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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 325 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I M.R.. At L. Mitchell Dam, Chilton, AL 22 Apr, 150 Cliff Swallows established a new I.C.P. spring maximum (LMi). A Cave Swallow nest - ing in Georgia was observed in Phenix City, Russell, AL 3-30 Apr (ph. by GEH,JHol,m.ob.), the fifth for inland Alabama, third for the I.C.P. and first in spring away from the G.C. A White-breasted Nuthatch southeast of Midway (Wehle N.C.), Bullock, AL 18-31 May (ECH,m.ob.) was rare this far south but may be becoming regular in the area. A House Wren at Swan Creek W.M.A., Limestone, AL 26 Mar (CB,MH) was the earliest for the T.V., if it was not a wintering bird. A Winter Wren at the Wheeler NWR area count, Madison, AL 30 Apr (CDC,MSG) established a late T.V. spring record. The Gulf Coast spring maximum was tied by 20 Ruby-crowned Kinglets at Saraland, Mobile, AL 17 Mar (MJJ). A Veery at Plymouth Bluff (River Trail, Lowndes, MS on 22 Apr (PM,JO) was early for the seven-county area. A Gray-cheeked Thrush on Dauphin Island, Mobile, AL on 17 Mar (AH,m.ob.) was also early. A Swainson's Thrush near Adaton, Oktibbeha, MS 20 Apr tied the seven-county area's earliest arrival. An I.C.P. spring maximum of 5 Hermit Thrush were found at Chattahoochee, Houston, 4 Mar (RJK,RLK). A new I.C.P. spring maximum was provided by 410 American Robins at Marion (Lakeland Farms), Perry, AL 3 Mar (BCG). occasional inland and occasional in spring on the Gulf Coast. Individuals were found at Emelle, Sumter, AL 13 Mar (ph. by JD), Ft. Morgan, Baldwin, AL 28 Mar (KC) and Dau - phin Island, Mobile, AL 29 Mar (MHol,m.ob.). The Wheeler NWR area count, Limestone, Mor - gan, and Madison, AL on 30 Apr had 83 Great Crested Flycatchers, the highest number ever recorded in T.V. Single Western Kingbirds were at Saginaw, Shelby, AL 2 May (ph. by RJK) and south of Wilsonville, Shelby, AL 12 May (ph. by KWi) for the sixth and seventh Alabama inland records. On West Ship Island, Harrison, MS 2 Gray Kingbirds were found on 23 Apr (GO,ph. by AB, DH, SE). Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are also rare away from Alabama's outer coast and in northern MS. One was at Elberta, Baldwin, AL 1 May (JAL) and another near Prairie Point, Noxubee, MS 29-31 May (TS, MS, ph. by JH, JP, DP, PM, JO). A Fork-tailed Flycatcher at Ft. Morgan, Baldwin, AL 7-8 May (ph. by CLi, m.ob.) provided Alabama's fifth record. VIREOS THROUGH THRUSHES A Yellow-throated Vireo at Talladega N.F. (Cole- man L. area), Cleburne, AL 3 Mar was the ear- liest for inland Alabama (RJK). One at Swan Creek W.M.A., Madison, AL 19 Mar (CB) set a T.V. spring early record. Lone Warbling Vir - eos, a rare breeder in Alabama and Mississippi, were located 4 May at Waterloo, Lauderdale, AL (DJS) and at Columbus L., Clay, MS 13 May (TS), both long-time breeding sites. Warbling Vireos are also rare in this region on migration. Lone birds were found at Monte Sano, Madison, AL 4 May (SRM), Saginaw, Shelby, AL 8 May (KWi), and Birmingham (Ruffner Mtn. N.P.), Jefferson, AL 10 May (RR). The Wheeler NWR area count, Limestone, Morgan, and Madison, AL on 30 Apr recorded 201 American Crows pro - viding a new T.V. spring maximum. A new n. Alabama spring maximum was provided by 70 Fish Crows at Pelham, Shelby, AL 28 Mar (JWi). Horned Larks bred for years at a sod farm in Lowndes but have are now rare in the I.C.P. Up to 2 were seen north of Hartford, Geneva, AL 6-25 Mar (RW). North of Eufaula (Lake - front S.P. & Eufaula NWR), Barbour, AL 950 Tree Swallows on 3 Apr set a new I.C.P. spring maximum (ph. by GEH). Tree Swallows are local breeders in the M.R., but they are increasing. A pair used a Cliff Swallow nest at a previously un - known site: Bayview L., Jefferson, AL 21 Apr (KWi). At Dauphin Island (Sanctu - ary), Mobile, AL 13 Mar, 25 Northern Rough-winged Swallows set a new G.C. spring maximum (AH). In the Birming - ham area count, Jefferson, Shelby, and St. Clair, AL on 30 Apr. a new spring maxi - mum of 348 was established for the DOVES THROUGH FLYCATCHERS Two Inca Doves at Spanish Cove, Baldwin, AL 9 Apr (JCa) and one southeast of Theodore, Mobile, AL 30 Apr (HRH) provided the eighth and ninth Alabama records. A Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Dauphin Island, Mobile, AL 20 Mar (ph. by AH) set a new early date for Alabama. Black-billed Cuckoos are rare inland in AL. One was found at Madison, Madison, AL 8 May (KW,JMH,SRM). A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Swan Creek W.M.A., Limestone, AL 14 May was the latest ever in spring in North Alabama (CB). On Dauphin Island, Mobile, AL 4 Merlins gave a new spring maximum for Alabama (GEH,KG). A rare Olive-sided Flycatcher near Walthall, Webster, MS 11 May (TS) set a late departure record for the area. An Acadian Flycatcher Ft. Morgan, Baldwin, AL 26 Mar tied the early date for Alabama (MJJ). In a censusing of the Wheeler NWR area, Limestone, Morgan, and Madison, AL on 30 Apr, 13 Acadians provided a spring maximum for the T.V. Three rare Alder Flycatchers were at L. Cormorant, DeSoto, MS 17 May (v.r.,ph. by HM) along with 2 Willow Flycatchers. (v.r.HM). Least Flycatchers are rare in Alabama and Mississippi in spring. Sin - gles were recorded in Huntsville, Madison, AL 3 May (CB), Coldwater R. NWR, Tallahatchie, MS 4 May (HM, KM, JRR), Ft. Morgan, Bald - win, AL 8 May (MJJ), and Pelham, Shelby, AL 11 May (RLK). A T.V. spring maximum was es - tablished by 24 Eastern Phoebe at the Wheeler NWR area count, Limestone, Morgan, and Madi - son, AL on 30 Apr. Vermilion Flycatchers are At Ft. Morgan, Baldwin, AL 7-8 May (ph. by CLi,m.ob.), this Fork- tailed Flycatcher was well-documented. It provided Alabama with it's fifth record of the species. Photo by © Christopher Lipps Vermilion Flycatchers are casual, both inland and along the Gulf Coast; several were found in the Region this season, including this bird at Dauphin Island, Mobile, AL on 29 March. Photo by © Patsy Russo This Cave Swallow, photographed in Phenix City, Russell, AL 3-30 April consituted the first record of the species away from the Gulf Coast in spring. Photo by © Karen Chiasson A nice find for Mississippi was a pair of Gray Kingbirds at West Ship Island, Harrison on 23 April. Photo by © Andrew Bell

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