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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 291 W e s t i n d i e s & B e r m u d a Nov–20 Dec (TF et al.), only the third record in the past 30 years there; it was found dead 21 Dec. A Short-eared Owl was noted hunt- ing along roadside near Safehaven, West Bay, Grand Cayman 29 Jan (JFB); another was not- ed at Vega Serena, Puerto Rico 15 Feb (KB). An Ashy-faced Owl was seen at Perdenales, Dominican Republic 5 Jan; it was found again 17 Feb, not far from a Stygian Owl (JBr). A Barn Owl was noted near Canaan Land Rd., Grand Cayman 9 Feb (AG-C). An unseason- able Common Nighthawk was at Khyber Pass, Bermuda 22 Jan (NM). Rocklands Bird Sanctuary at Anchovy, Jamaica had its regu- lar Northern Potoo through the season (CT). An imm. male Ruby-throated Hummingbird was seen along Wreck Rd., Bermuda 16 Feb (DBW). Unexpected was an Antillean Mango at Peter Island, British Virgin Islands 14 Jan (ph. RLN); thought to be nearly extirpated e. of Puerto Rico, this record perhaps indicates that the species has been overlooked and/or perhaps confused with Green-throated Carib. Single Yellow-billed Cuckoos were found on the Grand Bahama C.B.C. 4 Jan and near the lighthouse on San Salvador 14 Feb (TW). Two White-collared Swifts were seen foraging with Caribbean Martins at Childcare Hill, Haïti 26 Jan (SC). Ten Short-tailed Swifts were over Mount Clapham, Barbados 14 Feb (DL). Stun - ningly rare, and a frst for the New World, a European Bee-eater was photographed by a non-birder at Cas en Bas, Saint Lucia at the be- ginning of Feb (MB). An imm. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was observed repeatedly at a farm on St. Croix 20 Jan+ (CG, LG, CL, LY, CC-B). PASSERINES Two Eastern Phoebes were at Big Bird Poul- try Farm, Abaco 20 Jan (EB, BM). Ruby G.C., was at Cooper's Island 26 Jan (AD). High counts of sandpipers from Green Turtle Cay, Abaco were 36 Red Knots 3 Mar, 200 Dunlins 26 Mar, 200 Short-billed Dowitchers 2 Jan, 51 Sanderlings 8 Mar, and 50 Western Sandpipers 3 Dec (EB). Counts of 134 Stilt Sandpipers and 102 Semipalmated Sandpipers from Great Salina, Grand Turk 29 Jan (PDa, JM) were intriguing, but available details did not rule out Western Sandpiper. A Red Knot was photographed at West Dykes, George Town, Grand Cayman 11 Jan (DS). A Dunlin was found at the Cabo Rojo salt fats 3 Jan (ph. EM); there are few documented records of this species for Puerto Rico. A Ruff visited Gaschet reservoir, Guadeloupe 1-8 Dec (AL, FD, ED); an Upland Sandpiper there 17 Jan (AL) was a frst in winter. The continu- ing Wood Sandpiper at Golden Grove Swamp, Barbados was noted again 5 Feb (JW). A rare Red-necked Phalarope dropped in at a salt pond on Antigua 29 Dec (JRC). Two Wil- son's Phalaropes were at the Cabo Rojo salt fats, Puerto Rico 30 Jan (ph. GA, JS). Five Great Black-backed Gulls were at West End, Grand Bahama 17 Jan (EB, BP). A well- described Franklin's Gull at George Town waterfront 9-20 Dec (PDa) and subsequently photographed (CR-S et al.) provides a frst re- cord for Grand Cayman (fde PB). A Bonapar- te's Gull was seen at the Cabo Rojo lighthouse, Puerto Rico 12 Feb (ph. JS et al.). A Great Black-backed and 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were at Great Salt Pond, Saint Maarten 2 Feb (BE). Other reports of the increasing Lesser Black-backed included one at the Layou River mouth, Dominica 31 Jan (NBo et al.); one at Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico 12 Feb (ph. NG et al.); and 3 at Rivière la Ravine du Sud, Haïti 23 Feb (JTi). A Black-headed Gull