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VOLUME 68 NO2 2015

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 278 s o u t h e r n c a l i f o r n i a Cabe, Barbara L. Carlson, Jamie M. Chavez, Charlie Collins, David M. Compton (Santa Barbara), Daniel S. Cooper, Travis Cooper, Re- becca Fagan Coulter, Brian E. Daniels, Rob Den- holtz, Bill Deppe, Nicole J. Desnoyers, Celine DiBernardo, Dean DiTommaso, Pam Dong, Jon L. Dunn, Tom M. Edell (San Luis Obispo), La- vonne Eden, Brian Elliott, Herb Elliott, Jon S. Feenstra, Jon L. Fisher, Tom Ford-Hutchinson, Mary Freeman, David Furseth, Peter A. Gaede, R. C. Gallagher, Kimball L. Garrett (Los Ange- les), Neil A. Gilbert, Greg Gillson, David Good- ward, John Green, Robert Gundy, Peter Haines, Robb A. Hamilton, Lauren B. Harter, Darrin P. Heindel, Tom & Jo Heindel (Inyo), Kelli Heindel-Levinson (Kern), Dennis Hernandez, Roon P. Hirst, Mark A. Holmgren, Richard Hor- witz (RiH), Debbie J. House, Chris B. Howard (CBH), Rosie Howard (RoH), Terry Hunefeld, Tom Johnson, Charles Kahr, Jay Keller, Dan King, Will H. Knowlton, Russell D. Kokx, Al- exander E. Koonce (San Bernardino), Kenneth Z. Kurland, Andrew K. Lee, Cin-Ty Lee, Paul E. Lehman, G. Victor Leipzig, Joe Lepisto Sr., Nick A. Lethaby, Rob Lindsay, Tim Ludwick, Curtis A. Marantz, Debbie Marlow (DeM), Doug Martin (DoM), Judy Matsuoka (JMa), Guy McCaskie (San Diego and Imperial), Chris McCreedy, Chet McGaugh (Riverside), Robert McKernan, Jim- my McMorran, Bob Miller (BMi), William H. Mitchel, Jesse Moorman (JMo), Bill Moramarco (BMo), James R. Morris, Steve Morris, Gretch- en Nell, Richard Norgaard, Richard J. Norton, Ron and Nancy Overholtz (R&NO), Bob Pann, David Pereksta, James E. Pike, David Rankin, Hugh P. Ranson, J. Van Remsen, Steve Ritt, Chris Rohrer, Jonathan Rowley, Matt Sadowski (MSa), Michael J. San Miguel, Larry Sansone, Mark and Janet Scheel (M & JS), Roger Schoedl, Adam J. Searcy (Ventura), Allison M. Sheehey, Brad Singer, Eric Smith, Maggie L. Smith, Susan E. Smith, Mark Stratton (MSt), Colleen Southern, Ginger Spinelli, Justyn T. Stahl (San Clemente Island), Trent R. Stanley, Susan L. Steele, Tom Stephenson, Don Sterba, John R. Storrer, Steve Summers, Ryan S. Terrill (RST), Ninad Thakoor, Robert Theriault, Jerry Ting, Michelle Tobin (MTob), Michelle Townsley (MTow), Gene Ud- win, Philip Unitt, David Vander Pluym, Norm Vargas, Matt Victoria, Joyce Waterman, Scott Whittle, Douglas R. Willick (Orange), Thomas E. Wurster, Jerry T. Zatorski, Kevin J. Zimmer. Many additional observers who could not be in- dividually acknowledged submitted reports; all have our thanks. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Guy McCaskie, 954 Grove avenue, imperial Beach, california 91932, ( Kimball L. Garrett, natural history Museum of los angeles county, 900 exposition Boulevard, los angeles, california 90007, ( well above average, with at least 37 in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, 39 on the remainder of the coastal slope, and 4 on the deserts. Har- ris's Sparrows were well represented this win- ter, with 3 in Santa Barbara and 4 in Inyo, plus birds on Anacapa Island 29 Nov–14 Mar (JBa), at C.L. 1 Dec+ (SLS), at Huntington Beach 2-6 Jan (GVL), and at Wiest Lake 13-17 Feb (RJN). Returning Hepatic Tanagers remained from fall through 30 Mar at Compton, Los Angeles (RB) and through 6 Feb at Balboa Park, San Di- ego (CA), and 1 Dec–24 Mar at Imperial Beach (DK); others were in San Diego at Encinitas 6 Feb (SES) and Ramona 26 Feb–12 Mar (TC). Summer Tanagers were less numerous than in recent winters, but 41 birds on the coastal slope (27 in San Diego) was still a respectable show- ing. Only one Rose-breasted Grosbeak, at Santa Barbara 22 Feb (BAs), complemented the several Black-headeds found during the period. Lazuli Buntings are casual in winter in the Region, so up to 4 at Cayucos, San Luis Obispo 25 Dec–13 Jan (TME, RA) were exceptional. An Indigo Bunting at Lone Pine 21-22 Feb (RDK) was the frst ever in winter for Inyo. Ad. and imm. male Tricolored Blackbirds at Bishop 11-17 Jan, with the ad. continuing through 13 Feb, established the frst winter re- cord for Inyo (CBH, RoH). Rusty Blackbirds were found at Goleta 16 Dec (RPH), the Santa Ynez River estuary, Santa