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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 327 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I rences in the B.B.P. have been consistent in re- cent years. Observations of adults with recently fledged young were at F.W.F.T.A. 1-23 Jun (JAT, LFG), Marion Fish Hatchery, Perry 20 Jun (JHan), and se. of Newbern, Perry 29 Jul (RJK, RLK). Inca Doves at Faunsdale, Marengo rep - resented the ninth individual record and the first inland record for Alabama. Two birds were regularly heard or seen 14-23 Jun (ph., v.r., JAT et al.) with 4 detected 16 Jul (ph., GEH). White-winged Doves returned to known I.C.P. sites including a single at Ashford, Houston 3 Jun (RS) and 4 at Excel, Monroe 14 Jun (AA); meanwhile, 6 were at a new site at Megargel, Monroe 18 Jun (AA). An estimated 250 Chim - ney Swifts in Montgomery 15 Jul provided the high summer count for the I.C.P. (ASP) and the maximum summer count for the T.V. was es - tablished with 200 at Wilson Dam, Lauderdale 27 Jul (DJS). A tie for the Common Gallinule summer high count in the I.C.P. was set with 15 individuals observed at Eufaula N.W.R. 1 Jun (GEH) and F.W.F.T.A. 29 Jun (JAT). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH KITES Rare inland, up to 3 Black-Necked Stilts at L. Purdy, Shelby 28-31 Jul furnished the second ever occurrence for the M.R. (ph., RJK, KWi, DG). In Mississippi, 2 were at O.C.L. on 1 Jul (TLS). An American Avocet at Sledge, Hale 16 Jul provided only the second summer sighting in the I.C.P. (ph., GEH, RJK, RLK). One was also inland at O.C.L. 27 Jul (TLS). Uncommon in mid-summer, 4 Semipalmated Plovers were at Pelican Pen./Dauphin 18-25 Jun (AH) and 5 were early at O.C.L. 14 Jul (TLS). Piping Plovers made a rare appearance at O.C.L. with 2 present currences this season included Inca Doves in Alabama far from known established localities, a Brown Booby making a first recorded appear - ance inland in Alabama, and Willow Flycatch- ers at a new location in Mississippi. Abbreviations: B.B.P. (Black Belt Prairie phys - iographic region of cen. Alabama and e.-cen. Mississippi); Dauphin (Dauphin I., Mobile, AL); F.W.F.T.A. (Forever Wild Field Trial Area, Hale, AL); G.C. (Gulf Coastal Region of s. Ala - bama); I.C.P. (Inland Coastal Plain Region of s.-cen. Alabama); M.R. (Mountain Region of n. Alabama); O.C.L. (Oktibbeha County Lake, Oktibbeha, MS); Seaman (Seaman Rd. Sewage Lagoons, Jackson, MS); T.V. (Tennessee Valley Region of n. Alabama). WATERFOWL THROUGH GALLINULES Inland occurrences of Black-bellied Whistling- Ducks have become more regular in recent years. At least 12 were present at Plymouth Bluff, Lowndes, MS 9 Jun, representing the third record for the surrounding area (BR). The sixth and seventh records for the T.V. included 2 w. of Florence, Lauderdale 16-17 Jun (ph., TMH, MC, DJS) and 2 at Guntersville 28 Jun (AT), respectively. Increasing in the I.C.P., 10 were at the Marion Fish Hatchery, Perry 15 Jul (ph., MB). The first summering occurrence of Snow Goose in the I.C.P. was furnished by one s. of Montgomery 5 Jun–3 Jul (ph., LFG). Wood Ducks thrived at an Opelika preserve with a mix of 136 adults and young tallied 3 Jul es - tablishing the M.R. high summer count (RM). A Gadwall at O.C.L. 27 Jun+ represented the fourth summer record for the surrounding area (TLS). Twelve Blue-winged Teal at F.W.F.T.A. 2 Jun were likely late migrants and not rare breeders as none were seen at this site for the remainder of the season (JAT, DD). Seaman hosted one Redhead throughout the report period and one Ring-necked Duck 16 Jun+ (m.ob.), the latter