frst seen 11 Nov was still present in Harrington Sound, Bermuda 1 Feb (JMa). An Iceland Gull was in Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda 11 Jan–25 Feb (PW). A Black-legged Kittiwake was off Coo- per's Point, Bermuda 11 Jan (DBW). A Forster's Tern was at Spittal Pond, Bermuda 8-16 Feb (KR); 3 were at Parottee Pond, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica 19 Jan (EA, JWr). Twenty Sandwich Terns were at Blue Hills Dock, Providenciales 14 Jan (DECR). A Black Skimmer was at West End, Grand Bahama 5 Jan (BP, EB). A Poma- rine Jaeger was off Cooper's Point, Bermuda 14 Feb (PW). In the Dominican Republic, the endan - gered Bay-breasted Cuckoo was noted at Rabo de Gato 5 Jan and at Zapoten 6 Jan (SB). Six Monk Parakeets were seen at South Sound, George Town, Grand Cayman 20 Dec (RR). A Snowy Owl wandered to Bermuda 27 Spiritus, Cuba 16 Feb (JG). Both long-staying Red-tailed Hawks were over Port's Island, Bermuda 9 Jan (KD). Northern Harriers were reported multiple times from Abaco (fde EB) and once from each San Salvador (TH), Grand Bahama (BP), New Providence (C.B.C.), and North Caicos (MP). The Northern Harrier that enlivened Port-Louis Swamp, Guadeloupe 30 Nov (AL) was last seen 15 Mar (ACh). Single Sharp-shinned Hawks were seen on Abaco 26 Dec (KK) and at Bannerman Town, Eleuthera 10 Jan (JC). There was an unusual infux of Purple Gal- linules to Bermuda, with singles at Flatts Inlet 10 Jan (AC), Spanish Point 13 Jan (AD), and South Pond 26 Jan (PW), plus 2 at Somerset Long Bay 1 Feb (PW); another was at Trea- sure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas 24-25 Mar (DM, CT, ph. EB). A probable Yellow Rail was on Mid-Ocean G.C., Bermuda 14 Feb (PW). The rarely seen Spotted Rail was reported at Punta Ruscia, Monti Cristi, Dominican Republic 9 Feb (KRu). A Virginia Rail was on Mid-Ocean G.C., Bermuda 21-22 Feb (AD). A Spotted Crake was beautifully documented at Désirade Island, Guadeloupe 7-15 Feb (ED, ACh, AL, MD, TDe), furnishing the second Caribbean record and second for the New World, the oth- er record coming from St. Martin 8 Oct 1956. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH WOODPECKERS An American Avocet was found on the New Providence C.B.C. 15 Dec. In Nassau, New Providence, 2 American Oystercatchers were at Saunders Beach 4 Jan (PD), and one was at Montagu Foreshore 6 Feb (WP). A late American Golden-Plover was noted at Grand Harbour, George Town, Grand Cayman 3 Dec (PDa). Two Piping Plovers at Warwick Long Bay 13 Jan (DBW) may have been the same ones seen at Cooper's Island, Bermuda 1 Dec–26 Jan (AD). Flocks of 10 or more Piping Plovers on Green Turtle Cay or New Providence are only tokens of the large Pip- ing Plover population (300+) wintering on the remote uninhabited cays and sandbars of the Bahamas; a National Audubon tour to Joul - ter's Cays 28 Feb–1 Mar saw 126 birds (fde JAl). Three Piping Plovers on Fort George Cay, Caicos 30 Jan were notable for being so far south (MP). Several Killdeer were pres- ent in the Lesser Antilles during the winter, as far s. as Barbados, with one bird at Golden Grove Swamp from 16 Dec (JMo) through 29 Jan (JW). A Southern Lapwing was present at Rex Resorts Ponds, Grenada 23 Feb (FV); the expansion of this species continues slowly, with mostly single vagrants seen in the Region and in Central America. Providing the frst Jan record of the species in 43 years at Bermuda, a Western Sandpiper This rare Gray Heron was at Gaschet Reservoir, Guadeloupe on 4 December 2013. Photograph by Anthony Levesque.

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