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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 336 P R A I R I E P R O V I N C E S at Beaverhill Lake, AB 20 Mar was extremely early (Friends of Fish Creek), as was a Win- ter Wren at Winnipeg 30 Mar (RK). At least two of Winnipeg's wintering Townsend's Solitaires lingered into spring, with the last sighting of one on 12 Apr (GB). Five soli- taires provided a high tally at Stavely, AB 5 Apr (TK). A Brown Thrasher survived the winter at Canmore, AB and was pho- tographed 3 Apr (ND). Alberta Northern Mockingbirds were at Calgary 17-26 May (GK) and at Kinbrook Island PP (DA et al.) and Granum (NP), both on 26 May. An American Pipit near Chestermere Lake 14 Mar was very early (NSe). The warbler migration was below par, at least in s. Manitoba. The only noteworthy sightings were at Saskatoon: an early Com- mon Yellowthroat 17 Apr (NS) and the win- tering Pine Warbler, present until at least 27 Mar (SS). Summer Tanagers near Roblin, MB 18 May (fide CA, ph.) and at Winnipeg 19-22 May (RC) were rare, as was a Scarlet Tanager at Calgary 31 May (RW). Notable overwintering records included a Spotted Towhee at Warren, MB to 12 Mar (m.ob.), a Song Sparrow at Frank Lake, AB to 7 Mar (DA, ph.) and a Golden-crowned Spar- row at Morse, SK to 22 Mar (JP). A Field Sparrow at Fish Creek PP, AB 26 May (TK) was apparently a one-day wonder; there are only two previous accepted records for the province. A spring rarity for Alberta was a Harris's Sparrow west of Calgary 27 May (RKu). Also rare was a Gray-crowned Rosy- Finch at Gimli, MB from late Feb to 10 Mar (RP, AC). Just two years after Alberta's (and the Region's) first Lesser Goldfinch , a male was a one-day feeder visitor at Cochrane, AB 17 May (LV, ph.). Winnipeg's Eurasian Tree Sparrow survived a second winter, being re- ported as late as 14 Mar (DM). Observers (provincial compilers in boldface): Daniel Arndt, Christian Artuso, Yousif At - tia, Colin Blyth, Garry Budyk, Sue Burrows, Art Cholette, Ward Christianson, Richard Clarke, Calvin Cuthbert, Neil Denton, Anita Drabyk, Ryan Dudragne, Janet Gill, Andrew Hart, Paul Jones, Stan Kelly, Rudolf Koes, Terry Korolyk, Greg Krätzig, Ron Kube (RKu), Gerry Kwaznitsa, Bob Luterbach, Donna Martin, Robb Nickel, Jim Nordquist, Ken Orich, Nick Pareyko, Ron Pelliuck, Joel Priebe, Bob Pruner, Gillian Richards, Nick Saunders, Dan Sawatzky, David Scott (DSc), Nemali Seneviratne (NSe), Stan Shadick, Joanne Smith, Bob Storms, Peter Taylor, Phil Taylor (PhT), Val & Doyle Thomas, Bernard Tremblay, Linda Vick, Marlene Waldron, John Weier, Ray Wershler. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A very dry spring in northern Alberta led to the most costly natural disas- ter in Canadian history, when an im- mense wildfire destroyed 2,400 homes and other buildings in and around Fort McMur- ray in early May. An estimated 590,000 hect- ares (about 2,300 square miles) had burned from there to northern Saskatchewan by the time the fire was declared under control in early July. From then on July was extremely wet in southern Alberta, with Calgary having its wettest July in nearly a century. Saskatch- ewan and Manitoba were also wetter than normal, but were spared the above extremes. WATERFOWL THROUGH OWLS A summering Greater White-fronted Goose was noted near Cudmore, SK 31 Jul (DB), while an injured but lively one, first detected 7 May (PM) spent the summer and fall in a s. Edmonton city park before eventually being captured for treatment and permanent care 22 Nov. Thirty-six Redheads at Churchill, MB 14 Jun set a record high for the lo- cation (BDL). A White-winged Scoter near Onanole, MB was unexpected 8 Jul (KC). Two Band-tailed Pigeons near Climax, SK 25 Jul were apparently well- described (fide DS). A White-winged Dove at Dufresne, MB 8-12 Jul (G&DH, m.ob.) was at the same location where one was in 2011; it provided the 8 th re- cord for the province. Yellow-billed Cuckoos were at Head- ingley, MB 9 Jun (BS) and at Winni- peg, MB 12 Jun (VK, ph). Two Com- mon Poorwills were found 5-6 Jun at the West Block of Cypress Hills P.P., SK, where the species has been report - ed in the past (m.ob.). Bellevue and Mountain View, in sw. Alberta, hosted Black- chinned Humming- birds, both on 31 Jul (PL; NW). The species has now been report- ed from that area for five consecutive years. Whooping Cranes had a successful breeding season at Wood Buffalo N.P., AB, with 78 nests found during a four-day survey, just short of the highest-ever of 82 in 2014 (JC, JSt, m.ob.). A pair of Black-necked Stilts raised young near Whitewater L., MB (PD, JM, m.ob., ph) and one was on a nest near Uren, SK 4 Jun (SNS), with others reported at the latter loca- tion later in the month. Another six were at Reed L., SK 31 Jul (DB). The first successful breeding of Piping Plovers in Manitoba since 2010 was noted at Lake Manitoba 18 Jun-8 Aug (WJ, JPe; CA). One found at Whitewa- ter L. 24 Jun (PT, RKo) had been banded in North Dakota (fide KP). Little Gulls peaked at 11 at Churchill 4 Jun (m.ob., ph.), while a flyby Ross's Gull there 13 Jun provided the first local sighting in 10 years and raised hopes of the species' return as a breeder (BDL). A Lesser Black- backed Gull lingered at the PR 227 dump, MB from 8 Jun deep into the fall (DnM, m.ob., ph.). Initially reported in spring, an Arctic Tern was present at Langdon, AB from late May until at least 12 Jul. It apparently Continuing from the spring, this Arctic Tern was present at Langdon, AB until at least 12 June. Evidently, it paired up with a Common Tern and was seen feeding chicks. This location is relatively close to where, in 2014, a pair of Arctic Terns engaged in courtship behavior. Photo by © Bernard Tremblay Little Gulls numbers peaked this year at Churchill, MB on 4 Jun. This bird was photographed there slightly after that peak, on 12 June. Photo by © Bruce Di Labio

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