providing the fourth summer record for the Mississippi coast. Two male Lesser Scaup at West Point S.T.P., Clay, MS furnished the seventh summer record for the area marking the third consecutive year this species has summered at this site (TLS). Seasonally rare, two reports of Red-breasted Mergansers on the Gulf Coast were noted: 3 at Ship Island, Harrison, MS 2 Jun (ph., JL) and a single at Pelican Pen./Dauphin 9 Jun (ph., AH). In Mississippi, 4 Ruddy Ducks were at the West Point S.T.P., Clay 16 June+ and one female was early at O.C.L. 17 Jul (TLS). The catfish ponds in Hale, AL have been dependable for this spe - cies in summer in recent years; a maximum of 32 were at Sledge 8-29 Jul (ph., RJK, RLK). Pied-billed Grebes are generally uncommon and local breeders in our Region, but occur - of Foley, Baldwin, AL 9-12 Mar (ph. by KC). A new T.V. spring maximum was set by 11 Pur - ple Finch at Huntsville, Madison, AL 12 Mar (CB,MHo). A Pine Siskin at Hartselle, Madison, AL 7 May provided the latest spring record for the T.V. (SWM). An American Goldfinch at Foley, Baldwin, AL 10 May provided the latest spring record for the Gulf Coast (MJJ). Initialed Observers (subregional editors in boldface): Allison Anholt, Eva Barnett, Andrew Bell, Charles Boley, Jordan Broadhead, Joan Campbell, Karen Chiasson, Jason Collins, C. Dwight Cooley, Christina Crunk, Matt Crunk, Charley Delmas, Jennifer Dial, R. Scot Duncan, Hunter Edmondson, Susan Epps, Chuck Estes, Chuck Feerick, Lawrence F. Gardella Ben C. Garmon, Jeff T. Garner, Kimball Garrett, Da - vid P. George, Olivia Graves, M. Scott Gravette, Charles H. Grisham, Tom Haggerty, M. Andrew Haffenden, Dana Hamilton, R. Stan Hamilton, Taylor Hannah, Greg Harber, Slavica Harper, Jeffrey Harris, Amber Hart, Donata Henry, Ed - die Hicks, Geoff E. Hill, Jason Hoeksema, Mary Holycross, Mary Hooper, Roger Horn, Howard R. Horne, Sharon S. Hudgins, Greg D. Jackson (Alabama), Odis Johnson, Brian Johnston, Mary Johnston, Michael J. Jordan, Carol Kautzman, Lucy Jacobson, Melissa Johnson, Rick L. Kit - tinger, Ron J. Kittinger, Christopher Lipps, Deb- ra Lucent, Paul Mack, Ellen Miller, Hal Mitchell, Kristina Mitchell, Marlee Morris, Sue R. Moske, Michael O'Brien, Jimmy Osborne, Dianne Pat - terson, Jim Patterson, Wayne Patterson, Tyler Petroelje, Rhonda Plitt, Steve Reagan, David Reed, J.R. Rigby, Scott Rush, Marion Schief - er, Terence L. Schiefer (Mississippi), Alison Sharpe, Damien J. Simbeck, Regina Snow, Eric C. Soehren, Bill Summerour, Carrie Threadgill, John A. Trent, Michael Weaver, James White, Randy White, John Williams, Ken Wills, Nick Winstead, Mark Woodrey, Janet Wright. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– John A. Trent W eather this season was fairly typical with no notable extremes. Temper - atures were warmer than average by 2.5º F with near normal rainfall. Birders stayed busy at Oktibbeha County Lake near Starkville which was undergoing a drawdown for re - pairs, providing ideal conditions for shorebirds and other waterbirds. The annual tradition of Summer Bird Counts in Alabama continued in Blount and Chambers Counties to supplement breeding bird data for the state. Notable oc - Since first moving into the region in 2007-2008, Inca Doves have become more established, with confirmed breeding now documented at coastal locations in both states. The species made a significant jump inland this summer in Alabama, with birds discovered at Faunsdale, Marengo. Breeding was not confirmed, but up to four birds were present for the majority of the season. Photo by © Jan Hansen

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