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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 326 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I 1 May (WW) and one at Wheeler NWR, Madi- son, AL 13 May (MSG). Rare in the Starkville area, a Lincoln's Sparrow was found at South - aven, DeSoto, MS 28 Apr (HM,KM). Maximum spring records for Swamp Sparrow for the I.C.P. and Gulf Coast were established by 12 at Ce - darville (FWFTA) Hale, AL 10 Mar (RJK) and 25 at Meaher S.P., Baldwin, AL 7 Apr (G.C.y). A White-throated Sparrow at River Park near Walls, DeSoto, MS (HM) 28 May was late. A Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Starkville, Oktib - beha, MS 10 Apr (JH) set an early record for the Starkville area. A rare Black-headed Grosbeak was found at Picayune, Pearl River, MS 1 Mar (ph. by RP). A Lazuli Bunting at Ft. Morgan, Baldwin, AL 9 May was the second recorded in Alabama (RAD, LRD, LFG). An Indigo Bunting at Leighton, Colbert, AL 2 Apr (SRM,m.oh.) set an early date for the T.V.. Painted Buntings are rare and local breeders in the I.C.P. One was found at Cedarville (FWFTA), Hale, AL 13 Apr (JAT) and one at Cottonton ( ponds), Russell, AL 30 Apr (JHol). Painted Bun - tings are uncommon breeders in the Starkville seven-county area where 12 were reported Western Meadowlarks are rare on the G.C. and occasional in spring in AL. One was found at Ft. Morgan, Baldwin, AL 3 Apr (RJK,RLK). Yellow-headed Blackbirds are rare in Alabama. Single birds were found in Ft. Morgan, Bald - win, AL 1 Mar (ph. by KC), south of Bellaton, Baldwin, AL 2 Mar (KC), south of Foley, Bald - win, AL 25 Mar (KC), and on Dauphin Island, Mobile, AL 13 Apr (AH). A new n. Alabama spring high count for Brewer's Blackbirds was established by 55 seen 31 Mar at Leighton, Colbert, AL (DJS). Shiny Cowbirds are rare on the Gulf Coast in spring. One was recorded at Ft. Morgan, Baldwin, AL 16 Apr (KC) and one was on Singing River Island, Jackson, MS 1 May (ph. by BJ,JW,CD LJ,MJ). Alabama's seventh spring record (twenty-first overall) for Bronzed Cowbird was provided by 2 males seen south the inland Alabama early date (GDJ). Another in Montgomery, Montgomery, AL 19 May tied the latest date for the I.C.P. (LFG). A Blackburnian Warbler in in Birmingham (Ruffner Mtn. N.P), Jefferson, AL 1 Apr tied the earliest recorded in north Alabama (RSD). A Chestnut-sided War - bler at Plymouth Bluff (River Trail), Lowndes, MS 18 Apr (JO) established a Starkville seven- county area early record. A Black-throated Blue Warbler was recorded 1 May (CB) in Huntsville, Madison, AL, an area where it is rare but regu - lar. The Wheeler NWR area count, Limestone, Monroe, and Madison, AL 30 Apr provided a T.V. spring maximum for Pine Warblers with 67 and a T.V. spring maximum for Yellow-throated War - blers with 8. A new T.V. maximum for Prairie Warbler was set when 22 were found in the Wa - terloo area, Colbert, AL 4 May (DJS). A new T.V. spring maximum was set by 23 Black-throated Green Warblers in Huntsville, Madison, AL 24 Apr (CB). In Birmingham (Red Mtn. Park), Jef - ferson, AL 4 May, 7 Canada Warblers provided the highest number recorded in spring in Ala - bama since 1974 (GDJ,DGJ). A Canada Warbler near Adaton, Oktibbeha, MS 20 Apr (TS) tied the earliest arrival for the Starkville area. The winter - ing Wilson's Warbler at White's Slough, Lowndes, MS continued until 4 Mar (TS). Another one, rare in spring, was seen 22 May at L. Cormorant, DeSoto, MS (v.r. HM). Clay-colored Sparrow, occasional in spring, was found at Ft. Morgan, Baldwin, AL 9 May (MJJ). A Grasshopper Sparrow was seen 23 Apr (HM,KM) at Robinsonville, Tunica, MS, where rare. Two Lark Sparrows were found on Dau - phin Island, Mobile, AL 16 Mar (AH); possibly the same 2 were there 2 Apr (ph. by KC,m.ob.) and one was present on 19 Apr (ph. by AH,m. ob.). They are rare on the Gulf Coast in spring. At Mud Creek W.M.A., Jackson, AL 4 Mar (JA) 27 Song Sparrows provided a new spring maxi - mum. Lincoln's Sparrows are rare but regular in T.V. in spring. One was at Sheffield, Colbert, AL MIMIDS THROUGH FINCHES A Gray Catbird at Huntsville (Hays NP), Madi- son, AL 10 Apr (SRM,CKa) tied the early M.R. spring record. At Swan Creek W.M.A., Lime - stone AL 13 Mar, 300 Cedar Waxwing set an M.R. spring maximum (CB). On the Wheeler NWR area count Limestone, Monroe, and Madison AL 30 Apr, 10 Worm-eating Warblers provided a T.V. maximum. Orange-crowned Warblers es - tablished a new M.R. spring maximum with 5 at Birmingham (Ruffner Mtn.N.P.) 9 Apr (GDJ) and a new T.V. spring maximum with 4 at Huntsville, Madison AL 17 Apr (CB). A Tennessee Warbler at Southaven, DeSoto, MS 16 May (PM,JO) was the latest in spring in the seven-county area. Nashville Warblers are rare, but regu - lar, in spring in the M.R. and in the Starkville seven-county area. Single birds were found in Birmingham (Ruffner Mtn.N.P.), Jefferson, AL 9 Apr (GDJ), 12 Apr (RR) and 3-4 May (RR) and 3 in Southaven, DeSoto, MS 28 Apr (ph. by HM). Rare spring Mourning Warblers were found at Columbus L., Lowndes, MS 4 May (PM,JO) and Plymouth Bluff (River Trail), Lowndes, MS 16 May (JO,PM), the latter bird establishing a re - cord for the seven-county area. Mourning War- blers are also rare but regular in spring in T.V.. One was heard at Wheeler NWR, Madison, AL 13 May (MSG)(CB,MHo). Connecticut Warblers are rare in spring in the M.R.. One was seen in Birmingham (Ruffner Mtn. N.P.), Jefferson, AL Jefferson, AL 15 May (RSD). The Wheeler NWFR area count, Madison, Monroe, and Limestone, AL set a new spring maximum for Hooded Warbler with 16 on 30 Apr. A Northern Parula in Hunts - ville, Madison, AL 13 Mar established an early record for the T.V.. A Magnolia Warbler in Bir - mingham (Red Mtn. Park), Jefferson, AL 9 Apr was the earliest recorded in the M.R. and tied This Bronzed Cowbird was one of two seen just south of Foley, Baldwin, AL from 9-12 March. These birds presented the seventh spring record for the species in Alabama. Photo by © Karen Chiasson Multiple Yellow-headed Blackbirds were found in Alabama this season; this one was at Ft. Morgan, Baldwin on 1 March. Photo by © Karen Chiasson One of the highlights of the season was this visit from a rare Black-headed Grosbeak; it was found at Picayune, Pearl River, Mississippi on 1 March. Photo by © Rhonda Plitt

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