugas N.P., Monroe 17- 18 Dec and 10 Jan (Judd Patterson et al.) was a likely vagrant from the Cuban population; this is the fourth record from the Tortugas, and the F.O.S.R.C. has accepted these birds as probable natural vagrants and has added the species to the offcial Florida list. Contributors (and members of the Florida Ornithological Society Field Observations Committee, in boldface): Brian Ahern (BAh), Bruce H. Anderson, Steve Backes (StB), Mark Berney (MBe), Bill & Sonia Boeringer (BBo), John H. Boyd, Kevin & Karen Brabble, Bill & Greta Bremser, Michael Brothers (MBr), Cecil Brown CBr), Mark Burns (MBu), Corey Callaghan (CoC), Brenda & Jerry Callaway (BrC), Jim Cavanagh, Cameron Cox (CaC), Kevin Daily (KDi), Gary Davis (GDa), Lloyd Davis (LlD), Gail Deterra (GDe), Robin Diaz (RoD), Lucy & Robert A. Duncan, Jim Eager, Margaret England, Charlie Ewell, Cole Fred- ericks, David Gagne (DGa), Murray Gardler, Dave Goodwin (DGo), Frank Goodwin, Al & Bev Hansen, Alex Harper (AxH), Mitch- ell Harris (MiH), John Hintermister (JoH), Harry Hooper, Alice Horst (AlH), Les Kelly, Tom & Sally King, Andy Kratter (AKr), Jerry Krummrich (JKr), Ed Kwater, Patrick & Do- ris Leary (PaL), Janet Leavens, Lorne Malo (LMa), Mike Manetz, Larry Manfredi (LaM), Jonathan Mays (JMy), Vince McGrath, Paul Miller (PaM), Don Morrow (DMo), John Murphy (JMu), Chris Newton, Earl Orf, Matt O'Sullivan, Jose Padilla-Lopez, Bill Phelan (BPh), Eric Plage, Bill Pranty (BPr), Bruce Purdy (BrP), Diane Reed (DiR), Dotty Robbins (DoR), Harry Robinson, Tom Rodriguez, Rex Rowan, Carlos Sanchez, Rick Schofeld (RSc), Elliot Schunke, David Simpson (DaS), Ron Smith (RoS), Leann Streeper, Malcolm Swan, Tara Tanaka, Russ Titus (RuT), Roberto Torres (RoT), Ken Tracey, Graham Williams, Andy Wraithmell. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Bruce H. Anderson, 2917 Scarlet road, Winter Park, Florida 32792, ( Michael Brothers, Marine Science Center, 100 lighthouse drive, Ponce inlet, Florida 32127, ( Alachua were discovered in midwinter ((FG, DGa et al.). This year's Lazuli Bunting was a male found s. of Teague Hammock Preserve 28 Feb (ph. Hart Rufe, Nancy & Bill LaFram- boise et al.), the second St. Lucie record. Very rare in winter anywhere in n. Florida, single Indigo Buntings were found at Pensacola 5 Jan (ph. Vaughan Hedrick) and Tallahassee 9 Jan (Fran Rutkovsky, ph. JC), while single Painted Buntings were far n. at Gulf Breeze 9 Jan–1 Feb (L&RAD) and at Tallahassee 13 Jan (ph. TT); as many as 16 were counted in Alachua throughout the season (Charmie Miller, LlD et al.). Six reports of as many Dickcissels were at scattered locations in the cen. and s. peninsula throughout the season (DGa et al., ph. JoAnna Clayton, CS, L&RAD, ph. VM). Recently, Western Meadowlarks have been reported annually in the panhandle; one was identifed by voice only at Walnut Hill 9 Dec (L&RAD, CBr) and remains un- der consideration by the F.O.S.R.C. A fock of as many as 16 Yellow-headed Blackbirds frequented Sem-Chi Rice Mill, Palm Beach 5 Jan–9 Feb (CoC et al.), while up to 3 were recorded at Lake Apopka 20 Dec–5 Feb (HR) and 2 at Westbury Ranch, Highlands 30 Dec (DGo). Euphagus blackbirds put on a good showing, with up to 20 Rusty Blackbirds at Magnolia Park, Alachua 1 Dec–24 Feb (MM et al.), 50 at St. Marks N.W.R. 31 Dec–18 Jan (JC), one at Tallahassee 25 Jan (ph. TT), and 30 at Baker, Okaloosa 8-10 Feb (BrP, L&RAD). Brewer's Blackbirds are casual in the peninsula in winter; singles were identi- fed at Lake Apopka 6 Dec (male) and 12 Jan (female; HR), at Leesburg, Lake 4 Feb (ph. LS), and at Bayport and Jenkins Creek Parks, Hernando, where one wintered (ph. BPr, Eva Dupuis). For