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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 345 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S Rather amazing was a clear vagrant Yellow- bellied Sapsucker in Comanche, OK 10 Jun (CC); one was also in Lancaster, NE 30 May-1 Jun (JSS). A Pileated Woodpecker extending westward was in Kiowa, KS 11 Jun (JL). An east - erly Prairie Falcon in Keya Paha, NE 25 Jul (WF) was likely an early post-breeding wanderer. Ear - ly fall Peregrine Falcons were at Hackberry Flat 15 Jul (JAG) and in Cowley, KS 30 Jul (EY). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH KINGLETS A tardy Olive-sided Flycatcher was in Comanche, OK 7 Jun (CC). A Western Wood-Pewee was singing easterly in Keya Paha 24 Jul (WF, LR, RH). Acadian Flycatchers at the northwest edge of their Nebraska range were in Douglas 23 & 25 Jun (JR) and in Lancaster through the period (fide WRS). A vocal Alder Flycatcher was a bit early in Lancaster, NE 28 Jul (ZW). White-eyed Vireos pressing northwestward in the Region included one in Cherry 10 Jun (GW fide JGJ). Westerly Yellow-throated Vireos were in Sumner, KS 16 Jun (JC, RW), Brown, NE 10 Jun (CNK, EJ), and, more surprisingly, in Sioux, NE 18 Jul (JM). Also westerly was a Purple Martin in ne. Cherry 19 Jun (ER). An easterly Violet-green Swallow was in Sheridan, NE 1 Jun (PMH). Cave Swallows are now established breeding in sw. Oklahoma, and occur post-season in se. Oklahoma. Not unexpected therefore, was a ju - venile Cave at Red Slough mid-Jun (DA), but two juveniles were noted in Sumner, KS 26 Jul (MT, EY) and one of unspecified plumage was at Quivira 30 Jul (MR). A Red-breasted Nuthatch in Buffalo, NE 26 Jun (BB) was unexpected, al - though it became part of a rare scatter in sum- mer observations over the years. Also extend- ing westward were White-breasted Nuthatches with singles in Morrill, NE 21 Jun (VR, LC) and Scotts Bluff, NE 26 Jun (VR, LC). Similarly, Carolina Wrens were located in Lincoln, NE 22 Jul (TJW) and 29 Jun (VC). Presumed westerly migrant Sedge Wrens were in Cherry, NE 5 Jun (DH) and Sheridan, NE 7 Jun (CNK). Blue-gray Gnatcatcher continues to expand northward in Nebraska with birds in Cherry 13 Jul (EW), Brown 9 Jun (EJ), and Holt 29 Jul (SS). A sing - ing Ruby-crowned Kinglet in Dawes, NE 3 Jun (MLe) was a tardy spring migrant. THRUSHES THROUGH DICKCISSEL Westerly was a Wood Thrush in Comanche, OK 6 Jun (CC). A family group of 4 Sage Thrashers in Sioux, NE 9 Jun (J&LS) was unexpected. A surprise was a Pine Siskin at a Pottawatomie, KS feeder 5 Jul (DB)—status uncertain. East - ern Towhees occurred at Red Slough through the period (DA), probably edging in from Ar - kansas. An Eastern Towhee was at the western edge of the Kansas summer range in Ellsworth, KS 15 Jun (MR). Vesper Sparrows in Ottawa 16 an adult at McConaughy 24 Jul (WK). Caspian Terns, two, were in Jefferson, KS 22 Jun (DMu), with two more in Riley, KS 29 Jun (DB). A Common Tern at Hefner 29 Jul (CC, HS) was early—more expected in September. LOONS THROUGH FALCONS The odd, summer-vagrant Common Loons were present in Tulsa, OK mid-Jul (MD) and Hefner through the period (fide JAG). The very unexpected Yellow-billed Loon appearing 21 May at Hefner (PV) was noted to 7 Jun (m.ob.). A few Neotropic Cormorants wandered north to Neosho, KS 12 Jun (ABu), with 1-4 through the period in Payne, OK (m.ob.) and two in Wagoner, OK 11 Jul (JWA, KW). Rare away from Red Slough, an Anhinga made it north to Tulsa, OK 11 Jun (NB). Another rare northerly straggler was a Brown Pelican in Kingman, KS 30 May-4 Jun ( fide CO). American Bitterns are unexpected to summer in Oklahoma; this season, one was at Red Slough through the period (DA), 2 were at Hackberry Flat 10-30 Jul (LN), and one in Cleveland 22 Jul (JTh). There were at least 7 reports of Least Bit - tern in se. Nebraska and in the western Sandhills (fide WRS), a pickup from recent years; they were common at