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V O L U M E 6 8 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 2 273 N o r t h e r N C a l i f o r N i a Feb (JRW) established the second winter record for Lake. Twenty-six Barn Swallows were found in seven coastal and three inland counties dur- ing Dec and Jan. Although Barn Swallows have become almost expected in the lowlands dur- ing those months, one at 1900 m elevation at Tahoe City, Placer 19 Jan (†Michael Strom) was a surprise. Apparently wintering Northern Rough- winged Swallows, both single birds, were at Fre- mont, Alameda 8 Jan (Jeff Bleam) and at Harkins Slough, Santa Cruz 1 Feb (ph. JGa). Mendocino's frst Black-capped Chickadee, frst discovered 15 Nov, continued at Lake Cleone at MacKerricher S.P. through the period (JRW, George Griffth, m.ob.). For the second consecutive winter, we received no reports of Red-breasted Nuthatches away from areas of residency. A House Wren on F.I. throughout the period established the frst overwintering record for the island (Point Blue). The Winter Wren discovered at Inverness Park, Marin 15 Nov continued there through 31 Dec (TEa, m.ob.). More than doubling the seasonal average, 13 Townsend's Solitaires were reported away from areas of residency. THRASHERS THROUGH FINCHES Our only Gray Catbird was a holdover from fall that spent the entire winter in S.F. (m.ob). The Region hosted 11 Sage Thrashers, second only to our 1998 winter total of 12. A Brown Thrasher was at Pacifc Grove, Monterey 18 Dec+ (Linda Beidleman, ph. DR, m.ob.). A Le Conte's Thrasher at Fish Slough, Mono 27 Dec (ph. JiDP) suggested that this species may be a year-round resident at this known breed- ing location. Longspurs were sparsely reported this season, with Laplands at Abbotts Lagoon, Marin 7-23 Dec (Mark Dettling, RDiG, DWm), Bedwell Bayfront Park, San Mateo 9-11 Jan (R. Ferrick et al.), and the Salt River estuary, Hum- boldt 18 Jan–22 Feb (TKz, m.ob.) and a single Chestnut-collared along W. Lathrop Rd., San Joaquin 10 Feb (TMcK). An Ovenbird at Arcata Marsh, Humboldt 8-9 Dec (Alexandra Lamb, ph., vt. RbF, m.ob.) was notable both Regionally (we record winter Ovenbirds about once every fve years) and locally, providing the twenty-ninth warbler spe- cies for the vagrant-rich Ar- cata Marsh. Humboldt hosted half of our total of 6 North- ern Waterthrushes. A total of 9 Black-and-white Warblers was an average showing. A Tennessee Warbler was in Golden Gate Park, S.F. 2 Dec (Chris Crow), and Lucy's Warblers included one bird lingering from fall to 4 Dec in Pacifca, San Mateo (L. Keitel- man, JM) and another in S.F. Eel River Estuary Preserve 2-24 Feb (ph. Brad Elvert, Matt Delgado, RbF, DCo, KBu, SWH, m.ob.) was the second for Humboldt. Unlike previous California records, which have in- volved frst-year, gray-morph birds, this was an ad. light morph. Another Gyrfalcon, an imm. re- ported from Bouldin Island 16 Jan (†DGY), was the frst for San Joaquin. Three Empidonax fycatchers were reported. One at Woodside, San Mateo 21 Dec (fde ADeM) was a Pacifc-slope/Cordilleran (presumably a Pacifc-slope); another calling bird at Lake Cun- ningham, Santa Clara 16 & 22 Feb (PDu, MDo et al.) was a Pacifc-slope; and the other n. of Fresno, Fresno 28 Dec (George Folsom) was most likely a Hammond's but possibly a Dusky. Bird- ers turned up 6 Eastern Phoebes: one at Marina, Monterey 1-12 Dec (ph. SRv, KVV et al.), one at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz 6 Dec (SGe et al.), one continuing from fall at Lemoore, Kings 14 Dec (MSy), 2 interacting at the same locality in S.F., S.F. 21 Dec (†Russ Bright), and another returning for its third consecutive winter to Pescadero, San Mateo 4 Jan–2 Feb (DJK et al.). Two Vermilion Flycatchers included Humboldt's third, an imm. male, at the Salt River estuary 29 Dec–22 Jan (GAB, ph. RbF, et al.) and an ad. male n. of Los Banos, Merced, presumably returning for its sec- ond winter, 3 Jan–16 Feb (Kent Johnson, KVV). Ash-throated Flycatcher is less than annual in winter, but one at Antelope, Sacramento 5-17 