a second consecutive year, a pale-eyed male Boat-tailed Grackle, typical of the subspecies found n. of the St. Johns River, torreyi, was found at Ponce de Leon In- let (ph. MBr). Another pale-eyed Boat-tailed, a female, was photographed on the Gulf coast at Bayport Park and Linda Pedersen Park 9-22 Dec (ph. BPr et al.); Boat-taileds along the n. Gulf coast tend to have eyes paler than those found in the Florida peninsula. The only Shiny Cowbirds reported were singles at Flamingo, Everglades N.P. 13 Jan (ph. MBe) and Dump Marsh, Miami-Dade 18 Jan (Tedor Whitman). Away from Broward and Miami- Dade, where Bronzed Cowbird is an estab- lished breeder, as many as 2 remained at Cel- ery Fields Park from fall through 14 Jan (Jeff Fisher et al.); loners were reported at Carra- belle Beach, Franklin 16 Dec (Cheryl Griffn), Scarborough Ranch, Highlands 30 Dec (DGo), and Okeechobee, Okeechobee 19 Jan (CF, Bob Snow), where breeding is suspected. An Or- the remainder scattered throughout the pen- insula, with 2 at Paynes Prairie 29 Dec–29 Jan (MM et al.). Clay-colored Sparrows were few, with seven reports of single birds from the n. and cen. peninsula (StB, HR, K&KB, L&RAD, CBr, LlD, JKr, HH). Lark Sparrows were scat- tered throughout the state at Pensacola 14 Dec (Peggy Baker), Wakulla Springs S.P., Wakulla 14 Feb (Sam Fried), Pasco 3 Dec+ (DGa et al.), and Pinellas County Landfll 13 Jan–19 Feb (ph. MBu), plus 2 in Hendry 29 Jan (VM et al.). Le Conte's Sparrows were scarce; singles were at St. Marks N.W.R. 26 Jan (ES) and Mul- let Lake Park, Seminole 14 Feb (ph. Scott Sim- mons), with 2 at Weekiwachee Preserve 11 Jan–1 Feb (DGa et al.). Rarely detected inland, and mostly during fall migration, a Nelson's Sparrow was photographed at Lakeland 21 Dec (CF). Saltmarsh Sparrows regularly win- ter s. to the Florida coast, and a few cross the n. peninsula to winter on the Gulf coast. A Saltmarsh Sparrow was banded at Shell Key Preserve, Pinellas 16 Feb (Lauren Deaner et al.); one was identifed at Fort Island Beach, Citrus 6 Dec (K&KB); 3 wintered at Fort De Soto Park (EP); 2 were at Cockroach Bay Pre- serve, Hillsborough 17 Jan–2 Feb (ph. Ken Al- len et al.); up to 4 wintered at Bunch Beach Preserve (ph. JPL, CE et al.); and 4 were found on the coastal prairie near Flamingo, Ever- glades N.P. 10 Jan (ph. RoT, LaM). Fox Spar- rows are rarely found s. of Alachua, where two reports of singles were 12 Dec (AKr) and 9-30 Jan (Chris Burney). Casual in the s. peninsula, Song Sparrows were in Miami-Dade at C-357 Fields 19 Dec (RoD) and the Chekika Unit, Everglades N.P. 15 Jan, where a lone White- crowned Sparrow was found on the same date (CS). Dark-eyed Juncos were particularly scarce, with up to 3 at Tallahassee 13 Dec and 6 Jan (BPh, Rodney Cassidy) and only one at Jacksonville 9-12 Feb (Richard Conklin). Only a decade ago, it was unusual to fnd Summer Tanagers in n. Florida and the cen. peninsula in winter, but they are now regular in both regions. Western Tanager is increas- ing in numbers in winter. This season, there were no fewer than ten reports of as many in- dividual Westerns from Leon at Tallahassee 8 Jan (Tom Loyless, ph. ES) and Duval at Cedar Point 28 Dec (KDi) s. to Miami-Dade at Frog Pond W.M.A. 9 Dec (ph. LaM et al.). Rose- breasted Grosbeak is another species now an- nual in winter; singles were identifed at Frog Pond W.M.A. 8 Dec (LaM et al.), Lake Park, Palm Beach 25-26 Dec (ph. Carolyn Kline, So- nia Bollinger), and Vero Beach, Indian River all season (Billi Wagner). A Blue Grosbeak was late in the panhandle at Okaloosa S.T.F. 16 Dec (L&RAD), while 2 in the n. peninsula in

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