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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 322 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y (RLK, m. ob.). Up to 5 Lark Sparrows were reported along McDonald Landing Road, Hen - derson, KY during the period (ph. CC et al.); a pair (including a female gathering nesting ma - terial) was observed on Ft. Campbell, Trigg, KY 15 Jun (DM), with another in the Stewart, TN portion of the military base 7 Jun (DM). A Lark Sparrow at Savannah Bottoms, Hardin, TN 28 Jul (DJS) was the only one reported away from known local breeding areas. The peak count of Henslow's Sparrows at Ft. Campbell was 20 in Montgomery, TN 1 Jun (DM). Two Savannah Sparrows heard s. of Hardyville, Hart, KY 3 Jun (JSo) with one still there 17 Jun (JSo) were a local first during the breeding season. A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was present at a feeder n. of Canton, Trigg, KY 15-16 Jun (KBr), while a male at Riverpointe, Campbell, KY 23 Jun (LW) may have been a local breeder. A male Painted Bunting was a surprise visitor to J. Percy Priest W.M.A., Rutherford, TN 5-7 Jun (ph. DA, m. ob.); this species only breeds regularly in the far sw. part of the Region. Five Dickcissels at the Knott County Sportsplex ne. of Soft Shell, Knott, KY 5 Jun (RDe) represented a county first and is likely the farthest se. the species has ever been reported in the state. At least 4 Bobolinks were present at the Camp Nelson Civil War Park, Jessamine, KY during Jun (DL, ASK, et al.) with 14 there (including some carrying food) 23 Jun (RDe, GC). Other reports of likely territorial birds included 4 at Spindletop Farm, Fayette, KY 10 Jun (BW), 4 along Jackstown Road ne. of Paris, Bourbon, KY 10 Jun (BW), one at the Bluegrass Army Depot, Madison, KY 20 Jun (NM), and one along Stoner Pike, Bourbon, KY 2 Jul (MG). Quite extraordi - nary was a Pine Siskin at a feeding station ne. of Defoe, Henry, KY 13 Jul for at least a week (RR). Addendum to the Spring 2016 report: A Clay-colored Sparrow was present just e. of Waddy, Shelby, KY 3 May (ph. TS) Cited Contributors (subregional editors in boldface): David Arnold, Sharon Arnold, Audu - bon Society of Kentucky (ASK), Colleen Becker, Tom Becker, Sarah Bell, Kimmy Birrer (KBi), Karon Broadbent (KBr), John Brunjes, Kevin Calhoon (se. Tennessee), Patricia Case, Hap Chambers, Suzanne Clingman, Lisa Combs, Marge Constan, Granville Cox, Charlie Craw - ford, Roseanna Denton (RDe), Bruce Dralle, Melissa Easley, Dean Edwards, Glen Eller, Frank Fekel, Scott Freidhof, Michael Gertz, Tommy Goodwin (TGo), Steve Graham, Teresa Graham (TGr), Joseph Hall, Rob Harbin (RHa), Rick Houlk (RHo), Tom Howe, Tony King (TKi), Richard L. Knight (ne. Tennessee) (RLK), Roy Knispel (RKn), Tim Kreher (TKr), Roger Kroodsma (RKr), David Lang, Michael Lauer, the summit of Black Mountain, Harlan, 6 Jun (RDe). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Beaver Dam W.M.A., Hickman, TN 18 Jun (RS, VS) was the only one reported away from known breeding territories. Up to 3 Bell's Vireos were present at Ft. Campbell, Montgomery/Stewart, TN through the season (DM et al.); that is the only known breeding population in the state. A Bell's Vireo singing along Husband Road, Paducah, McCracken 25 Jun (BPa) was a lo - cal first. A Blue-headed Vireo at Beaver Dam W.M.A., Hickman, TN 18 Jun (RS, VS) rep - resented a very rare summer record w. of the Cumberland Plateau. Up to 5 Fish Crows in Kingsport, Sullivan, TN through the season (m. ob.) continued the species' expansion in the state. Three Common Ravens were observed at Flatwoods, e. of Dorton, Pike, KY 30 Jun (SF). Single Red-breasted Nuthatches were found on a few occasions