Barbara 1 Jan (JLF), and Huntington Beach, Orange 25 Jan–28 Feb (RS); 2 continued at Harbor R.P. from fall through 18 Dec, with one remaining through 22 Dec (AEK, DS). Ad. male Orchard Orioles were at Santa Barbara 2-4 Jan (RL), Arcadia, Los Angeles 14 Dec–31 Mar (PD), and Encinitas 27 Dec–4 Jan (PEL); a hatch-year male was in Balboa Park 8-29 Dec (SR), and a female was at Encinitas 3 Jan–3 Feb (SES). Hooded Orioles away from coastal areas, where small numbers regularly winter, were at Bakersfeld from fall through 15 Feb (KHL) and at F.C.R., where an ad. male continuing from fall until 28 Feb (T&JH) was the frst to winter in Inyo. Eleven Baltimore Ori- oles were found on the coastal slope from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Pine Siskins were scarce throughout the lowlands this winter; the only report in Santa Barbara, for example, was of one at Goleta 4 Jan (JRS). Up to 50 Cassin's Finches in the Laguna Mountains 15-28 Feb+ (MSa) was an unusually large number for this area. Cited observers (county coordinators in bold- face): Alex A. Abela, Bernardo Alps (BAl), Barry Astatt (BAs), Matt Anderson, Caron Andregg, Rick Austin, Liga L. Auzins, Fred Baker, Jen- nifer Baldwin (JeB), Larry R. Ballard, Robert A. Barnes, Joel Barrett (JBa), Richard Barth, Todd Battey, Thomas A. Benson, Bill A. Bouton, Matt Brady, Jeff Bray (JBr), Victoria Brennan, Dick Pismo S.B. 9-10 Feb (CD) and Bonita, San Diego 27 Oct–23 Mar (DD). Less than annual in winter occurrence, a Bay-breasted Warbler was at Uni- versity City, San Diego 28 Nov–8 Mar (PEL). A Chestnut-sided Warbler was at San Juan Cap- istrano, Orange 14-22 Dec (DRW), and birds returning for a second winter were at National City, San Diego 24 Oct–11 Jan (PEL) and San Di- ego 31 Dec–11 Mar (PEL). An exceptionally late Blackpoll Warbler was at Westminster, Orange 7 Dec (TF-H). A Black-throated Blue Warbler at San Diego 28 Oct–11 Apr (JRM) returned for its second winter; another was at S.J.W.A. 3 Feb+ (DoM). Sixteen Palm Warblers were in coastal areas (including 2 on San Clemente Island 23 Dec; NJD) during the period, with another at Brawley, Imperial 16 Dec (SR). Returning Pine Warblers continued from the fall through 9 Apr at Hansen Dam (KLG) and through 11 Mar at Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego (MSt). A widely seen Prairie Warbler was at the "Gray Hawk spot" at Carpinteria 10 Dec–11 Mar (GS) and another that had clearly wintered locally was along the Santa Ana River at Colton, San Bernardino 6 Mar+ (JG). Grace's Warblers were at Goleta 6 Nov–9 Mar (LE) and Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego 6 Oct–15 Mar (for its third winter; TRS). Black-throated Gray Warblers are quite rare in winter away from the coastal slope, so birds at Ridgecrest, Kern 13-26 Jan (RAB) and Brawley 16 Dec (PEL) were of note. A Black- throated Green Warbler remained at Playa Vista, Los Angeles 22 Nov–25 Dec (JMa), and others were in San Diego at Greenwood Cemetery 13 Nov–19 Apr (MSa) and Solana Beach 26 Dec–13 Jan (PEL). A Painted Redstart spent 20 Dec–5 Apr at Balboa Park, San Diego (JeB, PU), with others at Ventura 4 Dec (JBa) and Irvine 2-10 Mar (DH). Casual in winter, a Yellow-breasted Chat at Los Osos 15 Jan–23 Feb (JSR) was at a site with sightings in fve recent winters. An American Tree Sparrow at Quail Lake in nw. Los Angeles 8 Dec (M&JS) was one of the few to be found in the Region in recent years. Clay-colored Sparrows winter regularly in small numbers, with 8 on the coastal slope during the period not unexpected. Far rarer in winter, a Black-chinned Sparrow was at Charmlee Park, Malibu, Los Angeles 18 Dec (LS); one near Bor- rego Springs 2 Mar (SW, TS) had probably win- tered locally. A Black-throated Sparrow in Silver Canyon in the White Mountains, Inyo 14 Feb (SLS) was in a part of the Region where casual in winter. To the list of wintering localities of the scarce Nelson's Sparrow in the Region can be added San Elijo Lagoon, San Diego, where up to 3 were present 1 Jan–2 Mar (GG, JMcM). Nineteen Swamp Sparrows were on the coastal slope during the period, with another 5 on the deserts and one in the s. San Joaquin Valley of Kern. White-throated Sparrow numbers were

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