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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 333 N O R T H E R N C A N A D A & G R E E N L A N D The season's high count of 310 Glaucous Gulls as well as the first Iceland Gulls were at Arctic Bay, NU 26 May (CK); 150 Glaucous and 18 Iceland gulls were at Repulse Bay, NU 20 May (SB). A tally of 100 Iceland and 18 Great Black- backed gulls and were recorded at Sisimiut, GR 14 Apr (SOM). A total of 80 Arctic Terns was at Judas Cr., s. Yukon 19 May (JH, YBC). DOVES THROUGH PASSERINES The duo of Eurasian Collared-Doves that win- tered at Henderson's Corner near Dawson City was last reported 16 Mar (ph. CE). Eurasian Col - lared-Dove is still casual in NT; one was seen at Ft. Simpson 4 May (DT). A lone Mourning Dove, rare anywhere in the Region, was at Ft Simp - son, NT 16 May (DT). A Snow Owl was nicely documented at Tombstone Territorial Park, cen. Yukon 7 Mar (EK, ph. GK). Northern Saw-whet Owl is rare but regular in s. Yukon; one was heard near Rancheria 25 Apr (TA). The Pileated Woodpecker that wintered at Haines Junction, sw. Yukon was last reported 11 Apr (JAB, TS). A male American Kestrel, well beyond its range, was at Cambridge Bay, NU 15 May (EK). Likewise, a Tree Swallow, north of its range, was at Rankin Inlet, NU 16 May (BZ). An impres - sive foraging flock of 600 Violet-green Swal- lows was at McIntyre Cr., s. Yukon 6 May (DB, CE). A Varied Thrush, casual in Nunavut, was at Cambridge Bay 11 May (ML). A Gray Catbird put in its second appearance in as many years at Hay River, NT 27 May (GV). An impressive 700 American Pipits were at Nares L., s. Yukon 27 Apr (BD, CE), and 300 were at L. Laberge 29 Apr (CE). Diligent birding at the Watson Lake airport, se. Yukon over the years has found Smith's Longspur to be a rare but regular migrant there; 4 were noted 17 May (JJ). Re - ports of Smith's Longspur from NT were 5 at Ft. Simpson 14 May (DT), 6 near Hay River 23 May (GV), and 2 at Yellowknife 30 May (RH). Ovenbird continues to have a toe-hold along Cosh Cr., se. Yukon; 2 singing males were there on 25 & 31 May (BD, ph. CE; JAB, JJ). Clay-colored Sparrow is at the edge of its range in s. NT; 4 were at Hay River 26 May (GV). The Yukon's first Indigo Bunting, a male, was at Watson Lake 11-12 May (ph. SW, JW; ph CE). The season's high count for Rusty Blackbird was a meagre 30 at Henderson's Corner, cen. Yukon 2 May (JAB, TS). Observers (subregional editors in boldface): Tracy Allard, Julie-Ann Bauer, David Britton, Serge Brodeur, Cameron Eckert (Yukon), Boris Dobrowolsky, Jim Hawkings, Reid Hildebrandt, Stephan Howarth, Jukka Jantunen, Elaine Ken - nedy, Clare Kines (Nunavut), Elvira Kraus, Gerhard Kraus, Myles Lamont, Svein Ole Mi - kalsen, Peter Schwab (PSc), Pam Sinclair (PSi), Terry Skjonsberg, Mike Suitor, Doug Tate, Gary Vizniowski, Jammie Weedmark, Shelly Weed - mark, Yukon Bird Club, Brian Zawadski. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A n exciting summer birding season pro- duced noteworthy sightings across the Region. Highlights included the Yukon's first Crested Auklets—which remarkably brings the Yukon checklist to an impressive 8 alcid species. Northwest Territories claimed their first countable Rock Pigeon at Hay River—possibly displaced by wildfires in northern Alberta. WATERFOWL THROUGH RAPTORS A flock of 21 Pink-footed Geese was at Bon- tekoe O, GR 5 Jul (SI). At Golfe Reine-Maud, NU, counts of 5,000 Snow and 500 Ross's geese were recorded 21 Jun (SM). Notable waterfowl counts from