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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 209 Florida and very early at Card Sound Rd., Miami-Dade 20 Jan (JE) and Blue Spring S.P., Volusia 26 Jan (Daniel Young); a Northern Waterthrush at St. Marks N.W.R. 14 Jan (EO, JMu); single Blue- winged Warblers at Frog Pond W.M.A. 9-12 Dec (ph. LaM et al.) and Eco Pond, Everglades N.P., Monroe 13 Jan (MBe); single Tennessee Warblers at Silver Glen Springs, Marion 23 Jan (Tracee Geernaert, David Fraser), e. of the St. Johns River bridge on S.R. 46, Seminole 21 Dec (Dan Click), and at El Portal, Miami-Dade 14 Dec (Stephen Paez), with 2 at Easterlin Park, Broward 7 Dec (John Hutchison, RuT); single Nashville Warblers at Possum Branch Preserve, Pinellas through 23 Feb (Jim Wells, ph. Melissa James et al.), at Lightsey Ranch, Highlands 30 Dec (M. Shane Pruitt), at A. D. "Doug" Barnes Park all season (CS), at Frog Pond W.M.A. 9 Dec (ph. LaM et al.), and at Airport Lakes Park, Orlando 22 Jan (TR); a MacGillivray's Warbler, now almost annual in the state, at Riverbend Park 28 Feb (Chuck Weber, ph. CoC), for the second Palm Beach record; single Northern Parulas at Fountain of Youth, St. Johns 30 Dec (Diana Doyle) and at St. Marks N.W.R. 14 Jan (JMu, EO); a Magno- lia Warbler in Pasco 26 Dec (Dave Bowman); late single Blackpoll Warblers at A. D. "Doug" Barnes Park 2 Dec (BBO) and Easterlin Park 6 Dec (RuT); an Audubon's Warbler at County Line Ditch Rd., Volusia 14 Dec (ph. MBr); sin- gle Prairie Warblers at Cedar Point, Duval 28 Dec (Thomas Rohtsalu) and in n. Escambia 22 Feb (Daniel Stangeland); a male Townsend's Warbler at Frog Pond W.M.A. 8-15 Dec (ph. Angel & Mariel Abreu et al.); and a Black- throated Green Warbler at St. Marks N.W.R. 14 Dec (Robert Lengacher, HH). There were at least ten reports totaling 12 Wilson's War- blers, including 2 in the big bend at Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, Leon 1 Jan (ph. ES) and tailed was discovered in the panhandle, where the species is casual in winter, in Okaloosa 4 Jan (MS). The only Bell's Vireo was reported at Frog Pond W.M.A. 15 Feb (RoD). Three Horned Larks were found in a new area near Mayo, Lafayette 15-17 Feb (TR, DoR), not far from the Jackson location where the species is resi- dent. A Purple Martin lingered at Matheson Hammock Park 8 Dec+ (CS, ph. Dan Smyth), while a female appeared at Jay B. Starkey Park, Pasco 29 Dec (DGa, Tim Kalbach). Careful observations and a diagnostic photograph of the bird in fight at Coastal Prairie Trail, Ever- glades N.P., Monroe 10 & 12-15 Jan (ph. Sam Galick, GDa, Tom Johnson) ultimately added Violet-green Swallow to the Florida list. Al- though very rare, Bank Swallows are almost annual in winter; 6 were counted at Coastal Prairie Trail, Everglades N.P. 10 Jan (LaM). Away from the species' Miami-Dade breeding colonies, single Cave Swallows, most identi- fed as southwestern pallida, were reported at Destin 16 Dec (B&JC) and at St. Marks N.W.R. 24 Jan (MBe), with 3 tallied at Alliga- tor Point, Franklin 22 Jan (MBe, ph. JMu). Af- ter the Red-breasted Nuthatch invasion winter 2012-2013, it was interesting that there was only one report of the species this season, at Gainesville all winter (Steve Zoellner et al.). Lone Golden-crowned Kinglets were observed s. to Lower Wekiva Preserve S.P., Seminole 14 Dec (LMa) and Lake Apopka 30 Dec (HR). A Winter Wren remained at Gainesville, the ap- parent regular s. limit of this species' winter range in Florida, 16-23 Feb (JMy). Casual in winter, single Wood Thrushes were located at Taminco Sanctuary 30 Dec (LK) and Torreya S.P., Liberty 24 Jan (ph. MBe), the latter pro- viding Florida's second winter record. Three Sprague's Pipits remained at their regular winter