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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 189 Québec Pierre Bannon Olivier Barden Normand David Samuel Denault –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– M ean temperatures were generally be- low normal almost everywhere (1-3° C below), except over the Lower St. Lawrence region, the Upper North Shore, and the Saguenay region, where temperatures were 1-2° C above normal. December was the coldest month. Snowfall was near normal almost eve- rywhere except in eastern Québec, where 30- 50% more snow fell. December was very snowy, especially over southern and eastern regions. For example, Québec City and the Gaspé region re- ceived twice the normal amount of snow. January had far less snow, especially over southwestern regions, where a defcit of 50-70% was recorded, and February was near normal everywhere ex- cept over the eastern reaches of the province, where there was double the normal snowfall. WATERFOWL THROUGH HAWKS A male Wood Duck wintered at Sainte-Catherine (m.ob.), and 2 birds lingered at Saint-Eustache until at least 30 Jan. (LS, JM, S. Deschamps). A Blue-winged Teal at Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague 6 Dec was very late (S. Vanier, M. Laporte). A Nor- thern Pintail at Rivière-du-Loup 14 Jan was late for this locality, while a group of 30, probably very early migrants, appeared at Sainte-Cathe- rine-de-Hatley 21-22 Feb (ET). Single Green- winged Teal were found at Beauceville 13 Jan (L. Légaré) and at Magog 6-22 Feb (C. Turcotte-van de Rydt). Single male Lesser Scaup appeared at Cowansville 14 Dec – 14 Jan (JP. Santerre) and at Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague 15 Jan (MJ), while 4 were spotted at Verdun 17 Jan (PB). Single King Eiders were detected at Cap-des-Rosiers 27 Dec (D. Jalbert) and at Cap-d'Espoir 7 Jan (AC); 6 at Cap d'Espoir 14 Jan seem to have overwin- tered (AC, YC). A male was also present in the Magdalen Islands 4-13 Feb (AR, C. Roy). Two Harlequin Ducks were at Gatineau 4-20 Dec (RB et al.), 2 ad. males were at Verdun 23 Dec–1 Feb (PB), while a female at Laval 5-14 Jan (P. Fortin, D. Lepage) was still around in Mar (m.ob.). A high count of of 38 Harlequin Ducks was made at Port-Daniel 8 Feb (JRL). A White-winged Scoter was at Gatineau 10 Feb (LS); a Black Scoter appeared at Cap d'Espoir 8 Feb (AC et al.). A hybrid Hooded Merganser x Common Goldeneye was a rare occurrence at Saint-Stanis- las-de-Kostka 24-25 Feb (ph. D. Collins, MJ). A Common Merganser at Chibougamau 11 Jan and 2 Feb furnished a rare winter record for this locality (A. Anctil). The southernmost Willow Ptarmigan included one at Hébertville 9 Jan (M. Tremblay), 6 at La Ferme 11 Jan (P. Perreault), and one at Taschereau 27 Feb (B. Gagnon). A Red-throated Loon was found alive on a road at D'Alembert 13 Dec (M. Lessard, D. Robillard). A Common Loon was reported at Cap-d'Espoir 14 Jan (AC, YC) while 2 were at Tadoussac 15 Jan (E. Wilmot). Single Pied-billed Grebes showed up at Magog 22 Jan – 22 Feb (ET) and at Salaberry-de-Valleyfeld 30 Jan–15 Feb (fde R. Leduc, D. Simon). Single Horned Grebes were good fnds at Hungry Bay 30 Jan (PB), Salaberry-de-Valleyfeld 30 Jan–16 Feb (R. Leduc, D. Simon, PB, D. Collins, m.ob.), and Sainte-Angèle-de-Laval 25 Feb–2 Mar (M. Bis- son). A total of 6 Red-necked Grebes was remar- kable for midwinter: one at Hungry Bay 30 Jan (PB), another that landed in a feld at Saint-Pa- trice-de-Sherrington 30 Jan (M. Groulx, ph.), 3 at Salaberry-de-Valleyfeld 1-3 Feb (AQ et al.), one at Côteau-du-Lac 9-13 Feb (MB, J. Hugé), and one at Gatineau 9 Feb (B. Ladouceur, K. Zbitnew). As was the case elsewhere, this mid- winter dispersal of both Horned