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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 337 P R A I R I E P R O V I N C E S mated with a Common Tern and was seen feeding young (YA, RKn, m.ob., ph.). This sighting is only 25 km sw. of Cattleland Feedyards slough (near Strathmore), where a pair of Arctic Terns engaged in courtship over several weeks in May 2014, although nesting was not observed. Up to three Great Egrets were at Buf- falo Lake, AB 6-30 Jul, without evidence of breeding (CPf, m.ob.). A Snowy Egret was at Whitewater Lake, MB 16 Jun (BDL). Green Herons at Edmonton, AB 21 Jul (WG) and at Regina, SK 9 Jun (ES, KHm) were far out- of-range. At Steinbach, MB a juvenile was found on about 16 Jul, then two adults and a used nest 23 Jul (CA). A White-faced Ibis at Jasper N.P., AB 14 May was a first for the park (fide DJ, ph), while up to 11 were at Frances L., SK through the summer (DB, m.ob.) and a single bird was in the Saska- toon, SK area 4 Jun (G&RT). Burgeoning numbers at Whitewater L., MB will be dis- cussed in the fall report. A Ferruginous Hawk at Banff N.P., AB 29 Jul was west of the regular breeding range and a first for the location since 1974 (fide GB, ph). For the third year in a row, an East- ern Screech-Owl was found, on 10 Jun, at the western edge of its range at Ravenscrag, SK (JSa). WOODPECKERS THROUGH BUNTINGS In addition to the late-May Lewis's Wood- peckers at Waterton N.P., one was found at Mountain View 28 May (NW). Much farther east of its normal range was a single-observ- er sighting near Stonewall, MB 18 Jun (PV). To the west was a Red-headed Woodpecker near Uren 3 Jun (JPr et al). A Say's Phoebe at Churchill 8-11 Jun was the fourth for the area (RR, m.ob., ph.), while a Least Flycatch - er there 14 Jun was the third for the well- birded location (BDL, m.ob., ph.). West and south of its normal range was a Great Crest- ed Flycatcher at Bearspaw near Calgary dur- ing the second half of July (C&LB, m.ob.). A Red-breasted Nuthatch at Churchill was well north of its breeding range 14 Jun (RKo, CNSC), as was a Rock Wren at Saskatoon, SK 24-25 Jun (NS). A pair of Eastern Blue- birds was at Cypress Hills P.P., AB for a few weeks from 4 Jul on (JF, GF, VC). Multiple sightings have occurred in the area in recent years. An Eastern Bluebird X Mountain Blue- bird—a hybrid recorded from time to time in s. Manitoba—was near Souris, MB 25 Jun (PT, RKo). Western Bluebird has been re- ported with increasing frequency in extreme sw. Alberta; this year one was at Waterton N.P. 27 Jun (JF, GF). A visiting birder from Ontario found a Wood Thrush at Weasel- head, Calgary 22 Jun (MR). Sage Thrasher occurs sparingly in extreme s Alberta; one was at Wildhorse 11 Jun (CPr, MF, DgM) and another near Taber 16 Jul (LB, ph.). Five Northern Mockingbirds, an unusually high number, were recorded in southern Alberta between 17 May and 12 Jul (m.ob., ph.). An IBA blitz 10 Jul in sw. Manitoba pro- duced tallies of 58 Sprague's Pipits, 180 Chestnut-collared Longspurs, 85 Grasshop- per Sparrows, and 21 Baird's Sparrows, all grassland species that are in trouble in the province (m.ob., compiled by TP). Earlier, on 28-29 June, 67 Sprague's Pipits and 189 Chestnut-collared Longspurs were counted at the Ellice–Archie community pasture, also in sw. Manitoba (CA). Tennessee Warblers were reportedly much down in n. Alberta (JSt), but conversely at the highest levels in decades in mountain parks (JR). Were they displaced by the fires or attracted by insect infestations? Black-throated Green Warblers are showing a steady downward trend in ne. Alberta (JSt). A Yellow-breasted Chat was at the Lauder Sandhills, MB 15-16 Jun (KDS), while a Sioux Valley, MB territory was oc- cupied for the fourth consecutive year (CA). Out-of-range Lazuli Buntings were at Win- nipeg 3-8 Jun (L&BC, m.ob., ph.) and at Grand Prairie, AB 13 Jun (RW). Observers (provincial compilers in boldface, and organization names at the end): Tim Al- lison, Christian Artuso, Yousif Attia, Lloyd Bennett, Gailon Brehm, David Britton, Caro- line & Larry Brooks, Connor Charchuk, Liz & Brian Cieszynski, John Conkin, Keith Corliss, Vince Cottrell, Ken DeSmet, Bruce Di Labio, Peter Douglas, Mackenzie Fai, Ger- ry Fox, James Fox , Witek Gierulski, Kathy Hamre (KHm), Ken Havard (KHv), Gerry & Doreen Hays, Jocelyn Hudon, Wally Jansen, Deb Joly, Vitali Khustochk, Richard Knapton (RKn), Rudolf Koes (RKo), Pat Lucas, Donna Martin (DnM), Doug Martin (DgM), Jan- ice Melendez, Phil Mercier, Mike Mulligan, Jake Peters (JPe), Chris Pfeifle (CPf), Jerry Pilny (JPi), Tim Poole, Ken Porteous, Joel Priebe (JPr), Colton Prince (CPr), Rhonda Reid, Mike Resch, Jason Rogers, Gerald Ro- manchuk , Nick Saunders, Jim Saville, Dan Sawatzky, Bob Shettler, Evanna Simpson, Jason Straka (JSt), Michael Sveen, Gordon & Rita Taylor, Peter Taylor, John Thompson, Philip Veness, Rae Weniger, Nancy West; Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Sas- katchewan Nature Society . n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rudolf F. Koes, 135 Rossmere Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 0G1 • Peter Taylor, P. O. Box 597, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E 1L0 • Another rarity continuing from the spring, this Lewis's Wood- pecker was at Waterton N.P., AB. Photo by © Michael Sveen Sage Thrasher is highly localized and difficult to find in the Region. This bird in the Brooks area of AB was photographed on 16 July and provided a nice record. Photo by © Lloyd Bennett From 8-11 June a Say's Phoebe visited Churchill, MB. It was the fourth time one had been recorded in this area. Photo by © Bruce Di Labio

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