location at Apalachicola, Franklin from fall through 7 Feb (JMu et al.). Unexpected were single Lapland Longspurs at the Wright Compost Facility, Okaloosa 5 Dec (Sam Tag- atz), Pinellas County Landfll 14-16 Dec (ph. John Mangold, DGo), and Fort Pickens, Gulf Islands N.S. 26 Jan (L&RAD et al.), while up to 2 frequented Okaloosa S.T.F. 5 Dec–5 Jan (L&RAD, ph. Bob Wallace et al.). Not in com- pany of longspurs were 3 Snow Buntings at Huguenot Memorial Park 13 Dec+ (ph. PaL), with a single at St. Andrews S.P., Bay 8-22 Feb (ph. Nancy Cobb). At least 25 warbler species were reported. Noteworthy were a Worm-eating Warbler at Elaine Gordon Enchanted Forest, Miami-Dade 4 Dec–23 Jan (AxH); single Louisiana Water- thrushes very late at Corkscrew Swamp Sanc- tuary, Collier 12 Dec (Orlando Hidalgo) and Greynolds Park, Miami-Dade 14 Dec (JHB), An imm. Red-headed Woodpecker was un- expected on a barrier island at Tierra Verde, Pinellas 28 Feb (Tom & Linsay Bell), as was a Crested Caracara far s. at South Dade Landfll 30 Dec–2 Jan (ph. LaM). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH FINCHES Least Flycatchers were widespread in the pen- insula in higher numbers than normal, with one or 2 reported from Alachua (FG, Matt Bruce et al., RR, Matt O'Sullivan), Miami-Dade (AxH et al., CS), and Sarasota (ph. Claire Her- zog et al.); at Lake Apopka, at least 5 over- wintered (HR). After several winters with Say's Phoebes in various locations throughout the state, only one was reported this season, one that wintered along Four Mile Grade Rd., DeSoto (DoR, CF et al.). Lone Vermilion Fly- catchers were widespread from the big bend to the cen. peninsula, with two reports com- ing from the big bend (Stephanie Parker, ph. JMu et al., DMo) and the remainder from the peninsula at Cumorah Hill, Columbia (JKr), Paynes Prairie (ph. JMy et al.), Lake Apopka (HR), Orlando Wetlands Park (JL et al.), and near Indiantown, Martin (ph. Kern Cun- ningham). Up to 9 Ash-throated Flycatchers wintered at Lake Apopka (HR), while at least one was at Paynes Prairie 15 Dec and 14 Feb (Dalcio Dacol, JoH et al.). Other Ash-throateds were identifed in Volusia 4 Jan (LMa), Brevard 19 Jan (JE), Lake 3 Jan (Sam Benedetto, Ryan Lesh), Pasco 11 (KT) & 3-9 Dec (DGa), Cit- rus 18 Jan (KB), and St. Lucie 1 Feb (Brian Webster). Up to 5 Brown-crested Flycatchers gathered at C-111E Canal, Miami-Dade 21 Feb+ (CS et al.), while another frequented a regular wintering area at nearby Frog Pond W.M.A. 1 Dec–8 Jan (BBo et al.). In Palm Beach, a Brown-crested was identifed 28 Jan (CoC). Single La Sagra's Flycatchers were pres- ent at Matheson Hammock Park, Miami-Dade 8 Dec+ (CS, m.ob.) and Spanish River Park, Palm Beach 29 Jan (CoC). For the third con- secutive year, a Tropical Kingbird and a Gray Kingbird wintered at S.T.A.-5, while 2 Cassin's Kingbirds wintered at nearby Deer Fence Ca- nal Rd. (ME et al.), where at least one Cassin's has wintered annually for about a decade. A silent Tropical/Couch's was found 22 Dec in Miami-Dade on U.S. 441 (David Bernstein et al.), and a Cassin's returned in fall 2013 to remain throughout a second winter near Bunnell, Flagler (MBr, m.ob.). Five Western Kingbirds paused far n. at Mayport, Duval 13 Dec–5 Jan (Donald Pridgeon), with one at St. Augustine, St. Johns 30 Dec (DiR). At Ocala, Marion, 2 Western Kingbirds and up to 3 Scis- sor-tailed Flycatchers were counted 29 Dec–4 Feb, the northernmost known kingbird roost in the peninsula (Fred Hileman). A Scissor- Careful observations of a group of swallows at Coastal Prairie Trail, Everglades National Park, Monroe County 10 January 2014 ultimately added this Violet-green Swallow to the Florida list. Photograph by Tom Johnson.

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