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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 281 Mexico male Black-throated Gray Warbler was seen at Las Auras, an urban park in Lerdo, Dgo. 1 Dec (FVP, MRLL). In the metropolitan area that includes the cities of Torreón and Matamoros, Coah. and Gómez Palacio, Dgo., there are but two prior records of this species in 15 years of observations. Contributors (area compilers in boldface): J. D. Cortez, Alfredo García, Jerry Góngora, Mary Gustafson, Lauren Harter, Antonio Hi- dalgo, Dan Jones, María del Refudio Loya Loya, José Hugo Martínez, Amy McAndrews, Jorge Montejo, Jorge Ortiz Mena, Andres Ríos, Bernardo Rodríguez, Heather Roening, Marcus Roening, Bryan Sharp, Dave Stejskal, Francisco Valdés Peresgasga, Alwin Van der Heiden, René Valdés. central & Southern MeXIco WATERFOWL THROUGH FALCONS A male Wood Duck was in Canal Nacio- nal, D.F. 3 Dec (MG ph.). Four Red-breasted Mergansers were off the mouth of Río Cuale, Jal./Nay. 7 Dec (NCH, GH). At least 4 Black- vented Shearwaters were photographed off Santa María Huatulco, Oax. 20 Jan (AM, JM, RV, ph.). A juv. Reddish Egret was at the Reyes Etla, Oax. oxygenation ponds 29 Nov (ph. MG). A White-tailed Kite was on the outskirts of Puebla, Pue. 6 Feb (HGdS). An ad. Double- toothed Kite was near Punta de Cafetales, Finca Prusia, Chis. 9 Feb (AM, JM, MC et al.); another was seen soaring over the entrance to Finca el Pacifco in the Sierra de Miahuatlan, Oax. 21 Jan (AM ph., JM, RV). Extralimital re- ports of this species continue to be reported in recent years. 17 Jan (ph. DJ); a frst-cycle Little Gull was there 18-22 Jan (MG, JDC, ph.). Three El- egant Terns were at Estero Escopampa 3 Jan (AM, JM, AR, AG, JHM ph., BS, BR), and 6 were seen there 4 Jan (RV, MR, HR). Male and female Anna's Hummingbirds were recorded very frequently in several parts of the Torreón, Coah. metropolitan area, both in pub- lic parks and private gardens, throughout the period; they seem to be more visible from Nov until Mar, although they can be seen all year long (FVP, MRLL). A Merlin was spotted near La Isla on the Nazas River, 20 km w. of Torreón 9 Dec (MRLL, FVP); this marks the frst local record of this falcon in more than fve years. A Greenish Elaenia was photographed at Ca- ñón Cieneguilla in Álamos, Son. 14 Dec (ph., v.r. DS, LH). A Gray Vireo recorded 10 km w. of La Amistad reservoir, Coah. 28 Feb was early (RV). A Pine Wabler was near La Juven- tud reservoir, 15 km n. of Monterrey 8-15 Feb (ph. GG, ph. AG, ph. JO, ph. EM, m.ob.). A héctor Gómez de Silva –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– northern MeXIco WATERFOWL THROUGH WARBLERS A Surf Scoter recorded in La Escopama es- tuary, 10 km n. of Mazatlan, Sin. 3 Jan (ph. JM, AM, BS, ph. JHM, BR, AR, AG), was still present 4 Jan (ph. RV). A White-winged Sco- ter and a Hooded Merganser were at Salcido Lake, 10 km se. Durango city, Dgo. 12 Dec (ph. JHM). In Nuevo León, 4 Hooded Mergansers were at La Boca reservoir, 25 km se. of Monter- rey, 17 Dec (RV, RD). A Red-breasted Mergan- ser was Salcido lake 12 Dec–20 Jan (ph. JHM), and one was at Presa Garabitos, Dgo. 14 Dec (BR ph., BS). Five Sandhill Cranes were seen in fight over Highway 40D about 70 km w. of Saltillo, Coah. 21 Feb (FVP); El Tulillo dam is located 35 km to the northeast. Five Black Turnstones were at Cerritos beach n. of Mazatlan, Sin. 4 Jan (JM, AM, BS, BR, ph. RV, ph. JHM, ph. AR, ph. AG, ph. AVH). Two Wilson's Phalaropes, usually a species seen in migration, were at El Guaya- bal estuary in the Playa El Verde protected area, 20 km n. of Mazatlan 4 Jan (JM, AM, BS, JHM, RV, AR, AG). A frst-cycle Glaucous Gull was on the Mexican side across the Rio Grande River from Boca Chica Beach, Texas This frst-cycle Glaucous Gull was on the Mexican side across the Río Grande from Boca Chica Beach, Texas 17 January 2014. Photograph by Dan Jones.

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