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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 277 City, San Diego 10 Dec (SR) and well inland at Moreno Valley, Riverside 17-21 Dec (TAB); un- precedented were up to 2 that remained at Port Hueneme, Ventura 14 Dec–3 Mar (MB). Up to 3 Sprague's Pipits near Calipatria 17 Dec–19 Feb (MSa) were the only ones reported. Nineteen Lapland Longspurs were found during the pe- riod, 9 of which were in coastal San Diego. Up to 5 Chestnut-collared Longspurs near Calipatria 17-25 Dec (MSa) and a McCown's Longspur at the Carrizo Plain 30 Jan–20 Feb (Will H. Knowl- ton) were the only ones reported. WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES Six Northern Waterthrushes wintered along the coast, and one at Finney Lake, Imperial 16 Dec had returned for its second winter (PEL). An above-average 32 Black-and-white Warblers were found on the coastal slope during the pe- riod, along with one at Bakersfeld, Kern 15 Jan (DPH). The 9 Tennessee Warblers during the period were concentrated in coastal Santa Bar- bara (4) and San Diego (3). A concentration of 15 migrant Orange-crowned Warblers in bud- ding willows at Hansen Dam, Los Angeles 20 Feb (KLG) shows just how early this species can move in spring. Lucy's Warblers were at Santa Barbara 25 Dec–14 Jan (DMC), Goleta 4-26 Jan (RST), and Bell Gardens, Los Angeles 14-22 Feb (RB), and a returning Virginia's Warbler was at West Los Angeles from the fall through 14 Feb (CAM). A MacGillivray's Warbler, casual in win- ter, was at Huntington Beach 16 Jan–10 Feb (DC). Nine American Redstarts were reported along the coast, with others at Big River on the Colorado River, San Bernardino 7 Dec (TAB) and Wiest Lake near Calipatria 14 Feb (BMo). Northern Parulas were at Oceano Campground, 26 Dec (PEL), and one was at Palm Springs, Riverside 19 Dec (JT). In contrast, only 7 Cassin's Vireos were found, all on the coastal slope from Los Angeles and w. Riverside to San Diego. Returning Blue-headed Vir- eos, less than annual in the Region, were at Harbor R.P., Los Angeles 13 Dec–5 Jan (MB) and at Point Loma 16 Nov–12 Mar (JK, PEL). War- bling Vireos, casual in winter, were at Santa Barbara 4 Jan–1 Feb (HPR) and at Camarillo, Ventura 19 Dec–14 Feb (AJS); one at Carpinteria 22 Feb (LRB) may have wintered locally, but one at San Dimas 25 Feb (AEK) was thought to be an early migrant. Some 15 Steller's Jays were found below 225 m elevation in the Santa Barbara lowlands during the period, including the frst ever on V.A.F.B. in La Salle Canyon 15 Dec (MAH). Up to 3 Clark's Nutcrackers were in the Laguna Mountains 16- 28 Feb+ (DK, MSa); this species is absent from the San Diego mountains in most years. Scarce mid-winter swallows included Bank Swallows at S.E.S.S. 16 Dec (GMcC) and near Calipatria, Im- perial 17 Dec (MJSanM), a Cliff Swallow at Han- sen Dam, Los Angeles 14 Jan (KLG), and 3 Cliffs at Leucadia, San Diego 18 Jan (JMcM). A Verdin returned to the University of Cali- fornia Riverside campus 14-21 Dec (NT). Red- breasted Nuthatches were in very low numbers this winter in the lowlands, e.g., with only 4 re- corded in San Luis Obispo (TME). Pacifc Wrens were on the deserts at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, San Bernardino 1 Dec–3 Jan (PAG) and F.C.R. 4 Jan (CBH, RoH). A Winter Wren was on the University of California Riverside campus 13-15 Dec (DR). Blue-gray Gnatcatch- ers are casual in Inyo in winter, so one