at the traditional nesting area at Rock Bridge, Wolfe, KY during the sea - son (m. ob.). Up to 4 Brown-headed Nuthatch- es were reported at the Marshall, KY nesting locale during the season (m. ob.). Single Sedge Wrens e. of Morganfield, Union 24 Jul (BPa, BW) and at Savannah Bottoms, Hardin, TN 28 Jul (DJS) were the only one reported. An Eastern Bluebird nest box inventory at Land Between the Lakes, KY and at Lake Bark - ley S.P., Trigg, KY found nest box occupancy to have rebounded from lower totals the past two years (BPe). A Swainson's Thrush along Hawk Creek, DBNF, Laurel, KY 4 Jun (ph. TGo) was tardy. One to 3 Hermit Thrushes were found in likely breeding habitat on both Roan Moun - tain, Carter, TN and Unaka Mountain, Unicoi, TN during the season (RLK et al.). One to 3 Magnolia Warblers were found in likely breeding habitat on both Roan Mountain, Carter, TN and Unaka Mountain, Unicoi, TN during the season (RLK et al.). A male Yellow- rumped Warbler at Roan Mountain, Carter, TN 14 Jun (RLK) also could have been breeding. Unprecedented for Kentucky during Jul was a Cape May Warbler along Pleasant Run Creek, Ludow, Kenton 26 Jul (ph. KBi). A Mourning Warbler at Radnor Lake State Natural Area, Nashville, TN 29 Jul (JKS) and a Blackburnian Warbler at Ft. Campbell, Montgomery/Stewart, TN 30 Jul (AT, RS, VS) were likely very early fall migrants. SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Five Bachman's Sparrows were in se. Hickman, TN 14 Jun (DJS) and 2 were at Ft. Camp - bell, Stewart, TN 27 Jun (DM). The only re- port of the species in Kentucky was also from the traditional nesting area on Ft. Campbell, Trigg 14 Jun (DM). One to 2 Vesper Sparrows were present on Round Bald, Roan Mountain, Carter, TN, where they likely breed, 26 May+ ville, TN 2 Jul (FF). One to 12 were reported on several dates throughout the period at Duck River (m.ob.). One to 12 Black Terns were found at three Kentucky locales and two Ten - nessee locales 7 Jul+ (JH, HC, JP, RDe). Single Forster's Terns at Lake Tansi, Cumberland, TN 30 Jun (EL) and Duck River 7 Jul (RS, VS) were unusual for mid-summer. The only Common Tern reported during the period was at Pick - wick Dam, Hardin, TN 28 Jul (DJS). One to 2 Black-billed Cuckoos were report- ed at three sites in Kentucky: 2 heard on the se. side of Lexington, Fayette 11 Jun (DSv, LC), 1 at Conservancy Park, Boone 30 Jun (LM), and 2 heard w. of Antioch, Harrison 4 Jul (vo. E&LS). A total of 3 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in po - tential breeding habitat were found by two dif- ferent parties in Unicoi, TN 12 Jun (B&JP / GE, PR, RKn). A pair of Peregrine Falcons at a new nest site at Doe River Gorge, Carter, TN 10 & 17 Jun (PR, RLK) fledged 3 young. Fourteen territorial pairs of Peregrine Falcon were docu - mented in Kentucky during the season, mostly at traditional sites along the Ohio River cor - ridor; 12 of those pairs were documented with nesting attempts (Taylor 2016). Away from the Ohio River corridor, a pair nested successfully at a quarry along the Kentucky River, Franklin and a territorial pair remained present along the Dix River, Mercer again this year but did not nest (Taylor 2016, ph. TN). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH WARBLERS A total of 23 Least Flycatchers was tallied at This Ruff was a one-day wonder at the Ensley Pits in sw. Shelby County, Tennessee 9 July. Over half of Tennessee's 23 records have come from this location. Photo by © Ruben Stoll This subadult Pomarine Jaeger at Paris Landing State Park, Henry County, Tennessee 30 Jul-2 Aug (here 31 July) furnished the state's eighth record. Photo by © Mike Todd

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