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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 282 Mexico locations, such as the pond on the Riviera Can- cún Golf Club, Q. Roo, which hosted 4 birds on 9 Jan (ph. AP). A Jabiru was seen near km 9 between San Felipe, Yuc. and Panabá, Yuc. 22 Dic (CP, BM, RM, BS), and what might have been the same individual was photographed 23 Feb at another roadside wetland 14 km s. of Río Lagartos; the latter was observed con- suming 3 snakes within half an hour (ph. RD). Approximately 250 herons, mostly Little Blues with a few Snowy Egrets and Tricolored Her- ons mixed in, were photographed at the Us- amacinta wetlands at the beginning of road to Palizada 10 Jan (BB, TP, ph. BvD). Two Black- crowned Night-Herons were a nice surprise during the C.B.C. 15 Dec in the mangroves near the bridge at Celestún, Yuc. (ph. JA, BM, WS). Heavy rains this season increased wet - land habitats, attracting 4 Glossy Ibis to a cattle ranch on the San Felipe-Panabá hwy. 22 Feb (ph. RD); 600 were observed along the road to Palizada 24 Feb (AC, JJ). Scarce King Vultures tend to wander over cattle ranches in n. Yucatán during winter months; 2 were seen over Río Lagartos 5 Jan (ph. WC). On the Celestún C.B.C. 15 Dec, a Northern Harrier was seen at the water plant e. of town (JA, BM, WS). A juv. Broad-winged Hawk was photographed at Calakmul, Camp. 19 Feb (ph. AC). Two rare Spotted Rails were taped on the road to Isla Arena, Camp. 23 Dec (KB, JB). American Avocets are not often reported from the e. coast of the peninsula, the second and third records of this species for the Central Valleys of Oaxaca (fde MG). Outside of the species' known range, an ad. male Giant Cowbird was at Río Revolución Mexicana, Chis. 19 Feb (AM, JM et al.). A fe- male Baltimore Oriole (or hybrid Baltimore x Bullock's) was in Santo Domingo Botanical Garden, Oax. 29 Dec (ph. MG). Contributors (area compilers in boldface): Ju- lio Alejandro Álvarez Ruiz, Zayra Arery, Josh Beck, Kathi Borgman, Michael Carmody, Rob- ert Cecil, Georgia Conti, Edgar del Valle, Rubén Deschamps, Héctor Gómez de Silva, Manuel Grosselet, Nancy C. Holland, Greg Homel, Pab- lo Lewis, Amy McAndrews, Jorge Montejo, Guadalupe Muñoz González, David Ramírez Cruz, René Valdés, Fabián Velázquez López. Yucatan Peninsula Of particular note this season were reports of transients that stayed for the winter, perhaps because of abundant food resulting from a very rainy fall and winter. Equally surprising was a second documented report of Lovely Cotinga in in southern Campeche, 38 years after the frst report! WATERFOWL THROUGH CUCKOOS During the Río Lagartos C.B.C. 22 Dec, 4 Ful- vous Whistling-Ducks were seen in a roadside wetland at km 9 on the road from San Felipe, Yuc. to Panabá (CP, BS). A big surprise this winter was a fock of approximately 20 dark- morph Snow Geese 2 km n. of Colonia Yuca- tán on the road to El Cuyo, Yuc. 28 Dec (ph. JP). Another rare fnd was a male Mexican Duck photographed among a fock of Black- bellied Whistling-Ducks in the Palizada wet- lands, Camp. 9 Feb (ph. RC). Some 28 Red- breasted Mergansers were seen in the estuary of Río Lagartos 4 Feb (NM, RM, DN). Two Eared Grebes visited the salt fats at Las Colora- das, Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve 2 Jan, one day after a cold front had passed (ph. DN). Fla- mingos had a problem fnding food due to high water levels in their traditional feeding areas, but that motivated them to fnd new, unique A Marbled Godwit was at San Gregorio Atlapulco 23 Feb (ph. MG). Three Eurasian Collared-Doves were at Cardel, Ver. 8 Feb (HGdS). A rare South Polar Skua was found off Santa María Huatulco 20 Jan (AM, JM, RV). Two White-winged Doves were at Canal Nacional, D.F. 3 Dec (ph. MG). A White-col- lared Swift was near Comala, Col. 2 Jan (ph. RC). Outside its known range, an ad. male White-necked Jacobin was at Paval, Chis. 27 Feb (AM, JM et al.). A male Slender Sheartail was on Chiquihuite road, Chis. 8 Dec (KB, JB, ph.). A Bat Falcon was at Nogueras near Comala 1 Dec (RC ph.). Five Monk Parakeets were seen at Jardín Colonia Laureles, Zapo- pan, Jal. 2 Dec (ZAGMG). PASSERINES Three Pileated Flycatchers were in Cañón de Lobos, Mor. 5 Feb; a Buff-breasted Flycatcher there on the same date was at a lower eleva- tion than usual and in an unusual habitat (HGdS). Early arriving migrants were a Pi - ratic Flycatcher and a Yellow-green Vireo at Paval 27 Feb (AM, JM). A Blue-headed Vireo was at El Texcal 5 Feb (HGdS); the species is a rare winter visitor to Morelos. A Dwarf Vireo was heard 7 km e. of Azumbilla, Pue. 8 Feb (HGdS). A Cedar Waxwing was 7 km e. of Azumbilla 8 Feb (HGdS). A Euro- pean Starling was at Puebla 6 Feb (HGdS). A Gray Catbird was at Arocutín, Mich. Feb 20 (GC). Out of normal wintering range, a Wood Thrush was heard on the w. side of Huatulco, Oax. 19 Jan (AM, JM, RV). A male Blue-winged Warbler was near Paval 14 Feb, also slightly outside normal wintering range (AM, MC et al.). An ad. female Prairie War- bler was nicely photographed in the botani - cal garden of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Pue. 16 Dec (ph. FVL, MB). A Grace's Warbler was in Desierto de los Leones 6 Jan (ph. MG), furnishing just the the second record for the D.F. Single North- ern Parulas were at Teuchitlán, Jal. 14 Feb (ph. JAAR) and Morelia, Mich. 7 Feb (ph. PL). Single Palm Warblers were mist-netted at Reyes Etla 31 Dec and 26 Jan (EdV, DRC), This male Mexican Duck was in the Palizada wetlands of Campeche 9 February 2014. Photograph by Rolando Chavez. Following passage of a cold front, two Eared Grebes appeared at Las Coloradas, Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, Yucatán 2 January 2014. Photograph by Diego Nuñez.

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