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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 335 P R A I R I E P R O V I N C E S ph.). A Trumpeter Swan at McArthur Falls 6 Mar was record-early for Manitoba (PT, AD). Eurasian Wigeon numbers were well above average in s. Alberta, with 32+ birds, includ- ing 6+ near Lethbridge 6 Apr, between 25 Feb and 30 May. One near Morweena, MB 21-22 Apr was more unexpected (JS, m.ob.). A wintering Harlequin Duck at Saskatoon, SK remained until 17 Apr (NS, PhT, m.ob.). Red-throated Loons show up most fre- quently in se. Manitoba when lake and river ice lingers late, so seven birds at Great Falls 7 May were unexpected (PT, Nature Mani- toba); four remained the next day (JW). Saskatchewan hosted single Great Egrets at Regina 11-25 Apr and at Dafoe 24 May (m.ob.), and one was at Tyrell Lake, AB 25 May (DSc). Rarer in Saskatchewan was a Snowy Egret at McTaggart 21 May (V&DT). A Green Heron at Hodgson, MB 15 May was rather far north (JS). Two White-faced Ibises at Whitewater Lake 10 Apr (CB) were ear- ly, but 100+ were seen there just four days later (DM). An American Coot at Whitewa- ter Lake 20 Mar established a record-early Manitoba arrival date (CB, GR). Shorebirds drew few comments. Black- necked Stilts were scarce in s. Alberta, possi- bly due to competition for drought-reduced breeding habitat from American Avocets. One Black-necked Stilt was found at White- water Lake 28 May (RN et al.). Other shore- bird highlights included 2,000 Black-bellied Plovers at Lake Newell, AB 16 May (RC), a Whimbrel near Regina 18 May (RD), five Dunlin at Pakowki Lake, AB 5 May (KO), and 200 Pectoral Sandpipers at Langdon, AB 2 May (AH). A Dunlin and three Pec- toral Sandpipers were early migrants near Kaleida, MB 14 Apr (RK, PT). Rare gulls in Manitoba were a Thayer's Gull at Winnipeg 11 Apr (CA), single Glaucous Gulls at Delta 29 Mar and the PR. 227 dump 29 Apr (both DM), and a Great Black-backed Gull at Bran- don 22 Apr (CC, ph.). Saskatchewan hosted two Lesser Black-backed Gulls: one at Re- gina 2 Apr (BL) and a second bird at Saska- toon 16 Apr (NS). In Alberta there were an above-average six reports of Mew Gull along the Bow River in Calgary (BS et al.), single Iceland Gulls 25 Mar and 14 Apr at Chester- mere Lake (TK), three Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Calgary 18 Mar to 19 Apr (BS, BT, JG), plus three Thayer's Gulls (a low count) and four Glaucous Gulls. A Herring Gull X Glaucous-winged Gull was at Carseland AB 17 Apr (TK). Very rare in Alberta was an Arc- tic Tern near Langdon 27 May (YA). DOVES THROUGH PASSERINES A White-winged Dove was at Del Bonita, AB for about a week mid-May (BP). An Ontario birder found a Lewis's Woodpecker at Water- ton, AB 19 May; it was subsequently seen by many and last reported 28 May (PJ, m.ob.). A Red-headed Woodpecker at Last Moun- tain Regional Park, SK 28 May was west of its usual range (fide JN), as were a Red- bellied Woodpecker at Regina 24 Mar + 18 Apr (DS) and the previously reported Red- bellied Woodpecker at Priddis, AB, last seen 1 Mar (SB). A leucistic Merlin at Langdon 16 Apr was likened to a miniature white-morph Gyrfalcon with a banded tail (TK et al., ph.) A Western Wood-Pewee was on terri- tory at the same Oak Lake, MB location as a 2015 bird from 27 May well into the sum- mer (WC, MW, m.ob.). A Loggerhead Shrike near Lac du Bonnet, MB 20 Apr was about 300 km northeast of the current breeding range (SK, ph.), while a Yellow-throated Vireo at Regina 31 May was northwest of its normal range (BL), as well. Horned Larks are reportedly faring poorly in Alberta, a situa- tion mirrored in Manitoba. A Tree Swallow The Brandon, Manitoba garbage dump has hosted numerous rare gulls in recent years. On 22 April this Great Black-backed Gull was found. Photograph © by Cal Cuthbert This leucistic Yellow-headed Blackbird near Chestermere Lake, Alberta made for an interesting find on 29 May. Photo by © Ken Havard Alberta's second Lesser Goldfinch in three years was this one-day wonder at a Cochrane feeder on 15 May. Photo by © Linda Vick This leucistic Merlin at Langdon, Alberta posed nicely for the photographer on 16 April. Photograph by © Tony Timmons Brown Thrasher is a rare winterer in the southern Prairie Provinces. This bird survived the 2015-2016 season and lingered into spring (here 3 April) at Canmore, Alberta. Photo by © Neil Denton One of many half-hardy species that successfully wintered in the Prairie Provinces was this Song Sparrow of the merrillii subspecies at Frank Lake, Alberta, seen here on 7 March. Photo by © Dan Arndt

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