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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 290 U.S. Virgin Islands stronghold 2 Jan (RLN). At Southgate Pond, St. Croix, 57 were counted 29 Jan (CC-B), a big comeback from previous de- cades' counts there (RLN). Twenty-fve North- ern Bobwhite at Sugarland Nursery, Abaco 22 Feb made a strong local count (EB, RP). A Horned Grebe was seen at various Ber- muda locations 21 Dec–13 Jan (PW). A Black- capped Petrel was observed at sea during a whalewatching trip off Petite-Terre, Guade- loupe 8 Feb (ACh, MD). Eleven Audubon's Shearwaters were seen off Halfmoon Cay, Little San Salvador, and one was e. of cen. Eleuthera 6 Feb (NB). A Northern Gannet was seen at various Bermuda locations 23 Dec–4 Jan (PW). Two Masked Boobies were seen at sea e. of Mayaguana, the easternmost island of the Bahamas 29 Jan (JA). A Neotropic Cormo- rant at Reef G.C., Grand Bahama 8 Feb was unusual there (LM); 27 were noted on West Caicos 17 Dec (DECR). The lone remaining Anhinga in the Bahamas was seen on Para- dise Island 19 Feb (WP). An American Bit - tern was seen s. of the runway on San Salva- dor 10 Jan (TH), and 2 Roseate Spoonbills were at Mount Pleasant, Andros 8 Feb (AS). Seven Least Bitterns were seen at El Conuco, Monti Cristi, Dominican Republic 29 Jan (KW, MMP). Still rare but increasingly reported in the Lesser Antilles, single Gray Herons were spotted at Saint Philip, Barbados 3 Dec and 29 Jan (JW), at Christ Church, Barbados 29 Jan (JW), at Gaschet reservoir, Guadeloupe 4 Dec (AL), and at Mustique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 25 Jan (MP). One of the Region's greatest rarities was the Cocoi Heron seen at Mustique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22 Jan–6 Feb (MP); there are no other reports of this South American species from the Re- gion or from North America. A Striated Her- on was still present at Saint George, Grenada 7-13 Feb (DR), and one was at Mustique 26 Jan (MP). A Black Vulture, uncommon in the West Indies, was noted among a group of Tur- key Vultures at Melia Cayo Santa Maria, Sancti Haïti. American Wigeons showed well this winter: 2 were at the Marshes Heritage site, Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands 1 Dec (GK); 16 were at Eleuthera Point, Bahamas 6 Feb (JT); 10 were at Mahogany Run G.C., St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 7-8 Dec (RW); 16 were at Chancery Lane Swamp, Barbados 29 Jan (JW); and 16 were on L'îlet à Fajou, Guadeloupe 15 Jan (AL, ACh, RG, SR). A very large group of Blue-winged Teal—480—was found on Gua- deloupe 15 Jan (AL, ACh, RG, SR). At El Co- nuco, Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, 165 Northern Shovelers were seen 29 Jan (MMP); 4 shovelers with 4 Northern Pintails were at Krause Lagoon Remnant, St. Croix 11 Feb (LY). A male Eurasian Teal was on Désirade Is- land, Guadeloupe 20 Jan (AL, NBa) and stayed through at least 8 Feb (FD), providing the frst record of this subspecies for Guadeloupe. At the Punta Cana Village water treatment ponds, Dominican Republic, 20 Northern Shovelers, 2 Ring-necked Ducks, and 6 Lesser Scaup were counted 15 Jan (SD, ADr, DWe, MSm, MMF). Fourteen Greater Scaup at Lake Killarney, New Providence 8 Feb (EB) made the highest count ever of this species in the Baha- mas; smaller numbers were reported there 17- 22 Feb (PD, WP, LL, TW, BCNP). A Black Sco- ter was found injured at Devonshire, Bermuda 21 Dec but died in rehabilitation (AD). A Com- mon Goldeneye was a Spittal Pond, Bermuda 14 Dec (E&JH). Two Hooded Mergansers were at Gilpin Point, Abaco 9-14 Dec (JD, KC, PM), 2 at Emerald G.C., Grand Bahama 7-8 Jan (EG BP, E&GP), and 3 at United Estates, San Salva- dor 14 Feb (TW, WH). A Common Merganser wintered at Ireland Island, Bermuda 1 Dec+ (WF). There were six reports of Red-breasted Merganser from the Bahamas, with a high count of 4 at Clifton Bay, New Providence 18 Jan (BCNP); one on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos 11 Jan (MP) was less expected. Some 49 Ruddy Ducks were at Josiah's Bay pond, Tortola, British Virgin Islands 1 Jan (RLN); 2 were at Francis Bay pond, a local St. John, Robert L. Norton Anthony White Andrew Dobson Anthony Levesque –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he West Indies and Bermuda region ex- perienced an exceptional run of rarities this winter. Four of these records stood out in particular: European Bee-eater at St. Lu- cia, Spotted Crake at Guadeloupe, Arctic War- bler at Bermuda, and Cocoi Heron at Mustique. Bermuda recorded two Common Ravens, the frst documented with certainty there, and the Cayman Islands had frst records of Franklin's Gull and Townsend's Warbler. Other highlights included four Gray Herons, two Striated Her- ons, a Southern Lapwing, a Snowy Owl, a Ruff, a Wood Sandpiper, and a Red-necked Phala- rope. Increasing numbers of experienced ob- servers on more islands and better communi- cations between observers and compilers have contributed to this plethora of reports. WATERFOWL THROUGH RAILS Four West Indian Whistling-Ducks were at Font Hill Nature Preserve 31 Jan, and 12 were seen 23 Feb nearby at reliable Elim Pools, also in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica (JWr, Carib- bean Wetlands Census feld crew). Five rare Fulvous Whistling-Ducks were at the Royal Westmoreland Irrigation Pond, Barbados 31 Jan (JW). A blue-morph Snow Goose was at Reef G.C., Grand Bahama 4 Jan–11 Feb (DM, ph. BP, E&GP). Two Snow Geese continued at the Mastic Rd. farm pond, Grand Cayman through 11 Dec (CR-S). A Canada Goose, frst reported 9 Dec at Treasure Cay G.C., Abaco, remained through the winter (EB, m.ob.); an- other few past Caves Point, New Providence 25 Jan (TW). A Wood Duck was seen at Trea- sure Cay G.C. 16 Jan (EB, UN). Four Gadwalls were at Spittal Pond, Bermuda 1 Feb (AD); a --Eurasian Wigeon was there 19 Jan (TWi). At Trou Caiman, a Eurasian Wigeon with 20 American Wigeons 17 & 21 Feb (ph. JTi) fur- nished the second report of this species from West Indies & Bermuda Guadeloupe's frst record of Eurasian Teal was furnished by this male, found on Désirade Island 20 January 2014 (here) and last seen 8 February 2014. Photograph by Anthony Levesque.

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