Crescent Lake NWR, Garden 7-8 Jun (fide JGJ). A Least Bittern at Hackberry Flat 10 Jul (LN) was westerly in Oklahoma. The most northerly report of Little Blue Heron this season was an adult was in Seward, NE 1 Jun (LE). A westerly Green Heron was in Morrill, NE 21 Jun (VR, LC). Yellow-crowned Night-Heron appeared north to Seward, NE 1 Jun (LE) and Clay, NE 18 Jun (JGJ). A White Ibis at Hack - berry Flat 10 Jul (LN) was out of its expected range. A Glossy Ibis in Seward, NE 1 Jun (JGJ) was the most northerly this season. Hybrid Ple - gadis ibises are still infrequently distinguished; one was at Hackberry Flat 15 Jul (JAG). Nesting and summer vagrant Osprey ap- pear to be increasing in the Region. A nest in Scotts Bluff, NE fledged young by the end of Jul (KD), another at McConaughy by 15 Jul (JGJ, RSt). Four Ospreys in Dawes, NE 30 Jul (AJ) were likely a family group that perhaps bred in nearby Wyoming. Osprey singles were noted in Dakota, NE 11 Jun (BFH), Geary, KS 22 Jun (fide CO), and Barber, KS 24 Jun (BJ). Always a Regional "zootie," Swallow-tailed Kites were photographed in Kearney, NE 25 Jul (DG fide JGJ), only the second modern documented re - cord for Nebraska and in Anderson, KS 22 Jun (TC). Mississippi Kites were noted northerly to Buffalo, NE 10 Jun-6 Jul (BM fide KSk, m.ob.) and Omaha 16 Jul (RS). Sharp-shinned Hawk breeds more northerly than the Region; singles were in Cherry, NE 21 Jun (JSt, EB) and Kiowa, KS 21 Jul (JL). Short-eared Owl is a low-density breeder in Kansas; one was in Kiowa 7 Jun (JL). 12 Jul (SM, BR), Douglas, KS 13-14 Jul (KS), and 14 Jul in Allen, KS (ABu), and by 25 Jul in Alfalfa, OK (GH). A Whimbrel in Douglas, KS 12-18 Jun (fide CO) was probably an immature non-breeder. Rare during fall migration in the Region, adult Hudsonian Godwits were located in Lancaster, NE 21 Jul (JSS) and Barton, KS 8 Jul (SN); the latter very early for a fall migrant. A Hudsonian at Hackberry Flat 1 Jun (MJ) was a late spring migrant. The only Ruddy Turn - stone reported was in Johnston, OK 20 Jul (JRc). Among summer vagrant shorebirds were a sin - gle Stilt Sandpiper at Cheyenne Bottoms 27 Jun (MR), Baird's Sandpipers in Lancaster, NE 11 Jun (MW) and two in Clay, NE 18 Jun (JGJ), and at Quivira 24 Jun (MR). Seventeen White-rumped Sandpipers were at Quivira 21 Jun (SL, ML); one lingered until 14 Jul (fide CO). A Pectoral Sand - piper in Douglas, KS 12 Jun (WCT) was likely a late spring migrant, while one in Lancaster, NE 3-4 Jul (R&KH, LE) was the first fall migrant. Rather early fall migrants were 3-6 Short-billed Dowitchers in Lancaster, NE 3 Jul (ER, details, R&KH), likely failed breeders. Spotted Sand - piper generally breeds north of Oklahoma, thus one in Osage, OK 8-15 Jun (CH) was pushing the southern limit. The first fall migrant Soli - tary Sandpipers were singles in Dawson, NE 26 Jun (LR, RH) and at Cheyenne Bottoms 27 Jun (MR). Greater Yellowlegs in June can be sum - mer vagrants or early fall migrants. Two Greater Yellowlegs at Quivira 24 Jun (MR) were likely early fall migrants, but one in Cherry, NE 18 Jun (ER) is more uncertain in status. An easterly breeding record of Willet for Nebraska was of an adult with a flightless chick in Holt 10 Jul (SB). Early fall migrants were Willets in York, NE 18 Jun (JGJ) and Quivira 21 Jun (SL, ML), 4 Lesser Yellowlegs in Clay, NE 18 Jun (JGJ) and a single in Douglas, KS 26 Jun (RB). Thirteen Wilson's Phalaropes at Hackberry Flat 27 Jun (LN, JSi), and singles in Alfalfa 23 Jun (CR) and Texas 26 Jun (JAG) were likely summering. Most Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the Re- gion are migrants or wintering; unexpected were mid-summer reports of a second-summer bird at Cheyenne Bottoms 3-8 Jul (MG) and While enticing, this Red-necked Grebe, noted on Lake Ogalalla, Keith County, Nebraska during July in breeding plumage, was most likely a summer vagrant. Photo by © Ruth Stearns

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