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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 280 B a j a c a l i f o r n i a p e n i n s u l a ph. DSC et al.). Another potentially winter- ing Orchard Oriole was at La Purisima 2 Nov (GM). A Bullock's Oriole on the Maneadero Plain 20-21 Dec (PAG, NL et al.) was the only one found. Contributors: Douglas W. Aguillard, Yuri Albores Barajas, Nallely Arce, Víctor Ayala- Pérez, Humberto Berlanga, Mark J. Billings, Thomas A. Blackman, Juan Butrón, Alejandra Calvo Fonseca, Michael D. Carmody, Kevin B. Clark, Daniel S. Cooper, Nadine de Jong, Gonzalo De León Girón, Morgan Edwards, Richard A. Erickson, Alyssa Della Fave, George Flicker, Mary Flicker, Bob Friedrichs, Peter A. Gaede, Daniel Galindo Espinosa, José Emer García, Tom Haglund, Steve Hampton, Alan Harper (AHa), Adriana Hernández, Mar- shal J. Iliff, Rob Larson, Nick Lethaby, Linette A. Lina, David MacKay, Gerardo Marrón, Amy E. McAndrews, Eric Mellink, Jorge Montejo, Michael O'Brien, Beth Polvino, Caleb Putnam, Kurt A. Radamaker, George Ramón Domin- guez Romero, Julia Ray, Gorgonio Ruiz- Campos, Matt Sadowski, Cecilia Soldatini, Joe Solorzano, Eduardo Soto Montoya, Gary J. Strachan, Armando Tapia Landeros, Steve Tucker, Jonathan Vargas, Matt Wold, Enrique D. Zamora-Hernández. Records submitted to and accessed from eBird/aVerAves were essen- tial in the compilation of this report. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Richard A. Erickson, lsa associates, 20 executive park, suite 200, irvine, california 92614 ( Roberto Carmona, Departamento de Biología Marina, universidad autónoma de Baja california sur, apartado postal 19-B, la paz, Baja california sur, México ( Gorgonio Ruiz-Campos, facultad de ciencias, universidad autónoma de Baja california, Km. 103 carretera Tijuana-ensenada, ensenada, Baja california, 22800, México U. S. mailing address: pMB 064, p.o. Box 189003, coronado, california 92178-9003, ( lent than usual, with >100 seen in the moun- tains and deserts of ne. Baja California, 9 in nw. Baja California, and one well s. at Bahía de los Ángeles 10 Feb (GF, MF). An Ameri- can Robin was also at Bahía de los Ángeles 21 Jan–6 Feb (GF, MF), and a Varied Thrush was at Tecate 26 Dec–2 Jan (RL). The only longspur of the entire fall/winter season was a Lapland Longspur at Laguna Figueroa 30 Jan (AEM, JM). And there were few warbler high- lights: Louisiana Waterthrush found again on the road to San Antonio de la Sierra (8 Mar, VAP; different than the one seen in Sep 2013), a Black-and-white Warbler unusual in ne. Baja California at the Mexicali zoo 29 Mar (MJB, RAE); an unexpected Virginia's Warbler at Guerrero Negro 2 Mar (VAP); and a Palm Warbler at Estero San José 11 Dec–25 Feb (ph. CP et al.). Rare sparrows in nw. Baja California in- cluded a Clay-colored Sparrow and Swamp Sparrow on the Maneadero Plain 20-21 Dec (PAG, NL et al.) and a White-throated Spar- row at San Telmo 28 Jan (AEM, JM). In the Si- erra de Juárez, 2 Pink-sided and 2 Gray-head- ed Juncos were found at Laguna Hanson and vicinity 19 Dec (RAE, MJI, GM). The Tecate Hepatic Tanager was back for its fourth win- ter, 2 Dec–10 Feb (RL et al.). Lower numbers of Summer Tanagers than normal were report- ed, not surprising following the low numbers found in the fall. Other rare cardinalids in Baja California Sur included a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Cabo San Lucas 21 Mar (BP), an Indigo Bunting at Mirafores 6 Apr (VAP, NA), and a Dickcissel at Estero San José 20- 23 Mar (ph. DSC). The last bird established the frst winter record for the Region. In Baja California, a Lazuli Bunting on the Maneadero Plain 20 Dec (NL; ph., †PAG) established the third winter record for the state. Now some- what expected in winter, 5 Bronzed Cowbirds were on the ne. Baja California C.B.C.s 17-18 Dec (fde ACF), and up to 6 Orchard Orioles were at Estero San José 3 Nov–20 Mar (†BF, able Elegant Terns at Estero Punta Banda 20 Dec (2; GM, EM et al.) and La Paz 14 Dec (8; fde DGE). SWIFTS THROUGH ORIOLES Vaux's Swifts were found in the Cape District: se. of Buena Vista 9 Jan (3; MDC) and behind La Ventana 9 Feb (2; GJS). Northerly Crested Caracara records continue to accumulate. This season, 2 were at Mexicali 3 Feb (ph. ATL). Monk Parakeets continue to strengthen their presence in the Region. Nest structures were frst observed at La Paz on 11 Dec (JS). Gray Flycatchers in coastal nw. Baja Cali- fornia included singles at Islas Todos Santos 12 Dec (HB) and on the Maneadero Plain 20 Dec (MJI). Swallow numbers were gener- ally unremarkable this winter. A selection of maximum counts from different areas include the following: in nw. Baja California, 2 Barn Swallows on the Ensenada C.B.C. 20 Dec (fde RAE, EDZH); in ne. Baja California, 60 North - ern Rough-winged Swallows on the Río Hardy C.B.C. 18 Dec (fde ACF) and 7 Barn Swallows at the Las Arenitas sewage ponds 18 Dec (MJI, RAE); and in the Cape District, 500 Northern Rough-winged Swallows at Todos Santos 5 Jan and 100 Barn Swallows there 12 Jan (ST). On the nw. coast, a Golden-crowned King- let was at El Sauzal 21 Dec (ph. MJI, ph. GM, RAE). Mountain Bluebirds were more preva- Golden-crowned Kinglet is a rare winter visitor to Baja California. This one was at El Sauzal 21 December 2013. Photograph by Marshall J. Ilif.

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