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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 289 C e n t r a l a m e r i C a Martínez, Roni Martínez ,Roan Balas McNab, Jorge Medina, Mayron McKewy Mejía, Jan Meerman (JaM), Venicio Mesen, Judy Miller (JuM), Rosabel Miró (RMi), Nels Nelson, José Osejo, Maynor Ovando, Donna Pairo, David Parsley, Agapito Pop, Diego Quesada, Osvaldo Quintero, Miguel Rios, Walter Rivera, David Rodríguez, Hansell Rodríguez, César Sánchez, Mark Sapko, Paulo Segura, Yeray Seminario, Ryan Shaw, Cathy Sheeter (CSh), Angel So- lis, Tedd Tennis, Sarah Toas, Mario Trejo, Unión de Ornitólogos de Costa Rica website (UOCR), Jonathan Urbina, Alfredo Valle, Mar- tín Vallecillo, Sylvie Vanier, Juan Diego Vargas, Aditi Varun (AdV), Prabhat Vira, Catherine and Pat Wade, Bradley Waggoner, Dan Wag- goner (DaW), Lena Ware, Robert Watson, Drew Weber, Pieter Westra, Jennifer Wolcott, Julia Wurth (JWu), Verena Zindel, Jim Zook (Costa Rica). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– H. Lee Jones, 58 Far West Street, Punta Gorda, Belize, ( Oliver Komar, Zamorano University, Department of envi- ronment & Development Studies, km 35, Carretera a Danlí, Francisco morazán, Honduras, ( Pine Siskins of the subspecies perplexus were seen near Quetzaltenango, Quetzaltenango 31 Dec (JB). Four House Sparrows seen near the port in Belize City 19 Feb (BF) provided one of the few reports for Belize's largest metro- politan area. Contributors (country coordinators in boldface): Jeniffer Abrego, Pablo Adrover, Bill Adsett, Daniel Aldana, George Angehr (Panama), Laramie and Philip Aspegren, Tom Aversa, Philip Balderamos, Keiner Berrocal, Jason Berry, Manfred Bienert (MBi), Guiller- mo Blanco, Janet Bodle (JBo), Melvin Bonilla, Sebastián Bonilla, Kathi Borgmann (KBo), Bi- anca Bosarreyes, Steve Brener (SBr), John Paul Cahill, Rob Cahill, Justo Camargo, Euclides Campos, Vernon Campos, Ernesto Carman (ErC), Silvio Castelli, Liliana Chavarria (Ni- caragua), Johan Chaves (JCh), Ioanna Chiver, Enrique Choussy (EnC), Richard Cimino, Ja- vier Cotín (JCo), Sylvia Crain (SCr), John van Dort (Hon - duras), Adolfo Downs, Georg- es Duriaux, Knut Eisermann (Guatemala), Jason Fidorrra, Itzel Fong, Brett Fried, Rob - ert Gallardo, Brian Gibbons, Jessica Green, Douglas Gross, John Hannan, Brian Hemp - stead, Gonzalo Horna, Nancy Houlihan, Scott Housten, Jonathan Hruska (JHr), Dan Hubbard, José Huertas (JHu), Kirk Huffstater, Matt Hysell, Orlando Jarquin, Lee Jones (Belize), Roselvy Juárez (El Salvador), Oliver Komar, Cin- dy and Less Lieurance, Kent Livezy, Isaac López, Daniel and Santa Anna, Toledo (JU, RM, AP) provided one of only a handful of records for mainland Belize. A male Prairie Warbler, only the sixth for El Salvador, was observed in Jiquilisco 11 Jan (JA, MB, WR, ph. MT). Most Prairie War- blers winter in the Caribbean islands, so it is rarely observed on the Pacifc coast. A rare species in Panama, a Nicaraguan Seed-Finch was seen along the Banana Canal near Boca del Drago 3 Feb (C&PW, ph. BH). Two Yellow-faced Grassquits at Finca Patro- cina, Quetzaltenango 28 Feb (KH) and one at Finca Las Nubes on the s. slope of Volcán Santo Tomás, Suchitepéquez 19 Feb (JPC) es- tablished new site records on the Guatema- lan Pacifc slope. A Savannah Sparrow seen along the entrance road to Caño Negro from Los Chiles, Alajuela 27 Jan (ph. JV) was only the third found in mainland Costa Rica. All have come within the past two years, and this is the frst to be reported on the Caribbean slope. A Savannah Sparrow found 4 Jan at Cerrón Grande Reservoir was the frst to be found in Chalatenango (ph. EnC) and the sixth from El Salvador. Accenting a very good winter for Rose- breasted Grosbeak in Belize were 24 seen along Tiger Run Farm Rd. 8 Feb (PB). Six Eastern Meadowlarks at Cerro El Alto Eco- logical Park, Jalapa on 25 Jan (DA) provided a new site record for Guatemala. Two Melo- dious Blackbirds seen 11 Feb at Hotel Dos Ríos near Volcán (EC) are evidence of the continuing spread of this recent colonist in w. Panama. Two Orange-crowned Orioles found at Costa del Este, Panama City 23 Feb (MR) were the frst to be reported from Pana- ma City proper. Providing what may be only the second record for Caye Caulker, a male Orange Oriole was seen 28 Feb (YS). Sixty Rare in Central America, especially in winter, this female Blackpoll Warbler photographed at Las Brisas on 20 February 2014 provided documentation of the occurrence of this species in midwinter in Costa Rica. Photograph by Ernesto Carman. Prairie Warbler is rare anywhere on mainland Central America and especially so on the Pacifc slope. This individual, observed at Jiquilisco 11 January 2014, was only the sixth ever recorded in El Salvador. Photograph by Mario Trejo. Providing the sixth record for El Salvador and the frst for Chalatenango Department, this Savannah Sparrow was found at Cerrón Grande Reservoir 4 January 2014. Photograph by Enrique Choussy.

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