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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 276 an additional 8 were at the Salton Sea through the winter (CMcG, DG, GMcC). At least 5 Glau- cous Gulls were found along the coast, and a frst-cycle bird at N.E.S.S. 22-25 Feb (DG) was the only one inland. A Black Skimmer at N.E.S.S. 15 Feb (RMcK) was unexpected, as this species withdraws from the Salton Sea in winter. DOVES THROUGH FLYCATCHERS Five White-winged Doves were reported from the coast, and one at Glen Helen, San Bernardi- no 21 Feb (DG) was at an unexpected location. In addition, 3 White-winged Doves were at N.E.S.S. 27 Dec (RMcK), and up to 3 remained in Morongo Valley, San Bernardino through the winter (AEK); this dove is now a common year- round resident in e. San Diego at Anza Borrego Desert S.P., with small numbers regularly over- wintering in the Imperial Valley s. of the Salton Sea, so it may be attempting to do the same to n. of the Salton Sea. Two Inca Doves at Borrego Springs 15 Dec (PEL, JTS), with one remain- ing through Feb (RT), suggested a movement of this species westward into e. San Diego; how- ever, the origin of up to 7 at Washington Park in an urban area of s. Los Angeles 6 Feb+ (RB) is uncertain, as this location is well w. of the spe- cies' known range. The Broad-billed Hummingbird found at Bor- rego Springs 15 Nov remained through 17 Jan (TH). Two Acorn Woodpeckers on San Clemente Island through the winter (JTS) were far from the species' known range. A Williamson's Sap- sucker at Bishop 17 Dec (CBH) was in an area where very few have previously been found; one in Quatal Canyon, Ventura 10 Dec (JBa), and 3 more in the foothills around the Los Angeles Ba- sin through much of the winter, were in areas where considered rare, and one near Escondido, San Diego 21 Jan (DeM) was in the coastal low- lands, where much rarer. At least 20 Yellow- bellied Sapsuckers were reported from various locations throughout the Region, including one at Niland 17 Dec (CAM). Two Gilded Flickers at Cima Dome in e. San Bernardino 28 Dec (CAM) were the only ones reported. A Crested Caracara at Chula Vista 7 Jan (FB) was likely the same bird seen in this general area of San Diego off and on since Sep 2006. Some 11 wintering Hammond's Flycatchers included birds well into the interior at Lake Per- ris, Riverside 25 Feb (DSC) and at Cibbets Flat in the Laguna Mountains, San Diego 2 Mar (SR). Casual in winter, a Dusky Flycatcher was at Fountain Valley, Orange 29 Dec–8 Mar (NAG). In addition to some 10 Pacifc-slope Flycatch- ers on the coastal slope during the winter, one was at Black Meadow Landing on Colorado River, San Bernardino 18 Jan (LLA, TEW); early migrants arrived at Goleta 23 Feb (DMC) and Presidio Park, San Diego 26 Feb (CA). A return- San Luis Obispo 25 Nov–22 Jan (KJZ), 2 at Hun- tington Beach, Orange 19-21 Dec (JEP), 2 at Seal Beach, Orange in Dec (TF-H), one at Del Mar, San Diego 21 Oct–19 Mar (PEL), and 14 on San Clemente Island 22-23 Feb (JTS). Mountain Plo- vers were decidedly scarce, with the high count at the Carrizo Plain N.M., San Luis Obispo being only 7 on 7 Dec (KJZ); 6 at the Tejon Ranch 4 Jan (KH-L) were the only ones in Kern; fewer than 200 were found in the Imperial Valley, Imperial (GMcC), but an encouraging up to 135 were at Perris, Riverside 9 Dec–15 Feb (CMcG); 5 on n. V.A.F.B. 15 Dec (AAA) and one at Camarillo, Ventura 10 Dec (PAG) were the only ones found along the coast. A Solitary Sandpiper, very rare in winter, was at Chino, San Bernardino 15 Dec (DG). Up to 3 Red Knots inland at S.E.S.S. 25 Oct–17 Dec (GMcC) were likely attempting to winter locally. A Ruff at Bolsa Chica, Orange 29 Dec–4 Jan (CC) was the only one found this winter. A Stilt Sandpiper, very rare on the coast, was at Point Mugu 6-22 Dec (DP), and another inland at the Kern N.W.R. 22 Feb (RAB) was the frst in winter for Kern. A Pectoral Sandpiper at Irvine, Orange 10-13 Dec (RG) was probably an exceptionally late fall migrant, but totally unex- pected was another at P.P. 14 Dec–22 Feb (TB, M&JS), as only one or 2 have previously been found wintering in California. Three or 4 Red Phalaropes were inland at S.E.S.S. between 3 Dec (GMcC) and 