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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 343 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S Yellowthroat in Labette, KS 17 Mar (HA) was early or wintered. A major surprise was a Cape May Warbler as far west as Morton, KS 9 May (DW); this species is a Regional "zootie" even along the eastern edge of the Region. As with Hooded, this spring saw an array of Cerulean Warblers in Nebraska with about 7 individu - als 28 Apr-25 May (fide WRS). A Bay-breasted Warbler was westerly in Cleveland, OK 18-20 May (JTh, RW), with others in Douglas, NE 9 May (JWH), and two at the same place 21 May (JR). Also westerly were Blackburnian Warblers in Logan, OK 16 May (ZP) and Cleveland, OK 18 May (JTh, RW), as was a Chestnut-sided Warbler in Carter, OK 30 Apr (BF). Black- throated Blue Warblers, also a Regional rarity, were found in Riley, KS 17 May (BS) and Doug - las, NE 15 May (JCr, JWH, L&BP). Also west- erly were Palm Warblers in Canadian, OK 30 Apr (DM), Cimarron, OK 12 May (L&MT), and Ness, KS 4 May (JS). An Audubon's Warbler in a cedar canyon in Lincoln, NE 8 Apr may have been a wintering bird; another was easterly in Buffalo, NE 1 May (WF). Early was a Black- throated Green Warbler in Richardson, NE 23 Apr (CA). A Canada Warbler was westerly in Cleveland, OK 18-19 May (RW, JTh). Westerly were a Summer Tanager in Box Butte, NE 30 May (DWi), Scarlet Tanagers in northeast Cherry, NE 3 May (NJ) and Payne, OK 7 May (SL), and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks—2 in Scotts Bluff, NE 9 May (KD) and one in Dawes, NE 23 May (EB). On the other hand, easterly Black-headed Grosbeaks were in Douglas, KS 4 May (KL) and Ottawa, KS 5 May (CD). In recent years Lazuli Bunting has occurred each spring in the eastern Region; this year there were 8 such reports 5-21 May in Kansas and Nebras - ka (fide WRS, CO). A Painted Bunting pair in Russell, KS 14 May (DK, MR) was edging their range. Noteworthy was a report of a Dickcissel in Hall, NE 31 Mar (SSz, SG). Cited observers: Nebraska; Stepfanie Aguillon, Brian Allen, Edward Allen, Chris Anderson, 1 Mar (GP) is uncertain (fide CO). A Field Spar - row was rather early in Lancaster, NE 17 Mar (TG). Savannah Sparrows, like Chipping Spar - rows, winter rarely in Nebraska, and so the sta- tus of one in Polk 5 Mar (GR) and 2 in Nemaha (L&BP) were also uncertain. A LeConte's Spar - row in Nemaha, NE 9 Mar (L&BP) likely win- tered there. Rare, possibly because of detection issues, a Nelson's Sparrow in Washington, OK 14 May (JE, MD) was a good find, as were the 2 "calling" in Neosho, KS 15 May (ABu). Lincoln's Sparrows appeared at 4 Nebraska locations 9-11 Mar (fide WRS) as did Swamp Sparrows at 3 lo - cations 9-15 Mar (fide WRS); these represented early-arriving birds. Lingering White-throated Sparrows were in Johnson, KS 23 May (TSw) and Douglas, KS 24 May (AR). A first Oklaho - ma record of Golden-crowned Sparrow was of one in Cleveland 14-18 May (RN, photograph); there are at least 28 records north in the Region. Dark-eyed Juncos lingered late with singles in Canadian, OK 15 May (BMa), Lyon, KS 6 May (SSh, TSc) and Leavenworth, KS 12 May (KMD). A White-winged Junco reported at Crescent Lake NWR, Garden, NE 4 May (PL) was away from known nw. Nebraska breeding locations. A mega-surprise was a second Kansas, third Re - gional, record of Hooded Oriole in Riley 26-27 Apr (AB). Bronzed Cowbird is an exceptional find in the Region; a female was described from Cimarron, OK 29 May (JW et al.). A Rusty Black - bird was tardy in Riley, KS 12 May (JRo). WARBLERS THROUGH DICKCISSEL Westerly migrant Ovenbirds were in Oklahoma, OK 17 May (ZP) and Alfalfa, OK 