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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 339 N O R T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S TJ, RDO, DS, JSP, RM). Calliope Humming- birds noted in South Dakota were in Custer 23 Jul (RDO) and in Meade 24 Jul (SS). Northwest of their usual range in North Da- kota, a Yellow-throated Vireo was in Divide 10 Jun (ESR). Increasingly seen at Bowdoin N. W. R. in the last few years, up to 11 Sedge Wrens were noted there 13 Jun-14 Jul (EH, BB, AB, JC). A Swainson's Thrush in Gregory, SD 24 Jun was likely an unusually late migrant (p.a., RM). Two wandering Wood Thrushes were re - ported in North Dakota. Singles were in Minot 1 Jun (REM) and in West Fargo 5-12 Jun (REM, DWR). A casual nester in Roberts, SD, a single Wood Thrush was there 20 Jun (CV). THRASHERS THROUGH OLD WORLD SPARROWS A vagrant Sage Thrasher was well east of breed- ing range in Charles Mix, SD 1 Jun (p.a., KP, RM). Northern Mockingbirds reported consist - ed of singles 19 Jul in West Fargo, ND (DWR) and in Jackson, SD 28 Jul (RND). In Montana a Northern Mockingbird was on the Crow Res - ervation 23 Jun (DC, JM, PH), and 1-2 were in Sheridan 2 Jul to the end of the season (DB). Ac - cidental in summer in North Dakota, a Hooded Warbler was in West Fargo 5 Jun (p.a., REM). The latest record for June in the state, a Black - burnian Warbler was singing at Denbigh Ex- perimental Forest, McHenry, ND 19 Jun (REM). A Chestnut-sided Warbler was late 22 Jun in Roberts, SD (p.a., CV). Casual in June in e. South Dakota, Yellow-rumped Warblers were in Charles Mix 10 Jun (RM), and in Roberts 16 Jun (CV). Accidental in July in South Dakota, a Wilson's Warbler was in Custer 3 Jul (p.a., SS). Nearly annual in North Dakota, a Henslow's Sparrow was in Grand Forks 8-15 Jun (EO, SH). Harris's Sparrows lingered to 2 Jun in Turner, SD (KP), and in Grand Forks, ND 6 Jun (DOL). Seemingly spreading west along the northern border in recent years in Montana, Nelson's Sparrow reports included five through the season in ne Valley (ND), and three at Bow - doin N. W. R. 13 Jun (EH). Casual in summer in North Dakota, a West - ern Tanager was in Kidder 11 Jun (REM). The ninth record for Montana, a Summer Tanager was in Helena 1 Jun (p.a., GM). Casual in Mon - tana, a Dickcissel was at Medicine Lake N. W. R. 23 Jun (DB). Unusually far west in Montana, a Baltimore Oriole was in Great Falls 20 Jun (BH). The Eurasian Tree Sparrow reported on Mountrail, ND in the spring season was spo - radically seen until 30 Jun (ESR, DJR). Contributors (state editors in boldface): MONTANA: Bill Blake, Diane Borgreen, Andy Boyce, Dan Casey, Josh Covill, Nancy Drill - ing, Ed Harper, Paul Hendricks, Beth Hill, Jeff ger was photographed in Montana. Lingering warblers added some spice in the Dakotas. South Dakota had first records for Gull-billed Tern and Black-chinned Hummingbird. WATERFOWL THROUGH SHOREBIRDS A flock of over 100 Snow Geese lingered through the season in Stutsman, ND (REM). This was one of 66 reports for this species in North Dakota. In contrast, only one report was noted in South Dakota. The third nesting re - port for North Dakota of Trumpeter Swans were seen with cygnets in Grand Forks, ND through the end of June (p.a., DOL). This spe - cies continues to expand into North Dakota from western Minnesota. Unusual in summer, a Red-breasted Merganser was in Grand Forks, ND 2 Jun (DOL, SJA). Five Northern Bobwhite reports from four South Dakota counties constituted an above average showing for the species. Ten Chukars were seen 30 Jul in ne Bismarck, ND where they have been breeding for over a decade (CDE). Rare in summer in Montana, a Cattle Egret was near Malta 15-16 Jun (BS) and a Snowy Egret was at Freezout Lake 16 Jun. The only Glossy Ibis