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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 200 at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Prince George's 13 Jan (RO); 2 were at the Old Laurel Gravel Quarry, Prince George's 10 Feb+ (TF, m.ob.). A Ruby-throated Hummingbird wintered in Virginia Beach through at least 16 Feb (fde MRB); another spent part of the win- ter in Norfolk (fde BP), as did one at a pri- vate residence in Amberley, Anne Arundel 5 Dec–6 Jan (DH). The annual Center for Con - servation Biology winter survey of the Red- cockaded Woodpecker population at Piney Grove Preserve, Sussex yielded a record-high modern-day count of 58 birds—43 ads. and 15 young distributed in 12 groups— an increase from last winter's high count of 53 (fde MW). A Say's Phoebe made a rare Virginia record at Sky Meadows S.P., Fau- quier 4-7 Dec (RV, TMD, PR); another was at Woodward Turf Farm, Fauquier 17 Dec–16 Jan (EMo, m.ob.). A male Vermilion Fly- catcher became an extraordinary Walkerton C.B.C. addition at a private Manquin farm, King William 6 Jan (ph. EO, BD, CFo), estab- lishing just a third state record and the frst was at North East Community Park, Cecil, MD 30 Jan (ph. SM). Seven different Iceland Gulls and a comparable number of Glaucous Gulls were chronicled on the Virginia coast 26 Dec+ (m.ob.). The frst documented in Virginia, a Herring Gull x Lesser Black- backed Gull hybrid, a frst-cycle bird, was photographed at the C.B.B.T. 1 Jan (TJ). Rare but annual and increasing, a White-winged Dove at Pleasure House Point, Virginia Beach 22 Dec (KGo) made the season's sole report. OWLS THROUGH VIREOS Single Long-eared Owls were reported on the Chincoteague C.B.C. 29 Dec and Cape Charles C.B.C. 30 Dec. Some such birds are reported based on vocalizations; visual con- frmation would be highly desirable for this very rare coastal visitor, seldom verifed on the Virginia coast. Four Long-eareds were seen roosting at Irvine Nature Center, Balti- more 27 Dec–1 Jan (KC). The 8 Short-eared Owls at Craney 9 Jan (RB et al.) made an impressive count. Unusual in a heavily de- veloped part of Maryland, a Short-eared was at Back Bay 18 Jan (DC); 405 at Back Bay/ Little Island Park 25 Jan (DC); and 35 at the C.B.B.T. 1 Feb (m.ob.). Five Common Murres were seen on the Maryland pelagic, Worcester 1 Feb (MLH et al.). A Black-legged Kittiwake and a Black- headed Gull were off Virginia Beach 26 Jan (ph. TJ, GD). An impressive 30 Black-legged Kittiwakes were seen off Maryland 1 Feb (MLH et al.). Additional Black-headed Gull reports included one on the Back Bay C.B.C. 29 Dec (fde BW); a single at Chinc. 19 Jan and 17 Feb (DL, BH); and 1-3 at Little Creek Inlet, Norfolk 20 Jan–28 Feb (EO, m.ob.). A Little Gull was among "thousands" of Bonaparte's Gulls on the Back Bay C.B.C. 29 Dec; 2 Little Gulls were off Virginia Beach 26 Jan (ph. TJ, GD). A wing-tagged Ring-billed Gull at Rudee Inlet, Virginia Beach 6 & 11 Feb (DCr et al., RBr) had hatched in 2010 or earlier and had been banded as an ad. at Pleasure Bay Beach, Suffolk, MA 29 Mar 2013 (fde NN). An ad. Thayer's Gull visited First Landing 17 Dec (ABa); a frst-cycle Thayer's was at C.B.B.T. 3 Jan (ph. ESB); and another M i d d l e At l A n t i c SA The unprecedented Snowy Owl invasion began in the Region in late Nov; the last reports were in Mar. An estimated 44 diferent Snowy Owls were noted across Virginia, the majority of those on the Coastal Plain (Table 1). The 4 Snowy Owls at Chinc. 