Charlton I., NU included 950 Canada Geese 29 Jul (TC, MAM, JS), and 630 Common Goldeneye 31 Jul (TC, JR, ABC). Fifty Tundra Swans were at Tuktoyaktuk, NT 7 Jul (CH). A count of 1,000 Common Eiders was re - corded at Button Point, NU 20 Jun (CG), while 200 Common Eiders were at Romer Fiord, GR 7 Jul (SI). A total of 200 King Eiders was at s. Bylot I., NU 28 Jul (DJLB). The season's high count of 2,000 Black Scoters was recorded at Charlton I., NU 28 Jul (BL, TC, JR). A high count of 250 Ruddy Ducks was at the White - horse sewage ponds, s. Yukon 29-30 Jul (CE). A hike on Grey Mountain, s. Yukon tallied 24 Dusky Grouse, including 3 broods, 11 Jul (ph. CE, PS). Two families of Pied-billed Grebes totalling 12 birds were noted at a pond e. of Ft. Simpson, NT 23 Jul (DT). A Great Shearwater, the only reported this season, along with 80 Northern Fulmars were off the se. tip of Green - land 28 Jul (TS). Three Great Cormorants were seen at Evighedsfjord, GR 12 Jul (GB). An im - pressive 400 American White Pelicans were at Ft. Smith, NT 9 June (JA), while 50 were at Hay River, NT 3 July (GV). A Turkey Vulture, casual in the Yukon, was recorded by an automated camera at Sulphur L. 13 Jul (fide MP). Single White-tailed Eagles, all from Greenland, were at Igaliko 4 Jul (HY), Kangerlussuoq Fjord 11 Jul (GB), and Nuuk 13 Jul (GB). A Swainson's Hawk seen at km383 along the Canol Rd. s. Yukon 18 Jul (JJ) estab - lished an intriguing summer location. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH JAEGERS Notable shorebird reports from Nunavut in- cluded 22 Black Bellied Plovers at Danby I. 27 Jul (TC, BL, JR), 30 American Golden-Plovers at s. Baylot I. 29 Jun (ABC), 68 Whimbrel at Southampton I., NU 20 Jul (LW), 193 Red Knots and 272 Ruddy Turnstones at Cary I. 28 Jul (BL, MAM, TC, et al), and 224 White- rumped Sandpipers Charlton I., NU 29 Jul (TC et al). Reports of Common Ringed Plover in - cluded 25 at s. Bylot I., NU 2 Jul (DJLB), 2 at Igaliko, Gr 4 Jul (HY), 1 at Bontekoe O, Gr 5 July (SI), and 1 at Romer Fiord, Gr 7 Jul (SI). Suddenly summer is over—a Stilt Sandpiper was a surprise at Caen L., NT 4 Jul (DT), while 3-6 were at Hay River, NT 23-24 Jul (GV). The season's high count of 200 Dovekies was recorded at Mar Gronlandia, Gr 6 Jul (SI). It was a seawatch shocker at Herschel I-Qikiqtaruk when a total of 10 Crested Auklets, a Yukon first, flew past 22 June (wd. CE). A scan of the floe-edge between Bylot & Baffin I., NU yielded 150 Thick-billed Murres 17 Jun (CG). A total of 162 Thick-billed Murres was tallied from Her - schel I-Qikiqtaruk, n. Yukon 12-22 Jun, with a high count of 46 on 22 Jun (ph. CE). Forty Black Guillemots were at the nesting colony at Herschel I-Qikiqtaruk, n. Yukon 10 Jun (CE); 50 were at s. Baffin I., NU 20 Jul (MB) and 45 were along the floe-edge on Repulse Bay, NU 25 Jun (SB). An Ivory Gull, always a nice find, was seen on Romer Fiord 7 Jul (SI). Reports of Iceland Birders don't think of Rock Pigeons as rarities—Northwest Territories' first documented record of a true vagrant Rock Pigeon was established when two appeared in Hay River 22-26 (here 22) July. They may well have been displaced by wildfires in northern Alberta. Photo by © Gary Vizniowski The Yukon's long-awaited first confirmed breeding record for Northern Rough-winged Swallow was discovered this season with a nest along the Yukon River near Whitehorse, 10 July. This photo shows the adult with the nest cavity to the right. Photo by © Cameron Eckert

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