report came from Barnes, ND 12 Jun (BJA). Seventeen Yellow Rails were calling in Grand Forks, ND 23 Jun (DOL). This species has be - come increasingly difficult to find recently in North Dakota away from Grand Forks. Continuing to increase across North Dakota, Black-necked Stilts were confirmed nesting at Watford City with three young birds seen 30 Jul (NK). Only the second record in June in South Dakota, an American Golden-Plover was in Brown 7 Jun (p.a., BP). The tenth record for Montana, 1-2 Snowy Plovers were in Blaine 16-27 Jun (p.a., CM, JM). Irregular in North Dakota, two Snowy Plover nests were found in Emmons in June (MJR, ZMP) and singles were at two locations in Kidder 7 Jun (MJR, ZMP) and 6 Jul (BLW, CLC). A first record for June in South Dakota, a Buff-breasted Sandpiper was in Brown 7 Jun (p.a., BP). TERNS THROUGH THRUSHES The first record for South Dakota, a Gull-billed Tern was on the Minnesota-South Dakota state line in Deuel 3 Jun (p.a., DC). Only the sixth sighting in Montana away from known breed - ing areas, two Least Terns were on Lake Elmo in Billings 19 Jun (DC). Very unusual in eastern North Dakota in recent years, a single Burrowing Owl was in Walsh 5 Jun (SJA). Confirmed nesting of Northern Saw-whet Owls continues to in - crease in North Dakota. This year young were photographed in Mandan 27 Jul (CF). The first record for South Dakota, a Black-chinned Hummingbird was in Meade 22-31 Jul (p.a., row 15 Apr in Charles Mix (KP), and a Lark Bunting 21 Apr in Hankon (EDS). Not often reported in April in recent years, a Baird's Spar - row was in Williams, ND 24 Apr (AFA). Rare in e. Montana, a Fox Sparrow was at Fort Peck 9 Apr (CC). Annual in North Dakota, a Summer Tanager was in Cass 4 May (JZ). Accidental in Montana, a Summer Tanager in Phillips 29 May provided the eighth record for the state (SH). Also rare but annual in North Dakota, West - ern Tanagers were in Fargo 6 May (KR) and in Wahpeton 20 May (CDE). An Eastern Meadowlark was ne. of that spe- cies' usual range in South Dakota 15 May in Au- rora (p.a., KP). The ninth report for North Da- kota, a Great-tailed Grackle was at Drayton 19 May (p.a., JO). The only South Dakota report was from Brown 24 Apr (GO). An Orchard Ori - ole was early 22 Apr in Charles Mix, SD (RM). Now rare in North Dakota, an Evening Gros- beak remained at Fargo until 9 May (DWR). The second and third records for North Da - kota, Eurasian Tree Sparrows were found in Stanley 12-14 May (p.a., DJR, ESR) and two in Valley City 19 May (p.a., AB)—the former sighting was accompanied by photos. Contributors (state editors in boldface): MONTANA: Diane Borgreen, Chuck Carlson, Dan Casey, Scott Heidebrink, Beth Hill, Russ Hill, Tony Leukering, Ron Martin, Don and Holly Minnerath, Ted Nordhagen, Fritz Prell - witz, Mike Schwitters. NORTH DAKOTA: Adrian F. Azar, Sandy J. Aubol, Alice Beauch - man, Keith R. Corliss, Corey D. Ellingson, Peggy S. Fenster, Lugene Gerber, Larry D. Igl, Marie M. Jamison, Terry and Joanne John - son, Dave O. Lambeth, Ron E. Martin, Dan Mason, Jonathan Oehlert, E. Scott Ray, Dean W. Riemer, Paulette R. Scherr, Ryan Worstall, Jill Zahn. SOUTH DAKOTA: Chris Anderson, Doug Backlund, Jocelyn L. Baker, Joe Cop - pock, Nancy Drilling, Richard S. Latuchie, Ran Mabie, Ernest E. Miller, Kenny Miller, Gary Olson, Ricky D. Olson, Mark Otnes, Jef - frey S. Palmer, Barry Parkin, Kelly Preheim, D. George Prisbe, Gary and Jan Small, Scott Stoltz, Eileen Dowd Stukel, Dave Swanson. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T emperatures were generally above aver- age across the Region with precipita- tion above average in the east, but drier in the west. Snowy Plovers made a strong showing in Montana and North Dakota. A Summer Tana -

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