4 Jan (TAB). Up to 10 Marbled Murrelets off n. V.A.F.B. 11 Jan–15 Feb (NAL, MV) were at the s. extreme of this species' winter range. A Tufted Puffn, rare in Southern California waters, was off Point Estero, San Luis Obispo 19 Jan (TME). An ad. Black-headed Gull at N.E.S.S. 8-14 Jan (CAM) may have been the same bird present here seven years ago. An ad. Little Gull was off Dana Point 11 Jan (JLD). A Laughing Gull at Long Beach, Los Angeles 24 Feb–9 Mar (AKL) was the only one reported along the coast, and one on the e. shore of the Salton Sea at Salt Creek 27 Dec (RMcK) was the only one inland. A frst-cycle Franklin's Gull at Lower Otay Lake, San Diego 28 Dec (CS) was likely a late fall migrant. Single Mew Gulls well inland on Lake Havasu 8 Dec (TAB) and at the Prado Regional Park, San Ber- nardino 5 Jan (TAB)—along with single Glau- cous-winged Gulls at Lake Isabella, Kern 13 Jan (SS), Prado Regional Park 5 Jan (BS), and On- tario, San Bernardino 19 Feb (BD)—were in areas where very few have previously been recorded. Documentation for a possible ad. Iceland Gull at Bishop 23-29 Jan (CBH) is under review by the C.B.R.C. A frst-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull on San Diego Bay 3 Jan (MSa) was the only one found on the coast; a third-cycle bird was on Lake Isabella 5-12 Jan (AMS), along with a frst- cycle bird there 12 Jan (SLS); 2 were around Lakeview, Riverside 6 Dec–31 Jan (CMcG); and Point Loma 29 Dec (PEL). Lingering Blue-footed Boobies from the fall incursion included one at Lake Skinner through 11 Feb (DF, *SDNHM), one at Lake Havasu through 3 Feb (JLD), up to 5 on Anacapa Island through Feb (AJS), and up to 5 fshing off Imperial Beach, San Diego 2-29 Dec (MSa, PEL). Small numbers of Brown Boobies, no doubt most being from the breeding colony on the nearby Los Coronados Islands, are now regularly encountered off San Diego; farther n., single birds were off Dana Point 14 Dec (TF-H), over the Redondo Canyon off Los Angeles 28 Dec (BAl), and on Anacapa Island 3 Jan–5 Mar (JBa); in addition, the long-staying bird inland on Lake Havasu remained through 8 Feb (PEL). Single Neotropic Cormorants were along the Colorado River at Black Meadow Landing, San Bernardino 18 Jan (DVanP), Parker Dam, San Bernardino 3-8 Feb (BD), and Winterhaven, Imperial 18 Dec (DVanP), and at least 15 were known pres- ent around the S.E.S.S./Imperial Valley in Feb (GMcC, BMi, CAM). The Little Blue Heron found on Upper New- port Bay, Orange 16 Aug (GU) was still pres- ent 28 Feb and was the only one known away from coastal s. San Diego. Three Reddish Egrets were found n. of Orange, with single birds at Long Beach, Los Angeles 21 Jan–15 Mar+ (JSF), Malibu, Los Angeles 5 Jan (PH), and Go- leta, Santa Barbara 7 Jan (JBa). As many as 13 Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were at Point Mugu through the period (DP), and two pairs were still present at Imperial Beach at the end of Feb (GMcC). An imm. White Ibis frequenting the Yuma East Wetlands on the Arizona side of the Colorado River since Dec was found fying to roost at Winterhaven on the California side of the river 26 Jan–18 Mar (CMcC, CAM). A Black Vulture, present since 1 Oct, continues to move between Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo through the winter (TME). A Gray Hawk, the same bird that was present last winter, was at Carpinteria, Santa Barbara 5 Dec–22 Mar (RD). Two Swainson's Hawks near Kern N.W.R. 16 Jan (RAB) may have been wintering locally, but 12 near El Centro, Imperial 26-27 Jan (KZK) were early migrants. Six Zone-tailed Hawks in the coastal lowlands of San Diego and Orange were the only ones reported this winter. Rough- legged Hawks remain rare in Southern Califor- nia, with only 3 each in Inyo and San Luis Obispo known present. CRANES THROUGH SKIMMERS A Sandhill Crane at F.C.R. 4 Dec (RCG) and another near Port Hueneme, Ventura 8 Dec–15 Mar (MTow) were at unexpected localities, and a fock of 80-85 fying over upper Big Tujunga Canyon, Los Angeles 6 Feb (SM) were most likely northbound migrants. Wintering Pacifc Gold- en-Plovers included up to 2 at Arroyo Laguna, s o u t h e r n c a l i f o r n i a

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