Dec (ph. Frank Gray) and another n. of Arcata, Humboldt 14-22 Dec (ph. ADB et al.) marked the fourth consecutive winter that the species has been found in the Region. A total of at least 17 Tropical Kingbirds from seven coastal or near- coastal counties was more than twice the sea- sonal average. Two Cassin's Kingbirds included Santa Clara's fourth or so for winter along Hellyer Ave. 28 Dec (ph. PDu) and Madera's third ever along the San Joaquin River nw. of Fresno 4-11 Feb (ph. GaW). Our southernmost Northern Shrikes were singles at Lee Vining, Mono 17 Dec (KNN) and at Huichica Creek W.A. 7-18 Jan (Napa's sixth; MBe, m.ob.). Two Plumbeous Vireos were not- ed, one at San Lorenzo Park, Santa Cruz returning for its third consecutive winter 13 Dec–24 Feb (AMR, PDB, DvS, ph. m.ob.) and another along River Rd., Yolo 22 Dec (ClH). A Plumbeous/Cassin's Vireo was at Davis, Yolo 24 Feb (Chris Dunford), and a Cassin's Vireo was at Ferndale Bottoms, Humboldt 15 Dec (JCS), with another noted at Annadel S.P., Sonoma 14 Feb (Moss Henry). A Horned Lark at Anderson Marsh S.P. 20 bird was also seen at Miller/Knox R. S., Contra Costa 4-6 Feb (STu). Western Gull x Glaucous- winged Gull hybrids at Lake Almanor, Plumas 17 Feb (ph. CPD) and the Fairmead Landfll, Madera 20 Feb (ph. GaW), and a Glaucous- winged Gull at Gray Lodge W.A., Butte 18 Jan (Eric Goodill, MDo et al.), were unusual so far inland. Among 35+ Glaucous Gulls, C.V. birds away from the Sacramento River Delta included Madera's frst, at the Fairmead Landfll 8 Jan (ph., †Gabriel Rivera), and one at Corcoran, Kings 25 Jan (MSy). DOVES THROUGH THRUSHES Our only White-winged Doves were along the coast: one at Moss Landing, Monterey 12 Jan+ (ph. KVV, ph. DSy, m.ob.) and another at Struve Slough, Santa Cruz 16-23 Feb (PDB, JHW, m.ob.). The Region's frst Inca Dove, present in Tulare, Tulare since 16 May 2013, was last seen there around 5 Jan (DaF). A Greater Roadrun- ner along South Butte Rd. 10 Dec (ph. Gordon Lakso, Bob Dunn, et al.) established the second record for Sutter. Three Costa's Hummingbirds included a male at Vasona C.P., Santa Clara through 7 Dec (Sastry Jandhyala) that had been present for at least 115 days. Another that was banded in fall at Vacaville, Solano was seen off and on there through 25 Feb (RLCL), and a fe- male was at I-5 and Panoche Rd., Fresno 5 Feb (JTz, EE). An imm. male Rufous Hummingbird frequenting a feeder in Ukiah 1 Dec–28 Feb (ph. CEV) provided the frst record of overwintering by this species in Mendocino. Our only out-of-range Williamson's Sapsuck- ers were 2 in San Mateo, a female at Pilarcitos Lake 21 Dec (GrH, T. Sullivan) and a male near Pescadero 4-20 Jan (ph. M. Hero et al.). Sixteen Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers included the frst for Plumas at American Valley 14 Dec+ (CPD, ph. m.ob.) and the third for Stanislaus, near Knights Ferry 30 Dec–11 Jan (Sherrie Reeve; ph., †HMR; m.ob.). A total of 26 Red-naped Sapsuckers, in- cluding 5 in Santa Cruz and 4 each in Mendocino and Santa Clara, was more than twice the season- al average and established a new high count for the Region. The apparent Ladder-backed Wood- pecker x Nuttall's Woodpecker hybrid discov- ered at Oasis, Mono in fall was seen there again 4 Jan (Ron & Nancy Overholtz). The true identify of this bird—hybrid or pure Ladder-backed or even Nuttall's—is uncertain. Regardless, Oasis is outside the normal ranges of both of these non- migratory taxa. Apparently establishing the frst record for Sutter, a Hairy Woodpecker was in the Sutter Buttes 1 Feb (†Rich Cimino). A Crested Caracara, presumably the same bird that has been resident in nearby Del Norte, was found at the Eel River Estuary Preserve/Salt River delta, Humboldt 30 Dec–20 Jan (Jeff Al- len, KMS, GSL, LPL). A Gyrfalcon that graced This immature male Vermilion Flycatcher remained at the Salt River estuary from 29 December 2013 through 22 (here 8) January 2014, providing the third record for Humboldt County, California. Photograph by Brad Elvert.

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