sw. of Bishop 6 Jan (WHM) and 3 at Redding Canyon in the White Mountains 14 Feb (R&NO) were of note. Golden-crowned Kinglets were scarce in San Luis Obispo, with only 6 reported over the period (TME), but were found in "moder- ate numbers away from expected locations" in Santa Barbara and in small numbers elsewhere. In general, there were no large movements of Mountain Bluebirds into the Region, so a peak count of 32 on San Clemente Island 25 Dec (JTS) and up to 17 in the Tijuana River Valley 8 Dec–16 Feb (BLC) were notable. An excep- tionally late Swainson's Thrush was at Carlsbad 21-23 Dec (JVR). The middle of the winter pe- riod is "spring" arrival time for Sage Thrashers; early birds included singles at S.J.W.A. 21 Jan (CMcG), at Puente Hills, Los Angeles 23 Jan (RAH), and in coastal Santa Barbara, where rare, at Isla Vista 3-4 Feb (RFC); one on Santa Cruz Island 1 Jan (CR) was hard to categorize. Late Red-throated Pipits were at National ing Eastern Phoebe was at El Chorro R.P., San Luis Obispo 5 Dec–4 Jan (MLS, HE); another was at Malibu 11 Dec–14 Feb (JW). Vermilion Flycatchers seem to appear almost randomly in much of the Region's lowlands through the year, with patterns hard to discern; notable sightings included a pair at Glendora, Los Angeles 17 Feb+ that nested in Mar (VB), birds as far n. as C.L. 1 Dec–10 Feb (TL), Independence, Inyo 22- 26 Jan (JTZ), and F.C.R. 5 Jan–27 Feb (CBH), and an impressive count of 13 on the N.E.S.S. Christmas count 4 Jan (HBK). A Dusky-capped Flycatcher returned for its sixth winter to La Mirada Creek Park, Los Angeles 1 Dec–25 Mar (JR). A large-billed Myiarchus that appeared to be a Brown-crested Flycatcher was seen briefy at Atwater Village, Los Angeles 15 Dec (JMo), but the photographs may not be conclusive. Twelve wintering Tropical Kingbirds, some continuing from the fall and all on the coastal slope, were about normal. A Thick-billed Kingbird was at San Dimas, Los Angeles 18 Jan–3 Feb (ES); the returning bird at Chula Vista, San Diego re- mained from Oct through 7 Apr (RN). Western Kingbirds, very rare but regular in winter, were in San Luis Obispo at Laguna Lake 13 Dec (BAB) and Arroyo Grande 15 Jan (likely returning from last winter; JLD) and in San Diego at Lake Mur- ray 24 Dec–29 Jan (JRM) and Cardiff-by-the-Sea 26 Dec–20 Jan (PEL). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Encinitas, San Diego 28 Nov (GN) was prob- ably same bird seen nearby at Cardiff-by-the-Sea 4 Jan–7 Mar (SES); others were at Prado R.P. 14 Feb (MTob) and Fairview Park in Corona, River- side 15 Dec (HBK). VIREOS THROUGH LONGSPURS Wintering Bell's Vireos were at Santa Maria, Santa Barbara 29 Dec–9 Feb (JMC) and at Hun- tington Beach, Orange from fall through 1 Feb (RS). About 20 Plumbeous Vireos wintered on the coastal slope, with the northernmost at Santa Barbara 3-4 Jan (PEL); on the deserts, a returning bird was at Borrego Springs 30 Nov– s o u t h e r n c a l i f o r n i a Five Rusty Blackbirds were known to be present in Southern California during winter 2013-2014, with this female photographed at Huntington Beach, Orange County, on the frst day of its stay, 25 January through 28 February. Photograph by Roger Schoedl. This Thick-billed Kingbird, present at San Dimas, Los Angeles County 18 January through 3 (here 1) February, was one of two known wintering in Southern California in winter 2013- 2014. Photograph by Jon L. Fisher.

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