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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 205 S o u t h e r n At l A n t i c excellent local count. Red Crossbills were reported from the mountains of North Carolina: 4 in the parking area of the Cata- loochee Ski Area, Haywood 26 Jan (WF, RSe) and 36 on Roan Mountain, Mitch- ell 25 Feb (RK). Contributors: Jamie Ad- ams, Lee Adams, Derek Aldrich, Dale Babcock, Ryan Bakelaar, Dick Bar- more, Giff Beaton, Sandy Beasley, Kent Bedenbaugh, Thierry Besançon, Chan- dra Biggerstaff, Lucas Bo- bay, Brian Bockahn, Toni Bowen (TBo), Lewis Burke (LBu), Steve Calver, Rich- ard Candler, Derb Carter, Walt Chambers, Wayne Cioff (WCi), Jeff Click, Steve Compton (SCo), El- lie Covington, Ricky Davis, Kevin DeBoer, Nathan Farnau, Jack Fennell (JFe), Nick & Elisa Flanders, Jim Flynn (JF), Dennis Forsythe, Wayne Forsythe, John Fussell (JFu), Nathan Gatto, Clay George, Aaron Given, Lex Glover (LGl), Gilbert Grant, Larry Gridley, Hank Griffn, Eric Harrold, Teresa Hartz, Richard Hays, Chris Hill, Lo- ren Hintz, Bob Holmes, Joy Hosier, Daniel Hueholt, Jason Hunnicutt (JHu), John Jen- sen, Andrew Johnson, Tim Keyes, JoAnn King, Rick Knight, Rosemary Kramer (RKr), Pete Laurie, Ann Maddock, Dwayne Martin, Keith McCullough (KMc), Guy McGrane, Patty McLean, Joel McNeal, Kevin Metcalf, Neal Moore, Pat Moore, Bonnie Mueller, Nora Murdock (NMu), Sam Murray, Char- lie Muse, Lori Owenby, Brian Patteson, Greg Perry, Taylor Piephoff, Jeff Pippen, Irving Pitts, Jesse Pope (JPo), R. Bruce Richard- son, Don Rote, Robert Sattelmeyer, Wayne Schaffner, Todd Schneider, Ron Selvey (RSe), Jeff Sewell (JSe), Ann Shahid, Marvin Smith, Cherrie Sneed, Penny Soares, Luis Suau, Josh Southern, Paul Sykes (PSy), Karen The- odoru, Ben Thesing, Don Thompson, Mike Turner, Nick Van Lanen, Brian Walsh, Jason Ward, Linda Ward, Russ Wigh, Scott Win - ston, Chris Wood, David Wright. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Robert Sattelmeyer, 1158 east Peachtree Street, St. Simons island, Georgia 31522, ( Richard Hall, odum School of ecology, 140 east Green Street, Athens, Georgia 30602, ( Josh Southern, 4100-A reavis road, raleigh, north carolina 27606, ( Rd., Lee, GA 26 Jan (TH, PM) made the only report in the Region this season. Rare above the fall line, a single Henslow's Sparrow was reported in Coweta, GA 13-14 Feb (RC), and only one was reported in the Carolinas, dur- ing the ACE Basin C.B.C., Colleton, SC (PL). A banding project at Paulk's Pasture W.M.A., Glynn, GA during Jan and Feb continued to produce good numbers of Henslow's in regularly burned powercuts through planted pines, with 30+ birds in a single day not uncommon. The ratio of recaptures in this project indicates a high degree of site fdelity in this wintering population (fde TS). Single Lincoln's Sparrows were again reported from widely scattered locations, with an anoma- lously high count of 7 from a section of the Alligator River N.W.R., NC 30 Dec (JFu). Again, this was in habitat that had recently burned in 2011. There were more Western Tanagers than Summer Tanagers reported this year, with a total of 12 sightings from all three states. Typ- ically, these birds were photographed at feed- ers late in the season and lingered into mid- or late Feb. A Dickcissel was found in a failed housing development on Hutchinson Island, Chatham, GA 8-9 Dec (m.ob.); others were in Carteret, NC 8 Dec (CB et al.), Craven, NC 16 Dec (fde BH), and along Farrington Rd., Durham 22 Dec (BB). The highest numbers of Brewer's Blackbirds came from cattle farms in w. Georgia: 200 along Fite Bend Rd., Gor- don 20 Dec (NF, JM) and 350 along Laramore Rd., Lee 5 Jan (LG). Elsewhere, a fock of 45+ in Orangeburg, SC 17 Feb (DF) was an larly in Jan and Feb around a failed housing development on Hutchinson Island in the Savannah River, Chatham, GA (RW, m.ob.). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was at Cape Ro- main N.W.R., Charleston, SC 27 Dec–13 Jan (CW). After the passage of winter storm, 59 Horned Larks were at the Wilmington, NC airport 30 Jan (SC). Also unusual, up to 6 Northern Rough-winged Swallow wintered at the much- birded Clayton County Water Authority, Clayton, GA, while single Cave Swallows turned up at North Topsail Beach, On- slow, NC 13 Dec (GG) and at Cape Romain N.W.R., SC 15 Dec (JC et al.). A Swainson's Thrush lingered in Lexington, SC 5-11 Dec, the latest ever documented in the state (ph. IP). Typical scattered reports of Lapland Longspurs came from all three states, with a high count of 11 along Lara- more Rd., Lee, GA 23 Jan (LG). Snow Bun- tings were reported only from the ne. tip of North Carolina: 2 were at Cape Point 9 Dec (JP et al.), and 7 stayed at Jockey's Ridge S.P. through the period (m.ob.). Among noteworthy warbler sightings, a Louisiana Waterthrush in Monroe, GA 24 Feb (RKr) represented a new early date for the state. Four Nashville Warblers turned up along the coast, an unusually high number for winter: one at Alligator River N.W.R., NC 30 Dec (LW); one in Charleston, SC 1 Jan (ph. KMc); one at Bacon Park Woods, Cha- tham, GA (SC); and one on Jekyll Island, GA 13 Feb (DT). A Townsend's Warbler found during the C.B.C. at Cape Romain N.W.R. 5 Jan (AJ) would be the frst state record. Three Wilson's Warblers were reported in Georgia during the period: one lingering at Piedmont Park, Atlanta 6 Dec–20 Jan (JW, m.ob.), one at Americus, Sumter 8 Dec (JJ), and one at Woodstock, Cherokee 18-31 Dec (fde JK, m.ob.). Bachman's Sparrows continue to be found regularly in winter in the n. extent of their range in the coastal plain, in habitat of Long- leaf Pine/Wiregrass maintained with regular fre: 11 were found in Onslow, NC 15 Dec and 5 at Holly Shelter Game Land, Pender, NC 25 Jan (JFu et al.). One or 2 Clay-colored Sparrows were again reported from widely scattered spots across the Region, with a high count of 5 at North River Farms, Carteret, NC (JFe, JFu). A Lark Sparrow along Larson Wintering Western Kingbirds are not annual in the Carolinas, so this bird at Wrightsville Beach, New Hanover County, North Carolina 1 January 2014 made a fne start to the new year. Photograph by Sam Cooper.

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