20 May (NG). Swainson's Warbler is expected in the Region only in McCurtain, OK, where singles were early at different locations 26 Mar-9 Apr (FH, DWo, CB); a northerly surprise was one banded in Sequoyah, OK 27 May (AGo). Golden-winged Warbler is a generally rare migrant along the eastern edge of the Region, but this spring saw a good showing, including 2 reports from Okla - homa, 3 May in Tulsa (K&CW) and 20 May in Washington (BC), 3 in Kansas, 27 Apr in Johnson (MGo) and Douglas (PG, MZ), and 17 May in Riley (BS), and 29 (!!!) in NE (fide WRS). Much rarer is Blue-winged Warbler, with only 3 re - cords, one in each state: 20 Apr at Red Slough (DA), 6 May in Douglas, KS (PW, MZ, PG), and 10 May in Douglas, NE (JR). Connecticut War - bler is an envious find in the Region; this sea- son, there were singles in Johnson, KS 17 May (MG) and Sarpy, NE 27 May (RS). Westerly was a Mourning Warbler in Garden, NE 24 May (GR, D&JP, details). Hooded Warbler presented a good showing in Nebraska with 6-8 reported 8-28 May (fide WRS); one was early in McCur - tain 26 Mar (FH), where it breeds, but one in Payne 16 Apr (SL) was extralimital. A Common since 2012. The status of a Brown Thrasher in Douglas, NE 21 Mar (AD fide CNK) was difficult to assess (whether wintering or migrant); simi - lar was another in Riley, KS 3 Mar (JRo). Clearly extra-limital was a Curve-billed Thrasher in Loup, NE 19 Feb-14 Apr (TS, JMu, RHe). The photos indicate that this bird was of the eastern subspecies oberholseri; both this subspecies and western palmeri have occurred in Nebraska. WAXWINGS THROUGH ICTERIDS The estimated 20,000 Cedar Waxwings in Ar- kansas City, Cowley, KS 22 Mar (EY) must have been a beautiful sight. An American Pipit in Lancaster, NE 9 Mar (EA) was earliest on record for the state by one day. The only report of Cas - sin's Finch, a rare Nebraska Panhandle winter visitor, was of an adult male in Dawes 5 Apr (WM). A Common Redpoll made it south as far as Finney, KS 15 Feb-5 Mar (T&SS). Red Cross - bills were scattered throughout the Region in small numbers, mostly in the west; two were in Cimarron, OK 20 May (DR)—possibly late; one was present late Jan-12 May in Wallace, KS (JK), adults with juveniles were in Dawes, NE 5 Apr (WM) and Cherry, NE 14 Apr (JGJ). The easternmost Red Crossbill was in Leavenworth, KS late Jan-23 Apr (JAM). Lesser Goldfinch ap - pears to be extending its range into northwest Nebraska; arrival in Kimball and Scotts Bluff was in the 21-28 May window (BA, DH). A tardy Chestnut-collared Longspur was in Kingman, KS 24 Apr (SS) and 9 McCown's Longspurs were in the same county 1 Apr (SS). The 55 Spotted Towhees in Ford, KS 25 Apr (JC) constituted a good count. A Canyon To - whee wandered into Morton, KS, noted 7 May (WCT). A Cassin's Sparrow in Morton, KS 2 Apr (WH) was early there. The present status of Bachman's Sparrow in southeast Oklahoma is still uncertain; one was noted in Pushmataha 15 Mar (JP). An American Tree Sparrow in Scotts Bluff, NE 18 May (RSg) was second-latest on re - cord for that state. Chipping Sparrows arrived early in Lancaster, NE 15 (LE) & 17 Mar (ER), and Garfield, NE 15 Mar (ABr). With potential wintering birds, the status of one in Douglas, KS Vagrant Vermilion Flycatchers would be unusual in western Oklahoma in early spring. This female in extreme southeastern Oklahoma 15 March at Red Slough W.M.A., McCurtain County was exceptional. Photo by © David Arbour This Cape May Warbler 9 May in Elkhardt, Morton County, Kansas was the first county andn westerly record for this species, an exceptional find even in eastern portions of the Region. Photo by © David Wiggins

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