Grebes and Red-necked Grebes showed correlation with the high percentage of ice cover on the Great Lakes, implying that these birds were probably displaced from the Great Lakes. A Northern Fulmar was a surprise at Lévis 4 Dec (D. Labarre, M. O'Neill, ph. P. Otis). An American Bittern at Gatineau 3-8 Dec provided a new Regional record late date (LS). Two Bald Eagles were still at Val d'Or 2 Feb (A. Ladu- rantaye, C. Siano). Single Northern Harriers at Shawville 4 Feb (L. Chénier, C. Blanchette) and at Masson 5 Feb (MH. Giguère) were probably wintering birds. Rare in Gaspésie, a Cooper's Hawk was at Sainte-Anne-des-Monts 8 Dec (M. Daudelin). Single Red-shouldered Hawks win- tered at Saint-Hubert (m.ob.) and at Bécancour (Y. Dugré, m.ob.). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH WAXWINGS A Killdeer at Trois-Rivières-Ouest 15 Jan was surprising (MA. Rubénovitch). A helicopter survey conducted under the auspices of the Canadian Wildlife Service unveiled the pre- sence of 1080 wintering Purple Sandpipers at Île Rouge, near Tadoussac, 17 Feb, the highest count ever made in the Region (C. Marcotte, fde SD). Single Dunlins lingered at Côteau-du-Lac 1 Dec (P. Laniel) and at L'Isle-Verte 6 Dec (M. Poulin). A Wilson's Snipe at Val d'Or until 12 Jan was noteworthy (FD). Single Lesser Black- backed Gulls were seen at Parc Nature de l'Île de la Visitation 19-20 Feb (J. Coutu) and at Verdun 23 Feb (D. Demers). A frst-cycle Glaucous Gull x Herring Gull hybrid was at Laval 25 Dec (SD). A Dovekie at Lévis 3 Dec was exceptional so far upriver (J. Bernier, G. Cyr, OB). Single Thick- billed Murres were discovered at Percé 9 Dec (AC) and at Cap-aux-Meules 19 Jan (AR). Single Eurasian Collared-Doves were at Sainte- Élizabeth 29 Dec (G. Cossette), at Sainte-Bri- gide-d'Iberville 14-18 Jan (G. Éthier, H. Boivin, m.ob.), and at Saint-Flavien 16 Feb (C. Maurice). Snowy Owls moved southward in huge numbers all across the Region; 33 were counted in 30 km between Saint-Cuthbert and Yamachiche 8 Dec (Y. Gauthier, S. Morand). About 10 Great Gray Owls were reported, but none reached as far s. as the Montréal area. A Belted Kingfsher was noted at Kiamika until 13 Jan (MA. Montpetit). An imm. Red-headed Woodpecker successfully wintered at Saint-Godefroi (E. Arsenault). The northernmost Carolina Wrens were at D'Alembert 7 Dec (J. Gagnon) and at Chi- coutimi-Nord 1-9 Dec (J. Fortin, G. Voyer). Single Ruby-crowned Kinglets at Rimouski 9 Jan (J. Roy) and at Sainte-Adèle 11 Jan (T. Grand- mont) were noteworthy. Three Eastern Bluebirds overwintered at Saint-Armand (A. Deschamps, G. Landry). A Swainson's Thrush was very late at Baie-Comeau 15 Dec (D. Saint-Laurent, fde JP. Barry). American Robins were more in evi- dence in the Gaspé Peninsula and in the Lau- rentians this winter. A lone Varied Thrush was encountered at Sept-Îles 1 Dec (C. Couture). Single Gray Catbirds lingered at Gatineau 3 Dec (GM et al.), at Dunham 8 Dec (R. Morel), and at Authier-Nord 20 Dec (R. Plante). The nor- thernmost Northern Mockingbird was found at Albanel 4-7 Dec (T. Bellefeur). Single Brown Thrashers turned up in the Côte-des-Neiges Cemetery (Montreal) until 8 Dec (JS. Mayer), at Sainte-Foy 14 Dec (C. Simard, PE. Sirois, G. Lord), and at Saint-Léon-le-Grand 26 Dec (L. Vallières). Large focks of Cedar Waxwings appeared near the end of the winter, e.g., 400 at Granby 25 Feb (GB) and 300-500 at Boucher- ville on the same date (G. Néron). WARBLERS THROUGH MEADOWLARKS A late Yellow Warbler was quite unexpected at Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague 7 Dec (AQ et al.); one at nearby Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka 8 Dec (D.

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