13 Dec (CM) made the single-site all-time high count for the state; 8 total on the outer coast 21 Dec made the peak one-day count in Virginia (Table 1). Single Snowy Owls outside the Coastal Plain included perhaps 15 birds or more: along Singers Glen Rd., Rockingham 21 Nov (CM, CZ); near Dutch Gap C.A., Chesterfeld 24 Nov (Cathy Gajewski et al.); along Cecil Wampler Rd., Rockingham 27 Nov–16 Jan (Scott Blackshaw, m.ob.); at Dulles airport, Loudoun 30 Nov–17 Feb (Paul Salaman, TMD, PR, m.ob.); at Manassas Regional Airport, Prince William 1-8 Dec (Ellie Clark, Steve Johnson); along Dumfries Rd., Fauquier 2 Dec (ph. Kevin Rose); at Timber Ridge Fruit Farm, Gore, Frederick, VA 2 Dec (fde Rob Simpson); near Dayton, Rockingham 3 Dec (Kevin Shank, ph. VL, MSh et al.); at the Wilna tract, Rappahannock River Valley N.W.R., Richmond 15 Dec (ph. TS, FS); along Rte. 601 (Bear Mountain Rd.), Highland 20 Dec (fde John Spahr); in the Mount Crawford area, Rockingham 11 Jan–9 Feb (Ruth Douglas; AD, m.ob.); at 2083 Auction Bard Drive, Loudoun (ph. Sandra Hanson); at Mount Airy Farm, Shenandoah 27-30 Jan (Kristina Nesbitt, ph. Ed Trelawney); near Lucketts, Loudoun 27 Jan (ph. Kimberly LaFave); and one or 2 in the Middletown area, Frederick (dates uncertain; fde Rob Simpson). Table 1. Snowy Owls on the Virginia Coastal Plain, Nov 2013 through Mar 2014. Date No. Location, County/City Observer(s) 5 dec 1 Kiptopeke S.P. ph. dJ, fde Sli 5 dec 1 Metompkin island, Accomack ph. fde lG 5 dec–11 Mar 1 craney m.ob. 2 Jan–26 Feb 2 craney AW, RB et al., RP 8 dec 1 Occoquan Bay n.W.R., Prince William ph. Alan Hagenberger 8 dec–20 Jan 1 Queen Sound channel, Accomack m.ob. 11 dec 1 chinc. MG, VK 13 dec 4 chinc. cM, JA 15 dec 1 chesconnessex creek, Accomack cF 15 dec 1 Yorktown Battlefeld, York douglas crooke 18 dec 1 leemont, Accomack lG 21 dec 8 chinc. (2 birds) craney Fisherman's island n.W.R. Wallops island, Accomack Hog island, northampton Wreck island, northampton Ship Shoal island, northampton m.ob. Date No. Location, County/City Observer(s) 22 dec 1 Brownsville, northampton MWil ~12-25 dec 1 Fisherman's island n.W.R. eSB, dMi 26 dec 3 chinc. lB, BHo, MY 30 dec 2 near Fisherman's island n.W.R chincoteague, Accomack cape charles c.B.c. BPe, Sl 31 dec 2 Queen Sound channel, Accomack G&MM 2-12 Jan 1 chinc. SF, R&GH, lMi 6 Jan 1 cape charles beach ph. eSB, J&eKP, SHa 8 Jan 1 little creek (military base), norfolk Jtw 9 Jan 5 n. Assateague island, Accomack cedar island, Accomack s. cobb island, northampton (2) n. Smith island, northampton BWa, MAB [aerial survey] 15-20 Jan 1 Back Bay/False cape S.P. RlAk, KB, JG 2 Feb 1 Bayville Park, Virginia Beach ph. FW, fde MRB 3-12 Feb 1 Springfeld Mall, Fairfax Janet Anderson et al. 12 Feb 1 Messick Road, Poquoson Suzanne Rice 16 Feb 1 Willoughby Spit, norfolk dBo et al. 25 Feb 1 langley Air Force Base, Hampton MS

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